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By Shirlie Sharpe
Definition: Gonopodium are the front rays of the anal fin of male livebearers, modified to serve as a reproductive organ.

Gonopodium: Particular to the Live-bearing tooth carps, the gonopodium is a modified anal fin of male fish that has been converted into a genital organ.

Particular to the Live-bearing fish, the gonopodium is the pelvic fin of the male fish that have been converted into genital organs.
Gravid spot
A dark but transparent area under the base of the penduncle which female guppies possess; visible in very young female fry.

Gonopodium - Modified Anal Fin in male Livebearers, used to transfer sperm to females.

Gonopodium = Gk word that is used for the external organ of ♂♂ livebearer fishes that is used to transfer sperm into the body of the ♀♀. In fact it is the modified anal fin
Gregarious = organisms living in groups
H ...

Note that ~ can only move in one direction
The maleness of Anableps is not subtle. What starts out as a normal-looking anal fin forms into a substantial ~. No fragile-looking bony appendage such as you see on a guppy or swordtail.

Males have a ~.
These fish are livebearers, and thus practice internal fertilization. The gestation period of these fish is about 8 weeks, depending on the temperature of the water. 10-15 fry are born, that measure 5-7cm.

Males have a ~ and longer ventral fins.
Liveberaer, anywhere between 20-100 fry may be produced.

Gravel: Basic bedding for any aquariums, make sure you have enough in your tank.
~: An modified anal fin which is elongated. Only appears on the males, which helps to fertilize the females. You would expect to see these organs in Livebearers. Go Livebearers!! ...

SEX:Males possess a modified anal fin known as a ~ which is pointed unlike the "fin-shaped" anal fin of the females.
B :Livebearers are well-known for their prolific breeding. This may be true, but raising the young is not always so easy because the parents are cannibalistic.

The male`s anal fin, transformed into a ~ (reproduction organ). The 3rd, 4th and 5th rays of the anal fin are prolonged into a tube through which the spermatozoids will get into the female genital system. This change takes place during the sexual grow.

As the male matures the Anal fin develops into a structure for reproduction called the ~. The ~ can be moved in almost any direction and stores the sperm in packs called spermatophores.

The male's anal fin is modified into a ~ by which he transfers sperm into the female.

The male live bearer introduces his sperm directly into the female's body using his anal fin, which is typically modified into a tubelike projection called a ~. The eggs are fertilized inside the female, and then developed in the relative safety of her body.

Fertilization is internal and is accomplished by means of highly modified fin elements within the anal fin of males that form a structure known as the ~.

A: The nice thing about livebearers is that males have a "sex organ" called the ~. It's a specialized fin protruding from the underside of the fish, and if you look closely, males can direct the ~ towards the female in the act of courtship.

The male impregnates the female by using a modified anal fin called a ~. The fertilised eggs remain inside the female until they hatch and the live young are born as free-swimming miniature versions of their parents.

In addition, like other livebearers the male has a sex organ called a ~, which acts as a sperm-delivering device (similar to a penis in mammals). The female does not have a ~ she has a vent. Their short life span is the only connotative feature of the Black Molly.

Males can be distinguished from females by the ~ which looks like a pointed extension on the anal fin and is fairly easy to see on adult fish.
Generally no special steps need to be taken for breeding to occur, all that is needed is good water male and female fish and they should breed.

Breeding: Males are identified on their stronger colors and their ~. Condition your halfbeaks by feeding them artemia and mosquito larvae. Water conditions should preferable be pH 6.5 and a water temperature 24C /75 F. The female give birth to a batch of up to 20 fry after 6-8 weeks.

If a female remains stationary and her partner contacts her vent with his ~, she is fertilized. The sperm is preserved in the female's oviduct, and so even after males are removed, a female is capable of having six or more broods.

Sexing Information: Males have a ~ and females are consideraly larger than males.
Diet: Carnivorous - prefers live insect type foods but will accept flakes or pellets.
Temperament: Peaceful schooling fish ...

The name Xenophallus was given to this fish because of it's unusual ~. It has a series of hook like structures that are easily visible with the naked eye. This is also the main reason why they where re-categorized out of the Neheterandria genus.

Like the adipose fin is a visual clue to a Characin, a visual clue to a livebearer is the pelvic fins of the male fish, the ~. These fish have been in the aquarium hobby for a very long time.

As with all woodcats, mature males exhibit a modified anal fin similar to the ~ found on many live-bearing toothcarps such as the guppy, platy, molly etc.
Habitat Information
Distribution ...

The males get the "Black Chin Livebearer" name from the large amount of black from the base of their mouth right down to the tip of their elongated ~ and along the base of the body to the caudal fin. Both males and females also have a black spot at the base of the dorsal fin.

They are easy to sex, as the female is larger, and the male has a rod-like anal fin called a ~ that he uses to internally fertilize the female. After fertilization, the female can produce multiple batches of babies without a male present.

However, if you want to breed good-quality guppies you will need to be selective. Choose a pair of guppies that have the color, finnage and size you like. Males are brighter in color, smaller and have a modified anal fin called a ~.

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