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ridge - a long narrow natural elevation or striation
bank - a long ridge or pile; "a huge bank of earth"
bar - a submerged (or partly submerged) ridge in a river or along a shore; "the boat ran aground on a submerged bar in the river" ...

Ridge Rafter - The wooden member supporting rafter-ends at the ridge of a roof.
Rise - The vertical distance from one stair tread to the next.
Riser - The vertical portion of a step. The board covering the open space between stair treads.

Ridge beam: A beam for supporting the upper ends of rafters below the ridge of a roof. Thicker than a ridge board.

Ridge - The horizontal line at the junction of two roof surfaces where an external angle greater than 180* is formed.
Riprap - Stones or other material placed on a slope to prevent erosion by water action.

Ridge: The apex of a roof.
Riser: The vertical part of a step or stair.
Rising Damp: Moisture soaking up a wall from below ground, by capillary action causing rot in timbers, plaster decay, decoration failure etc.

Ridge The highest part or apex of a roof where two slopes meet.
Ridge Tile A specially shaped angular or half round tile for covering and making weather-tight the ridge of a roof.
Riser The vertical part of a step or stair.

Ridge Board - The horizontal structural member at the top of a roof where the rafters meet.

ridge rib: longitudinal rib extending the whole length of a vault.
Rococo: late Baroque phase, highly ornate; usually refers to interior decoration.

Ridge - Uppermost point at which two intersecting planes of a roof meet. Sometimes decorative.
Rock-face - Axe-dressed stone surface.

Roofridge - Summit line of roof.
Rubble - Fill; unsquared stone not laid in courses.
Rustication - Worked ashlar stone with the faces left rough.

A movable bridge; originally moved horizontally like a gangway.

Drawbridge - Lifting bridge that could be raised to keep out an enemy.
Dressing - Carved or smoothed stonework around openings and along edges.
Drum-Tower - A large, circular tower, usually shorter and wider then a normal tower.

Roof Ridge
The horizontal intersection of two roof slopes at the top of a roof.
Roofline ...

Ridge roll
- a tightly tied bundle of thatching material, laid along the ridge, to give an edge to the final course of thatch and to provide a base for a ridge cap.

Ridge turret : Found more commonly on churches without towers, located over the crossing and named for their location on the ridge of the roof.

Ornament along a roof ridge.
Vertical part of a stair step.

Ridge Roll - Rounded cap covering exterior peak of roof
Rincleau - Scroll or vines cut in stone
Rubble - Undressed broken stone used in construction ...

RIDGE - Horizontal top to a pitched roof, usually covered with ridge tiles.
RISER - The vertical part of a step or stair.

Ridge: The crest of the glacis.
Ring wall: A stone wall which replaced the timber palisade surrounding the summit of a motte of a 'motte and bailey castle'. Also known as a shell keep.

Cambridge - England (16th c.)
Hospital de la Santa Creu - Barcelona - Spain (1905)
Château de Blois - France (1500) ...

Cambridge (England)
Building: King's College Chapel
Date: completed 1547
Exterior view of chapel ...

DRAWBRIDGE: A movable bridge. Early drawbridges were removed horizontally like a gangway.
FOSSE: A ditch.
GALLEY: A long passage or room.

Drawbridge: a wooden bridge leading to a gateway, capable of being raised or lowered
Drum Tower: a round tower built into a wall
Dungeon: the jail, usually found in one of the towers ...

der Zugbrücke
A wooden bridge, capable of being raised or lowered, used to open a passageway or gate.

A raised ridge or fold formed in sheet metal to provide stiffness
A term indicating articles of hardware designed for application to the surface of the door or frame ...

the stacked ridges the horizontally segment a northern-style Hindu temple's shikhara.
see mudrā.

Located on a ridge outside the city of Agrigento, Sicily lie the remains of seven Greek temples called the Valley of the Temples.

longitudinal ridge rib: A rib which runs down the apex of the vault in a longitudinal direction. Other types of ribs: diagonal, lierne, tierceron, transverse See also rib vault.

An ornamental ridge to the top of a wall or roof.
A projecting knob of stylised foliage, associated mainly with Gothic architecture. Crockets are regularly spaced on spires and pinnacles.

A cricket is a ridge structure designed to divert water on a roof. Generally found on the high side of a chimney or the transition from one roof area to another. The cricket is normally the same pitch as the rest of the roof, but not always.

Ridge - The horizontal line of a roof top.
Road / Street Line - The line defining the said limits of a street.

More elaborate vaults may include ridge-ribs along the crown of a vault or bisecting the bays; tiercerons, extra decorative ribs springing from the corners of a bay; and liernes, short decorative ribs in the crown of a vault, ...

of land reserved for a lord Diaper workDecoration of squares or lozenges DogtoothDiagonal indented pyramid DonjonAnother name for a great tower or keep Dormer windowWindow placed vertically in sloping roof DrawbridgeWooden bridge ...

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Architecture  Richardsonian Romanesque  Ridge board

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