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Fish Themed Apparel and Décor
By Shirlie Sharpe
If you are a huge fish fan like me, you may enjoy wearing fish themed jewelry or clothing. I personally have a multitude of fish themed necklaces, bracelets and brooches, and am often asked where to get similar items.

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Theme - A looser equivalent of the Biotope Aquarium, it gathers fishes and/or plants coming from different biotopes but from the same general region, e.g., "Amazon Theme" or "South-Asian Theme".

Pirate Theme
1. Pirate Shipwreck with Sharks Bubbler
With a Pirate Shipwreck , you're already in for a great adventure; but what if it comes with a Sharks Bubbler? That would be like living the pirate's dream! ...

From theme reefs which attempt to recreate life specific to one region of the world like the Great Barrier Reef to the more prevalent and often spectacularly colored mixed reef that blend hard and soft coral from around the world.

Choose a ~ - Focus your aquascaping and stocking plans around a specific region, species, or community grouping.

Tropical ~d Aquarium Decor Collection
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals MelaFix Marine 16 oz
Drymate Cleaning Mat 28" x 36" Color: Blue ...

Given the ~ that this was a starter tank, it made little sense to spend a lot on the associated mechanical systems. The tank came with a wet-dry filter. I removed the media and used it as a sump. I built the lights and calcium reactor myself.

Glossostigma ~d Aquascaping Contest
Over at ADA Thailand, they've posted some pictures of the results of their ~d aquascaping competition called Beautiful Glosso.

Hopefully the main ~ that came through this brief overview and exercise is the fact that a lot of work remains to be done in Central American cichlidae. Each of the big six - with the possible exception of Thoricthys - will eventually be comprised of a number of more precise genera.

~ tanks are much more impressive. [...] UGFs are okay. Revere Flow UGFs are better (if you prefilter the input). You could drive a UGF with powerheads and an option gizmo that prefilter the water with a sponge. You could also drive it with the output of a canister filter or both.

Camouflage is a common ~ throughout the animal kingdom - many species have evolved to exhibit certain patterns or colorations which serve to hide them from predators. When you look at a tank full of saltwater fish, camouflage is probably the last thing on your mind.

A strictly vertical growth habit and delicate appearance lend it to minimalistic Asian-~d aquascapes especially well.

One of the variations on the ~ is how the overflow or constant-level siphon in arranged. There are several ways to achieve the same end, some of which are less intrusive in appearance, but a bit heavier in the DIY aspect.

One interesting variation on this ~ is the self-ballasted bulb. These bulbs (around 250 watts) require no ballast; they just screw into a standard medium base (i.e. incandescent) fixture and they simply work.

Use these Roman Posts as the beginning of an overall Roman architecture ~ in your aquarium. Crafted of poly-resin in fade-resistant colors. The coordinate with additional Top Fin Roman ornaments (sold separately). PetSmart offers four shipping options for delivery in the 48 contiguous U.S.

Using one type of plant - it may give a ~ to the tank but can become boring - mix it up!
Using only large leaf plants, larger plants will make your aquascape look smaller and not as deep, the finer the leaves, the larger your scape! ...

Like many other pleco genera, most tropical South American rivers have their own Pseudacanthicus and many are very similar maybe variants of a ~.

Sunken ship scenarios, outer space terrain, and whole legoland ~s are just some of the aquascaping projects you can try. How about scenes of abandoned castles, Peruvian pyramid forests, or maybe your own version of Atlantis? The ideas are limitless! So, yes, let your creativity run wild! ...

Be wary of small tanks, 'fashion' or '~' tanks, or fancy-shaped tanks. Traditional tanks have stood the test of time for a good reason. Be very wary of 'coldwater' or 'goldfish starter kits (or any type of starter tank kit come to that!).

These plastic tanks are also often sold a decorative kits for children with special ~s like fairy tales or cartoon characters. Often these decorative thanks are configured in such a way that, rather than being difficult to filter like a small tank would be, they are impossible to filter.

The redtail catfish is an extremely popular fish in Amazonian ~d exhibits at public aquaria, where they are often housed with other large fish such as Colossoma macropomum, Arapaima gigas, and other large catfish.

Fish and Aquarium Games & Screensavers - Tropical Fish & Aquarium ~
Fish and Aquarium Polls
Animated GIFs for Forums
Freshwater Fish Forum Avatars
Saltwater Fish Forum Avatars ...

Varieties that have remained popular in the hobby include the Red-Wag-tail Platy, Tuxedo Platy and many variations on the high fin ~.
Ideal water parameters for the platy are basic hard,alkaline water with ph values between 7.4 and 7.8 with temperature around 75 degrees.

There is also something called the 'pink convict,' which is a xanthic form and just as hardy and nasty as the normal color. Because the convict is so easy to breed, all of the fish seen in stores are commercially (or hobbyist) raised and there are many variations on the ~.

This group receives very little traffic.
Q: Are there any other related groups? Mailing Lists? Chat Lines?
A: None of these other groups are supported by this documentation or any of its FAQs or archives, but they do have related ~s: ...

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