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Ashlar masonry

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Ashlar masonry: Smooth square or rectangular stones laid with mortar in horizontal courses
Broken rangework masonry: Stone masonry laid in horizontal courses of different heights, any one course of which may be broken into two or more courses
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Ashlar Masonry - Masonry construction using a square stone.
Asphalt Shingle - A roofing material made of a brown or black tar like substance mixed with sand or gravel.

Ashlar masonry - Stone masonry cut into rectangles and laid to create a wall.
Astragal - A molding. A simple convex, semicircle molding.

Rustic-work, or Rustication: Ashlar masonry with the surface treated in a particular way. There are several varieties; the face of the stone is left rough or is artificially roughened; or it is smooth, but projects and has chamfered or rebated edges.

Where really massive columns were called for, such as those at Durham Cathedral, they were constructed of ashlar masonry and the hollow core was filled with rubble. These huge untapered columns are sometimes ornamented with incised decorations.[10]
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