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Leverage Values. In regression, this term refers to the diagonal elements of the hat matrix (X(X'X)-1X'). A given diagonal element (h(ii)) represents the distance between X values for the ith observation and the means of all X values.

Diffusion maps leverages the relationship between heat diffusion and a random walk (Markov Chain); an analogy is drawn between the diffusion operator on a manifold and a Markov transition matrix operating on functions defined on the graph whose nodes were sampled from the manifold.

Automating the work of survival (agriculture and manufacturing), and allowing us to leverage greater computational power for pursuits like interstellar space travel and the design and development of complex bioindustrial projects furthering the goals of exploration and population of the universe.

You can start by looking for the financial leverage points in your operation. Think of the different tasks in your organization that require reasoning or experience to perform well.

Two popular types of applications that leverage companies' investments in data warehousing are data mining and campaign management software.

"We saw the opportunity and the technology and had the ability to ~ it ... But putting classes online is only part of what the AI researchers intend with MOOCs.

IC Multiplier. The ratio of Structural Capital / Human Capital. It indicates how well an organization ~s its human capital through it structural capital. A higher ratio indicates good ~ and minimizes the loss of knowledge when people leave.

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Now that we have a clear understanding of how to evaluate DM models properly, we can look closer at the business processes that must be coordinated by data mining tools that can ~ model results to increase corporate profitability. These business processes include: ...

A second example is how, for instance, a new development in statistical analysis can instantly be appplied to ~ benefit in all disciplines that make use of statistical analysis as a tool.

Greif notes correctly that agents would initially ~ simpler technologies available in most applications (e.g. word processors, spreadsheets or knowledge-based systems). Then agents would gradually be evolved into more complicated applications.

A niche marketing campaign is the most appropriate to apply here given the absence of a direct competitor and that the target market is appropriately sized and ~d to offer the best return on investment.

In this paper we explore how Human-Computer Learning Networks can ~ the contributions of a broad recruitment of human observers and processes their contributed data with Artificial Intelligence algorithms leading to a computational power that far exceeds the sum of the individual parts.

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