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The colors and finishes you choose can transform your house. But, how do you find harmonious color combinations for your siding and trim? Check out these resources for advice, color charts, free online paint color tools, and more.

Broom-finish Concrete - A floor slab that is floated and trowelled smooth, then finished by drawing a stiff broom across it to make it a non slip surface ...

Antique Finish (or Antiquing):
A paint or stain finish applied to an object to give an aged look. Techniques commonly employee use of original coloring and finishing materials and procedures.

Rubbed (finish) brick: A finish obtained by using an abrasive to remove surface irregularities. Term also applies to stone.
Webb Building
Stretcher: long side of the brick faces out ...

Finish Floor - A finished walking surface.
Fire Brick - A fire resistant brick used to line a fireplace.
Fire Cut - An angled cut on joist ends found in solid masonry wall construction designed to prevent wall collapse in case of fire.

Finishing coat
- a final coat of render or plaster, usually very smooth, often with painting in mind. The application of this coat is often referred to by the plasterers as "fining off".

Finished stone or brick used to visually reinforce the exterior corners of a building.
The sloping member in a roof system that supports the sheathing and roof covering. Exposed rafters are common in Bungalow and Craftsman style homes.

Faux Finish Glossary of Terms at Creative Evolution.net
Glossary of Medieval Art at University of Pittsburgh
New Jersey Churchscape Glossary ...

Exterior Finish
The exterior finish of a building is what protects the interior from the elements: rain, wind, snow. In Ontario, exterior finishes are necessarily quite durable.
Fieldstone - Brockville ...

As for the finishing touches, workers placed hieroglyphics around the pyramid as well as many statues. There were also a lot of bright and vibrant colored columns.

2. vt (finishing tape) → toccare
breast [brɛst]
1. n (Anat, Culin) → petto; (of woman) → seno, mammella
to make a clean breast of it (fig) → vuotare il sacco ...

The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is called the soffit or eave.

Millwork Finished woodwork, cabinetry, carving, etc.
Molding Shaped decorative outlines on projecting cornices and members in wood and stone.

The finishing (often with paneling) of the lower part of a wall, usually in a classical interior; in origin a formalized continuous pedestal. Dado rail: the moulding along the top of the dado.

Trim - The finish materials to a building, such as moldings applied around openings (window trim, door trim) or at the floor and ceiling of rooms (baseboard, cornice, picture molding).

Facing - The finishing applied to the outer surface of a building.

Oversite The finish to the ground surface beneath suspended floors.
Pantile A curved roof tile which hooks over adjoining tiles, typical in some 1930 s construction.

It usually covers the joints between the frame and the wall finish, thus hiding any shrinkage gaps, which may occur.
Asbestos - material used in the past for insulation and fire protection.

When the chevet of Le Mans was finished, in 1254, the beginnings recorded in Jumièges two centuries before had worked themselves out to a point beyond which further wholesome development was impossible.

This has the property that it can easily be cut from the outcrops near the seashore, although it also weathers easily and is difficult to dress to a fine finish. Both the cities of Acre and Jaffa are built of this material.

Workforce included German POW's; wiring, plumbing and finishes used requisitioned German materials.[28] In 1949, it was praised, in 1952 criticized,[29] and in 1955 Khruschev personally labelled it as "a pinnacle of excesses".

Decorative gable trim, corbels, and a variation of exterior finishes. This style actually is a combination of several other main styles like Italianate, Second Empire and Queen Anne.

(Scots): Sloping or shaped stones finishing a gable upstanding from the roof. A skewputt is a bracket at the bottom end of a skew.Skew archAn arch spanning responds not diametrically opposed; hence also skew bridge.

LAP DOVETAIL: an overlapping form of dovetail joint which is not finished flush. LATTICED SUPERTRANSOM: a latticed transom above the springing level.

The kind of surface finishing the intonaco should have is a matter of personal taste and often involves the use particular types of plastering materials and troweling techniques such as a marble dust intonaco - a dry marble dust is sifted ...

Tuckpointed - Method of finishing joints of face-brickwork, with mortar, coloured to match the bricks on which a lime-putty bead is run to form a crisp white delineation of the bonding.

finial - the top or finishing stone of a pinnacle.

flying buttress - a buttress arched over at the top to engage with a main wall. A principal feature of Gothic architecture, lending strength and solidity to the main structure.

finish - the final appearance exposed stone slab surfaces are fabricated to meet. finished stone - building stone with one or more mechanically dressed surface(s). fireproof - relatively incombustible.

Annulet : A circular finishing found on pillars or piers, sometimes decorated with carvings.
Archivolt : An ornamental molding seen often in arch shaped portals following the lines of the face with sculpted figures.

CORNICE A cornice is the finished edge of the roof where it meets the exterior wall, of varying sizes, sometime plain, but often decorative and marked by brackets, dentils, medalions or some other decorative feature.

PEDIMENT A gable finished with a horizontal moulding between the two lower corners, ultimately derived from Greek temples. A broken pediment has this horizontal moulding partially left open.

SNAGGING - Minor building works to be finished off after practical completion.
SNAP HEADERS - Cut bricks to outer skin of cavity wall or rounded bays.
SOAKAWAY - Arrangement for disposal of rainwater, utilising graded aggregate laid below ground.

Annulet: A circular finishing found on pillars or piers often decorated with carvings as in Gothic Architecture.
Arcade: A series of arches supported by columns or piers.

Smooth stone finishes
Full-length porches that rise to the top of the building
Balconies and pedimented porches on the front facade
Elaborate cornices
Symmetrical, with rectangular rooms ...

Finely worked stone, with a smooth finish. Joints between the stone can barely be seen. Such skilled work is very expensive, and a sign of an ambitious patron and architect.
Bailey ...

Weatherboard A weatherboard finished with a projecting, rounded edge.
Belvedere A tower or turret with an open porch, built for the sake of the view, or
for its own appearance sake.

Cresting - Line of ornamentation finishing a roof
Cupola - A cup-shaped cap over a structure; often found on carriage houses
Cyclopean Block - Rock faced blocks often used in foundations ...

building stone precisely cut and finished to a smooth finish
a bar in a window, often wooden, between the panes ...

"Finished with Clapboards or Shingles" The Small Home, October 1930.
Editors of the Architectural Forum, The 1938 Book of Small Houses. Simon & Schuster, Inc. New York, NY, 1937.

It is Romanesque in form and often built largely in adobe, with extensive use of smooth stucco wall finishes, and low-pitched teracotta tile or flat roofs.

Head board: A flat board that fits the contour of a bow or bay window at the top and that finishes off the ceiling inside the window.
Header: A heavy beam extended across the top of the rough opening to help support the weight of the building.

Dressing. Stone surface of a building, worked to a finish, whether smooth or moulded. Also the decorative stonework around any of the openings.
Drop arch. * Arch.
Drum. * Dome.

Coping / Coping Stone: Usually stone or concrete, laid on top of a wall as a decorative finish and to stop rainwater soaking into the wall.
Corbell: Projection of stone, brick, timber or metal jutting out from a wall to support a weight.

polychrome: a many-coloured finish.
porch: a roof structure or room providing shelter at the front of a building.
portal: a doorway.

Spina: the divider down the middle of a circus, finished with metae at either end
Stylobate: the masonry at ground level on which a column rests ...

Clay pressed into a mold and baked at extreme temperatures. A variety of finishes are achieved by different glazing techniques. Seen on decorative building ornaments such as cornices, moldings, and plaques.

Building stone that has been squared and finished, and the masonry constructed of such blocks. Courtesy of Heather Russell ...

Aluminum-clad windows and doors: Windows or doors of wood construction covered on the exterior with extruded (Eagle windows) or roll-formed aluminum. Has a factory-applied finish to deter the elements.

in ceramics, a mixture of clay and water used (a) as a decorative finish or (b) to attach different parts of an object (e.g., handles to the body of a vessel).
Spacer ...

Head Board A flat board cut to fit the contour of a bow or bay window and installed between the head jambs and the flat wall surface to finish off that area which would normally be ceiling.

Floor joists are the principal element of a wooden floor; the flooring is nailed to the top of the joists and, if the room below has a finished ceiling, the ceiling material is nailed to the bottoms of the joists.

considerable resources and undertook to rebuild, from top to bottom, the edifice of the main church, which formerly had been consecrated in honor of the Cross of Christ. While he and his people were hastening to complete the work in order to finish ...

Grandiose examples have ambitious decorative programs inside and out, with sculpture, carving, decorative ironwork, and classical columns, balustrades, cartouches, and other details, often executed in grey granite to a high degree of finish.

rustication the roughened finish, naturally or artificially created, on blocks of stone or masonry, and the deep engraving of the joints between the blocks; rustication is often used on the facade of the ground floor of a Palladian building.

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Architecture  Finial  Fire brick

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