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COLONNETTE A very reduced column.
COLUMN A vertical supporting post, usually composed of a base, a shaft, and a capital.
COPING A protective, sloping capping to a wall.

A small or greately attenuated, slender column. Image courtesy of Gayle Goudy Kochanski
Colossal/Giant Order
Columns or pilasters that rise through several stories; also called a Giant Order. Image courtesy of Phil Gruen ...

colonnette: a small column.
column: free-standing vertical support; in the classical orders this consists of (from top to bottom) abacus, echinus (or volute) and shaft, together with optional base and plinth.
coffer: a recessed panel, often ornamented, set into a ceiling.

a small, slender column, usually grouped with others to form cluster piers.
Color wheel ...

A colonnette or shaft merely suggested by the curved cutting of an angle stone and shallow vertical quirks.
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~ A diminutive column which is usually either short or slender.
column A vertical cylindrical support. In classical design it is composed of a base (except in the Greek Doric order), a long, gradually tapered shaft, and a capital.

Collegiate churchA church endowed for the support of a college of priests.ColonnadeRange of columns supporting an entablature, without arches. Compare arcade.~A small column or shaft, usually medieval.Colossal order
No. 14 Abbey Yard ...

BALUSTER: a ~ supporting a rail. BALUSTER MULLION: a wide, bulging mullion, often found in windows dating from the Saxon period. BALUSTRADE: a row of balusters supporting a rail. BAREFACED: a term used to describe a timber joint with a single shoulder, which would normally have two.

compound piers-typically found in a Romanesque or Gothic church, is pier or large column with multiple shafts, pilasters, or ~s attached to it on one or all sides ...

During most of the Middle Byzantine period, the space between the ~s was not filled with icons but with curtains. Nicholaos Andidorum describes in his Protheoria "the shutting of the doors and the closing of the curtain over them".

The tall, cylindrical figures repeat the form of the ~s to which they are bound. They are rendered in a severe, linear Romanesque style that nevertheless lends to the figures an impressive air of aspiring spirituality.

wheel-window, a circular window with bars or ~s radiating like the spokes of a wheel.
window, an opening for the admission of light and air.
window-bar, a mullion or any division between lights.

In such buildings we may detect the language of modernism in the powerful functional forms of the exterior and historicism in the fictive language of articulation (~s with their bases and capitals) applied to the interior.

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