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elliptical arch:
an oval arch
the upper section of a classical order, resting on the capital and including the architrave, frieze and cornice ...

Elliptical columned portico

Broken pediment:
Heyward-Washington House, Charleston, South Carolina ...

SEMI-ELLIPTICAL ARCH A elongated round arch over a window or door.
SILL The flat horizontal bottom piece of a window or door, often of wood, but sometimes of stone.

The semi-elliptical dry arch at the south end of the bridge. Note the flatness of the arch and the mass of masonry containing the carriageway.
- see bridge case study.

The semi-elliptical fan transom set above a paneled door with glazed sidelights is the hallmark of the Neo-Classical design. Elegantly fluted white pilasters with simple bases and capitals form the frame.

Rising from an elliptical reflecting pool in the Martin Luther King Memorial Park, Robert Kelly's sculpture is a symbolic memorial to the slain civil rights leader.

structure above into lateral pressure; Can be round-headed, pointed, two-centered, or drop; ogee - pointed with double curved sides, upper arcs lower concave; lancet - pointed formed on an acute-angle triangle; depressed - flattened or elliptical; ...

round fanlight or elliptical fanlight with sidelights at doors
six- or eight- panel door
Pilasters to sides of doors (may have pediment)
Classical one or two story columns
Full-height entry porch(commonly with pediment) ...

The Colosseum is an elliptical building made to hold 50,000 spectators for sporting and theatrical events. It is four stories high with rings of arcades on the first three levels. On each level the arches connect to three-quarter columns.

The elliptical diagonals of the Romans did not commend themselves to the builders of the North, and the doming that resulted from the uniform use of semicircular arches, while not offensive in the case of square areas, ...

The amphitheatre differed from the theatre in being a completely circular or rather elliptical building, filled on all sides with ascending seats for spectators and leaving only the central space, called the arena, ...

Wire nail - A nail made by cutting and shaping a piece of round or elliptical steel wire
Wirecut brick - Clay bricks made by extruding a strip of clay through a die and cutting it with wires held in frame, followed by drying and firing ...

Semi-circular or elliptical fanlight over the front door
Decorative crown or roof over the front door
Narrow sidelights flanking the front door
Double-hung sash windows arranged symmetrically vertically and horizontally around a centered doorway ...

Such stairs may also be built around an elliptical or oval planform. A double helix is possible, with two independent helical stairs in the same vertical space, allowing one person to ascend and another to descend, ...

Usually of elliptical shape and bearing a coat of arms or inscription, often found above monuments. Many have an indication of a nose and eyes in the top or bottom of the scrollwork.

Fanlight - A semi-circular or semi-elliptical window with a horizontal sill often above a door.
Fascia - A horizontal band or board, often used to conceal the ends of rafters; the front of an object. Same as a face board.

fanlight A semicircular or semielliptical window above a door, usually inset with radiating glazing bars.
fascia A horizontal, flat element, often combined with a cornice and architrave.

FANLIGHTfan-shaped (semi-circular or elliptical) window which usually forms part of door unit
FASCIAa plain horizontal band
FINIALa vertical ornament usually applied to the peak of dormer ...

Fanlight - window, semicircular or semi-elliptical in shape, with glazing bars or tracery sets radiating out like an open fan.
Fascia - The horizontal piece covering the end of rafters.

four-centered arch, Tudor arch - a low elliptical or pointed arch; usually drawn from four centers
voussoir - wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault ...

Arch - can be round-headed, pointed, two-centered, or drop; ogee - pointed with double curved sides, upper arcs lower concave; lancet - pointed formed on an acute-angle triangle; depressed - flattened or elliptical; corbelled - triangular, peaked, ...

dome - a convex covering over a circular, square, or polygonal space. Domes may be hemispherical, semi-elliptical, pointed or onion-shaped. Also, a large rounded roof or ceiling on a circular or many-sided base, cupola.

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Architecture  Elizabethan architecture  Elliptical arch

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