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BELLCAST: a curved shape resulting in a lower pitch at the bottom of a roof slope. (IMAGE)
BALUSTRADE: a railing of small posts or balusters topped by a coping usually at the edge of stairs or on a roof. (IMAGE) ...

Bellcast A term for a roof which changes to a lower pitch near the eaves.
Bellcote A small tower in which a bell or bells are hung, whether free-standing, at the ride of a roof, or at the apex of a gable.

Bellcast Thickening out of render, in a curved shape, to form a drip to deflect water. Usually found at the base of a wall, above the damp-proof course.
Benching Shaped concrete slope beside drainage channel within an inspection chamber. Also known as "haunching".

bellcast An eave that curves, or flares, outward like the flanges of a bell.
bezant A coin-shaped ornament, and a common feature on Victorian buildings which are often gilt.

BELLCASTan eave or roof that flares out and is bell-shaped
BELT COURSEdecorative horizontal band on building, usually composed of projecting and/or contrasting stone or brick ...

~ roof(Scots): A sloping roof swept out slightly over the eaves. In England often called a sprocketed roof.BellcoteSmall gabled or roofed housing for a bell or bells.BermLevel area separating a ditch from a bank on a hill-fort or barrow.Billet ...

early Astragal, late Astragal - see Astragal, (Twelve pane divide Illustration) - see Focus on Miln's Buildings
~ picture - see ~, Focus on St Mary' College
Bellcote picture - see Bellcote, Focus on St Mary' College
Blind Arcade ...

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