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ARCUATED A description of a building incorporating arches.
ASTRAGAL A small convex moulding that may look like a reed if found in vertical rows.
BALLOONWORK Timber-frame construct ion, in which upright studs run from sill to eaves amid horizontal pieces are nailed to them.

arcuated: descriptive of a building dependent on the use of the arch, not post and lintel (trabeated).
arcuated lintel: an entablature bent up to form an arch projecting into the pediment.

Any form of construction using arches. Image courtesy of Gayle Goudy Kochanski
Building stone that has been squared and finished, and the masonry constructed of such blocks. Courtesy of Heather Russell ...

arcuated entablature, a peculiar form of entablature that takes the form of an arch over part of its length.
The illustration shows an arcuated entablature over a type of Vitruvian window, also known as a Serliana.

- a term applied to a building structurally dependent on the use of arches or the arch principle, in contrast to a trabeated building.
(Illustration) ...

ArchivoltUnder-surface of an arch, or a moulded band following its contour.~Dependent structurally on the arch principle. Compare trabeated.ArkChest or cupboard housing the tables of Jewish law in a synagogue.Arris ...

The fundamental principle of Greek architecture. The ~ system -- that involving the use of arches -- was not used by the Greeks.
Peristyle: The main body of the sanctuary in Greek temples was entirely surrounded by a single row of columns in the late 7th century BCE.

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