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drip - the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop; "the constant sound of dripping irritated him"
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them" ...

Drip cap: A moulding placed on the top of the head brick mould or casing of a window frame.
Egress window: A window large enough for exit or entry in case of an emergency.

drip-mould, a projecting moulding serving as a hood to protect a window from the effects of rainwater.
drop-arch, a pointed arch formed by two arcs springing from centres inside the jamb of the opening.

Drip cap: Horizontal exterior molding to divert water from the top casing so water drips beyond the outside of the frame.
Extension jamb: A board used to increase the depth of the jambs of a window frame to fit a wall of any given thickness.

drip moulding: a shallow projection that throws rain water clear of a door or window. In Gothic buildings this follows the curve of an arch.
drip stone: see drip moulding.
drum: cylindrical substructure of a dome, although a drum can exist without a dome.

~ molding - (eared) a projecting molding over doors, window, and archways to direct rain away from the opening. The "eared"extensions at the head casing trim approximate stone details found in Greek and Roman Classical architecture. (p. 22 - above most of the windows) ...

A moulding designed to prevent rainwater from running down the face of a wall, or to protect the bottom of a door or window from leakage
Drivers (or Top Pins) ...

~ technique
a painting technique in which paint is dripped from a brush or stick onto a horizontal canvas or other ground.
Drum ...

Throat-~: a sunken member to a horizontal section preventing the spread of water.

- a groove cut into the underside of any projection eg a sill, to prevent water running back onto the face of the building.

~ Cap - A projection found, along the top edge of exterior windows and doors to allow water to fall directly to the ground.
Duct - A sheet metal enclosure carrying warm or cool air from a forced air heating or cooling plant.

~; ~ mold; ~ mould ((architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway))
entablature ((architecture) the structure consisting of the part of a classical temple above the columns between a capital and the roof) ...

~ molds and Label stops, along with Finials, Scalloping, Bargeboarding, Cantilevering, Molding and other detailing are indicative of Gothic or medieval building styles. These can be found in Gothic Revival, Neo-Gothic and Period Revival styles in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

~ molding A projecting molding around the head of a door or window frame, often extended horizontally at right angles to the sides of the frame, intended to channel rain away from the opening; also called a ~ lintel.
eave The overhanging edge of a roof.

~ MOULDINGa projecting moulding, usually above a window, that is designed to allow rainwater to "~"
EAVESunderside of roof projection
ELLan extension usually at right angles to one end of a building ...

Welted ~ - Built-up roofing, felt turned down over the edge of a flat roof, hot folded under itself, bonded into the base sheet and nailed
Welted nosing - A junction in supported sheetmetal roofing in which a vertical sheet comes up under a horizontal sheet.

Bellcast - thickening out of render, in a curved shape, to form a ~ to deflect water. Usually found at the base of a wall, above the damp-proof course.
Benching - shaped concrete slope beside drainage channel within an inspection chamber. Also known as "haunching".

* ~-stone, ~-moulding (larmier) - A projecting stone or moulding to shed water.
* Drum Tower - A large, circular, low, squat tower built into a wall.
* Drystone - Unmortared masonry.
* Dungeon - The jail, usually found in one of the towers.

Label - A hood or ~ (stone) moulding over an opening, usually returning for a short distance down the sides of the opening.
Lancet - (Refer: Early English).

weeping mortar This decorative mortar appears to "~" out between the exterior bricks in a home.
widow's walk A small, railed observation platform atop a house.
Links to some good architectural and design glossaries ...

Water Table - A piece of trim similar to a ~ cap in function, sometimes found around the perimeter of a house near the ground line.

A molding that projects above a door, window, or archway to throw off rain. A hood molding is also referred to as a '~ molding."
Incised Linear Shapes
Shapes demarcated upon masonry by scored lines.

Weatherproofing construction material used to prevent the passage of water into the structure. Sheet metal, copper and aluminum, is fitted around chimneys, valleys, ~ caps, etc. to seal out moisture.

The upper edge of the exterior often had a ~ edge formed as a hawksbeak moldingto shed water; there were also typically elaborate moldings or other decorative elements, sometimes painted. Above the geison ran the sima. The underside of the geison may be referred to as a soffit.

~: Projecting construction or groove below an exterior member to throw off rainwater.DRY ROT: A term applied to many types of decay, especially and advanced stage when the wood can be easily crushed to a dry powder.

Line Corrosion:The linear degradation and pitting of copper placed under a ~ edge. This is often the result of acidic moisture deposited on an inert (non-copper) which directs water to a valley or gutter.

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