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The modern style portico stretches out towards the street, creating a private garden and atrium in front of the entrance. The floor plan of the house is a U shape.

The modern style, functional, simple and free of decorations, was seen as the most fitting for a young, rapidly growing city.

Postmodernism: A reaction to the Modern style was Postmodernism which developed in the 1950s. It reintroduces color and symbolism to architecture, replacing the aggressively unornamented modern styles.

The line between brutalism and ordinary modernism is not always clear since concrete buildings are so common and run the entire spectrum of modern styles.

It was the name of a shop that opened in Paris in 1895 to sell objects of the modern style, a decorative arts design: flowing expressive lines, whiplash curves, flower and leaf motifs, female figures with long undulating hair, ...

It attempted to find what was sometimes called a modern style, using natural, organic forms and decorative motifs rather than historically derived elements. Marked by ornate use of undulation, such as waves, flames, floweer stalks and flowing hair.

Sheet metal that has been formed into parallel ridges to provide additional strength, usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel. Is widely used on industrial buildings and has increasingly been incorporated into Modern style homes.
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which while partially associated with a revival of Gothic style also incorporated Classical elements and made great use of cast iron, typified in many of Britain's older railway stations before they were torn down and replaced with Modern style ...

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Architecture  Modern movement  Modernism

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