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Intelligent Tutoring Systems
encode and apply the subject matter and teaching expertise of experienced instructors, using artificial intelligence (AI) software technologies and cognitive psychology models, to provide the benefits of one-on-one instruction -- automatically and cost-effectively.

An intelligent tutoring system may want to cluster students' learning behavior so that strategies that work for one member of a class may work for other members.

Journals on Intelligent Tutoring Systems & Textbooks on Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Compiled by Noboru Matsuda,Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Human Computer Interaction Institute,School of Computer Science,Carnegie Mellon University.
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In education field, many of the expert system's application are embedded inside the Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) by using techniques from adaptive hypertext and hypermedia.

A cognitive tutor is an intelligent tutoring system which develops a cognitive model of a student as he or she interacts with the program, providing problems and individualized instruction based on this model.

In its early days, ML also found inspiration from research into computer-assisted tutoring systems with which it shared many of the same objectives and perspectives. Over the years, ML has, in return, inspired developments in this field to generate Intelligent Tutoring Systems based on AI ...

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Artificial Intelligence  Intelligent tutor  Interpretability

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