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A grating dropped vertically from grooves to block passage or gate in castle; of wood, metal or a combination of the two.

Portcullis - The heavy iron tipped wooden grill or gate that is raised and lowered vertically inside a castles gatehouse or entryway.
Postern - A lesser or private gate.
Quatrefoil - Four-lobed.

Portcullis - A heavy timber or metal grill that protected the castle entrance and could be raised or lowered from within the castle. It dropped vertically between grooves to block passage or barbican, or to trap attackers.

das Fallgatter
A vertical sliding grating of iron positioned over a gateway in the gatehouse and lowered between groves to prevent passage.

Portcullis: vertical sliding wooden grille shod with iron suspended in front of a gateway designed to protect the gate
Postern Gate: a secondary gate or door often located at the rear of the castle.
Putlog Hole: a hole intentionally left in the surface of a wall for insertion of a horizontal pole ...

~ - gate consisting of an iron or wooden grating that hangs in the entry to a castle or fortified town; can be lowered to prevent passage
postern - a small gate in the rear of a fort or castle
tailboard, tailgate - a gate at the rear of a vehicle; can be lowered for loading ...

Portal frameA single-storey frame used from the 20th century, comprising two uprights rigidly connected to a beam or pair of rafters, particularly to support a roof.~Gate constructed to rise and fall in vertical grooves at the entry to a castle.Porte coch(French, lit.

usually set in or against a wall, with drain PitchRoof slope PitchingRough cobbling Plate armourArmour made of jointed metal plates PlinthHorizontal course(s) of finer stones at the base of a wall to provide better foundation, often projecting from the wall face ~Wood ...

Breastwork: Heavy parapet slung between two gate towers; defense work over the ~. Bressumer: Beam to support a projection.

- (Scottish) open metal grid, hinged to form protection for a doorway, a sort of Scottish ~.

Reinforced by several types of structures: ~, assommoir, beams barring the doors and drawbridge. The fortified upper levels did not always communicate thus limiting the effects of treachery.

In fortification, a bacule is a kind of ~ or gate, made like a pit-fall, with a counterpoise, and supported by two great stakes. It is usually made before the corps de garde advancing near the gates.
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Designed by William Burges, with working ~ and drawbridge, and sumptuous interiors to rival those of Cardiff Castle, it has been described as "the most spectacular example of [Burgest's] translation from High Gothic into High Victorian." ...

During the 1920s, architects with a flare for drama tried to capture the flavor of medieval England and Europe. Half timbered and turreted, pinnacled and ~ed, the homes they built combined features from many traditions, including the picturesque Cotswold style. (compare prices) ...

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