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Groin vault - also known as square vault, made by intersecting two barrel vaults at right angles. The spaces created by this vault were called bay areas.

groin vault - or square vault, made by intersecting two barrel vaults at right angles. The spaces created by this vault were called bay areas. (See barrel vault) ...

Groin Vault
A vault formed when two barrel vaults of identical size intersect at right angles (also called a cross vault). Image courtesy of Gail Gould ...

groin vault: a vault caused by the intersection at right angles of two barrel vaults, the edges meeting in a cross.

Groin vault
A compound vault formed by the perpendicular intersection of two vaults forming groins.
Hood mold
A projecting molding to throw off the rain. On the face of a wall, above an arch, doorway or window. Also called "dripstone.

Groin vault, type of vaulting caused by two equally large barrel vaults (q.v.) crossing at right angles; the angle formed by the intersecting vaults is the groin.

Intrados, the inner face of an arch or vault. ...

[edit] Groin vault
Groin vaults occur very frequently in earlier Romanesque buildings, and also for the less visible and smaller vaults in later buildings, particularly in crypts and aisles.

Nave with groin vault.
St. Étienne at Caen: or Abbaye aux Hommes, founded by William the Conqueror in 1064 and dedicated in 1077. Vaulted about 1130-35.

In Roman construction the thrust of barrel vaults had been neutralized by walls of great thickness, that of groin vaults either by the same clumsy expedient or by transverse walls; ...

Romanesque A style developed in western and southern Europe after 1000 characterized by heavy masonry and the use of the round arch, barrel and groin vaults, narrow openings, and the vaulting rib, the vaulting shaft, ...

- Stone ceiling formed like arches: a barrel vault is an arched stone tunnel; a groin vault is formed from intersecting barrel vaults (the edges or groins where the vaults meet do not have ribs or other strengthening); ...

A groin vault is formed from intersecting barrel vaults. The edges (groins) where the vaults meet do not have ribs or other strengthening.

development of vaults - barrel vaults and groin vaults
massive doors inset within arches through massive walls
Gothic-type towers begin to replace Byzantine domes
small windows
Christian churches with a floorplan designed around the Latin cross ...

A tunnel or barrel vault intersecting at right angles. Also known as a groin vault; the groin is the line created by the intersection.
Seville Cathedral
St. Paul's Church, Antwerp ...

- sharp edges where surfaces meet in a groin vault, not covered by ribs.
See vault.

(Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) denoting, relating to, or having the style of architecture used in W and S Europe from the 9th to the 12th century, characterized by the rounded arch, the groin vault, massive-masonry wall construction, ...

Romanesque - Medieval architectural style, from c7 until the development of Gothic in 1140, characterised by round arches, groin vaults, clear bold forms and planning.

a roof or ceiling of masonry constructed on the arch principle; see also barrel vault, groin vault, quadrant vaulting, ribbed vault.
Vedikā ...

vault An arched ceiling constructed of masonry materials; the undersurface, or soffit, is usually curved. If the vault is generated from a series of pointed, rather than round, arches, it is called a groin vault.

Cross Vault - Arch made by two barrel vaults at right angles to each other, meeting in the middle. Also known as groin vault.

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Architecture  Groin  Groined

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