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Small Pleco

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Oh yea I have 2 small Plecos too. Nothing in my routine has changed. I feed twice a day, frozen brine shrimp or frozen blood worms, I do 30 to 40% water changes 2 times a week, no new plants or fish have been added, filtration is done by a Emperor 400.

If you end up with enough room for some tank mates to keep your Oscar(s) company, be very wary of small Catfish and small Plecos. An Oscar will eat any fish that it can fit in its mouth and Plecos and catfish have sharp, strong barbs that can kill the Oscar that gets one stuck in its mouth or throat.

They were told he was a small pleco, but he is well over 8" now. Well, we were both scared to death of the ugly bugger and while she is cleaning her tank...whose water was pretty murky. Her hand bumps the pleco. He freaks out! ...

8 Neon Tetras, 2 Gold Tetras, 1 Black Mystery Snail, 1 Gold Snail, 2 Small Plecos (about 2" long), 1 Medium Pleco (about 6" long), 2 Dalmatian Mollies, 4 Swordtails (1 black, 2 orange and 1 black & yellow), 4 Serpae Tetras (black & orange), 4 Painted Tetras (1 pink, 1 peach, 1 blue & ...

Catfish Tank - Corydoras Catfish, Four Lined Pictus Catfish, Small Plecostomus Catfish, Pimelodella Catfish, Porthole Catfish, Rafles Catfish, Upside Down Catfish, Talking Catfish, Synodontis Catfish.
Knifefish - African Knifefish, Black Ghost Knifefish ...

Probs with algae: Throw the scraper away and get a couple of ~s. They're fun, hardy, and adore algae. Snails. To me they are a damn nuisance, and have no place in a tropical fish tank, but the fish love them if you crunch them up.

Normally, this would be a dangerous time for the little kribs, but since the only other tank inhabitants besides their parents are two ~s (a bristlenose and a rubbernose), i'm not worried that they're going to get eaten.

29 Gallon Tank - Planted
1 pair small/dwarf/docile cichlids - I'm thinking South American (SA) (max 3-4")
1 school of one kind of small tetra (10-12, max size 2")
1 bristlenose pleco or ~ OR 1 small school cories (6, max 2") ...

I have a mastacembelus liberiensis in a 75 gallon tank with electric blue jack dempsey, salvini, and a firemouth. I was looking to get a bulldog pleco or a ~ but can't find a solid answer on their compatibility with mastacembelus.

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