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1. A projecting bracket used for carrying the cornice or extended eaves of a building
2. A beam, girder, truss, or other structural member which projects beyond its supporting wall or column ...

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Cantilevered beams are the most ubiquitous structures in the field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). MEMS cantilevers are commonly fabricated from Si, SiN or polymers.

HumanitiesWeb.org - Glossary definition: Cantilever Cantilever
An architectural form that projects horizontally from its support, employed especially after the development of reinforced concrete construction techniques.
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Cantilever - A projecting elements, such as a beam or porch, supported at a single point or along a single line by a wall or column, stabilized by s counterbalancing downward force around the point of fulcrum.
Capital - The elaboration at the top of a column, pillar, pier or pilaster.

~ - A beam or other structure projecting from a wall and supporting an extension to a building, as on a ~ed balcony or upper story.
Casement Window - window hung vertically, hinged one side, so that it swings inward or outward.

~: a term often used to describe a form of projecting bracket.
Capital: the head or top part of a column or pilaster.

a projecting beam supported at only one end
a series of columns set at regular intervals ...

A beam or other projection that is unsupported at one end.
Falling Water, Mill Run ...

a long bracket or beam projecting from a wall to support a balcony or stairs, fixed at only one end.
Capital ...

~ A beam projecting beyond a wall or column and supported by the rigidity of the connection from which it projects.
Casement A window sash hinged on one of its vertical edges so as to open inwards or outwards like a door. Often called a French window or French door.

~ A horizontal projection from a building, such as a step, balcony, beam or canopy, that is without external bracing and appears to be self-supporting.
capital The decorative head of a column, pilaster, pier, or other vertical support.

The part of a structural member or TRUSS which extends beyond one or both of its bearings.
Cavity Barrier ...

~: a projecting beam supported by a weight on the other end.
cartouche: a heraldic panel, generally with curved sides.
caryatid: female figure supporting a capital or entablature.

a long, low architectural support that enables a ~ed element such as an eave or a cornice to project horizontally without vertical support at the far end.
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~ : A horizontal projection, such as a balcony or beam, supported at one end only.

A ~ is a projecting beam or member supported only at one end.
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A rigid structural member that projects horizontally well beyond the vertical support.
Innisfil Beach ...

~ - An unsupported overhang acting as a lever, like a flagpole sticking out of the side of a wall.
Casement window - window hung vertically, hinged one side, so that it swings inward or outward.

Type: ~ spar cable-stayed. The deck is secured by a single, cabled pylon angled at 58 degrees.
Span: 200 meters
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~ - Any structural part of a building that projects beyond its support and overhang.
Capital - Head or top part of the column.
Caryatid - Supportive column carved in the shape of a female figure.
Casino - A building with public dance halls, gambling tables.

Buildings are ~ed over basement footings. Artificial symmetry and decorations are avoided: balance and regularity is stressed.

vault- an arched masonry structure covering that spans an interior space
~- any structure like a bridge or balcony balanced by equal opposite weight
truss- a structural frame designed to support bridges, roofs, etc.
steel and balloon frames- ...

Campanile(Italian): Free-standing bell-tower.Candle-snuffer roofConical roof of a turret.CantedWith an angled edge or sides.~Horizontal projection (e.g. step, canopy) supported at one end only.Caphouse ...

~ The part of a member that extends freely over a support which is not supported at its end. Cap Plate A steel plate welded to the top of a column which a joist, joist girder, or other structural member can bear on.

~: A projecting beam or structural member anchored at only one end.CANT STRIP: Angular shaped member used to eliminate a sharp, right angle, often used on flat roofs.CARPORT: An automobile shelter not fully enclosed.

Bagging The process of applying thin mortar to a masonry wall with a coarse material such as hessian Balcony A ~ed or bracketed platform projecting from a wall with access from an upper storey Bargeboard A sloping board fixed to the edge of a gable roof, ...

Flying - a stair ~ed from the wall of the stairwell without a newel.
Geometric - a flying stair whose inner edge is curved.
Newel - central post supporting a spiral stair, also the main posts at the beginning and end of a flight of stairs, carrying the handrail.

Wrightian style buildings have dominate horizontal or vertical lines with ~ed broad eaves. Flat or shallow pitched roofs often have dentillated or outward projecting fascia boards. Exterior sheathing can range from horizontal wood siding to brick, stone and/or concrete block.

Flying stair: ~ed from the walls of a stairwell, without newels; sometimes called a Geometric stair when the inner edge describes a curve.

on the model of a true arch; but as the forces in a lintel (compression at the top and tension at the bottom) bear no resemblance the forces in an arch proper (all members in compression) the result is structurally impure. At best it can only be seen as a pair of oddly-shaped ~s separated ...

Two story rectilinear volume
Low pitched gable roofs covered with shingles or tiles
Projecting ~ed second floor balconies with wood railings
Colonial double-hung windows; louvered shutters
Plaster walls
Picket fences around gardens ...

A form of historical roof truss, usually comprising a central truss section spanning between two ~s.
A length of timber or metal at hand height at the side of a staircase or landing.

The most important contribution of Bauhaus is in the field of furniture design. The world famous and ubiquitous chair design- the ~ chair by designer Mart Stam using the tensile properties of steel is an example.

Beam (R grinda) heavy main support element made of concrete, steel, or wood and running horizontally between columns or load bearing walls. It may be supported at one, two or more points, but not throughout its length.
~ ~ (R consola)
fixed end ~ (R grinda dublu incastrata) ...

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