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Cantilevered beams are the most ubiquitous structures in the field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). MEMS cantilevers are commonly fabricated from Si, SiN or polymers.

Cantilever - A projecting elements, such as a beam or porch, supported at a single point or along a single line by a wall or column, stabilized by s counterbalancing downward force around the point of fulcrum.

Cantilever- A piece of building structure that is only supported on one end.

Column- A vertical piece of structure that supports a beam. ...

a projecting beam supported at only one end
a series of columns set at regular intervals ...

Cantilever - A beam or other structure projecting from a wall and supporting an extension to a building, as on a cantilevered balcony or upper story.

Cantilever A projecting beam or bracket stabilized by the weight of the wall from which it
Capital The head of a column or pilaster.
Casement A window sash that opens on hinges on the side.

a long bracket or beam projecting from a wall to support a balcony or stairs, fixed at only one end.
Capital ...

A beam or structure projecting horizontally beyond its support, only supported by leverage and the weight of the structure on its enclosed end.
Casement Window ...

cantilever A horizontal projection from a building, such as a step, balcony, beam or canopy, that is without external bracing and appears to be self-supporting.

cantilever: a projecting beam supported by a weight on the other end.
cartouche: a heraldic panel, generally with curved sides.
caryatid: female figure supporting a capital or entablature.

a long, low architectural support that enables a cantilevered element such as an eave or a cornice to project horizontally without vertical support at the far end.
Capital ...

cantilever : A horizontal projection, such as a balcony or beam, supported at one end only.

A Cantilever is a projecting beam or member supported only at one end.
Chattel ...

A rigid structural member that projects horizontally well beyond the vertical support.
Innisfil Beach ...

Cantilever - Projecting overhang
Capital - The top part of a pilaster or column
Cartouche - Ornamental panel; oval or scroll-shaped ...

Cantilevered projections
Kleinhans Music Hall
Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater
International ...

Type: Cantilever spar cable-stayed. The deck is secured by a single, cabled pylon angled at 58 degrees.
Span: 200 meters
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Gallery Index: World's Great Bridges ...

Cantilever A projecting beam fixed at one end only
Canton A small square in the dexter chief corner of a shield. Smaller than a quarter
Capital The stone at the top of a column that supports the abacus and arch above it.

Cantilever - Any structural part of a building that projects beyond its support and overhang.
Capital - Head or top part of the column.
Caryatid - Supportive column carved in the shape of a female figure.

Campanile(Italian): Free-standing bell-tower.Candle-snuffer roofConical roof of a turret.CantedWith an angled edge or sides.CantileverHorizontal projection (e.g. step, canopy) supported at one end only.Caphouse ...

Bagging The process of applying thin mortar to a masonry wall with a coarse material such as hessian Balcony A cantilevered or bracketed platform projecting from a wall with access from an upper storey Bargeboard A sloping board fixed to ...

The standard form of a traditional wooden town house consists of a stone basement, on top of which is built a rectangular platform cantilevered to project out above the street.

- (Scottish) vernacular form of canopy chimney cantilevered from the wall, usually of timber or whattle and clay. Known in most other areas as a smoke hood.

Wrightian style buildings have dominate horizontal or vertical lines with cantilevered broad eaves. Flat or shallow pitched roofs often have dentillated or outward projecting fascia boards.

Flying stair: cantilevered from the walls of a stairwell, without newels; sometimes called a Geometric stair when the inner edge describes a curve.

Buildings are cantilevered over basement footings. Artificial symmetry and decorations are avoided: balance and regularity is stressed.

Two story rectilinear volume
Low pitched gable roofs covered with shingles or tiles
Projecting cantilevered second floor balconies with wood railings
Colonial double-hung windows; louvered shutters
Plaster walls
Picket fences around gardens ...

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Architecture  Canterbury Cathedral  Cantilever Bridge

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