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8th House

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The 8th House
The 12 houses can be subdivided into four groups: the angular houses (1st, fourth, 7th and 10th) that fall counterclockwise away from the horizontal and vertical angles in the above model; the succedent houses (2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th) that follow them; ...

The 8th House: I am headed for Druid Hell
I have had a couple of months now that have involved the cutting down or trimming of trees that exists/ed between different property owners. The first round happening with my elderly neighbor to the South.

The 8th House
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Keywords and what the Eighth/8th house governs:
birth, death, wills, inheritance, legacies, other people's money (especially that of the partner), taxes, investments, crises, change, rebirth - the clearing away in order to make room for the new, reincarnation, ...

8th House- There is a need to let go when you find yourself tied to the resources of others, tied to an attitude of entitlement, or obsessing over how anything will turn out. the future over which you have no control.

~ - The eighth house represents shared resources, taxes, inheritance, insurance, recycling, sex and regeneration. Scorpio, Mars and Pluto are the rulers.

~: Sexual tension, being very horny, wondering if your intimate relationships are normal. Worries about taxes and audits. Play it straight with taxes because the extra bucks you save by fudging them are not worth the anxiety it would cause you.

~ Maturity Age (66 yrs onwards)
Up to 24 years of age when the 9th house is giving effects, a person will be very much at the mercy of their fortune or misfortune, depending on the strength of the 9th house in the chart.

12th House
The pairing of the house groups with the elements are listed below.

Fusion with others. Physical and financial union. Transformation. Shared values. Approval by others. The results of relationship. Probing. Administration of others' resources. Intimacy. Meeting the mysteries of sex and death. Psychological inquiry. What you need from others.

The eighth house is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, and the income you receive through marriage or business partner(s). It describes your resourcefulness, and your ability to develop and use material assets as well as personal skills and abilities.

~- This house rules death and rebirth of a person or how one rises after a great fall in their life. This house also shows money through in-laws and friends as in loans you might get from them. Financial loans for home, business is also shown from this house.

~: Diseases, death finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain, obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries and privations are checked from ~.

9th house
In the chart above, which house does the Sun influence by its presence?

~ Ruler Retrograde
If your question regards inheritance, funeral, or other important emotional issue, then be prepared for setbacks, a return to earlier conditions, and difficulty in bringing things into the open. Answers may be found in the past or by uncovering what is hidden.

~: Hidden aspects of one's life, anus, longevity, place of death, mystic rituals and professions like smuggling espionage etc.
9th House: Dharma (righteousness), penance and religious observances, pilgrim ages and meritorious deeds of previous births.

~ (Scorpio)
9th House (Sagittarius)
10th House (Capricorn; also known as Medium Coeli).

~ - This house is associated with Scorpio and is mysterious, complex, relating to the underworld of death, sex, and other people's money. It rules taxes, inheritance, investment banking, surgery, and .

The ~ denotes longevity of the natives. In the case of female horoscopes, if there are benefics in the ~ or aspected by the benefic planets to the ~ would confer soubhagyam which means the wife predeceases her husband. Reverse is the case for opposite results.

The ~ is the house of Others' Resources. It deals with taxes, wills and estates, inheritances, alimony, hidden assets, insurance. This house also deals with sex, investigations, occult, physical and psychological regeneration and death.
House 9 - Cadent ...

The ~ is associated with traps and pitfalls, the most dangerous stage of the game, when the attack may fail and this would lead to a decisive counterattack.

The ~ is often seen as the most challenging house in Vedic astrology, and the Lagnesha here can therefore indicate a life replete with many obstacles, traumas, and personal issues.

The ~ is the house of longevity. It covers the span of life. This house is about rebirth, regeneration and the transformation of energy.

Sharing=~, his own energy=Leo
All of his conditioning protests against this. Why should he share what he has created with his own energy when he's so good at getting what he wants from others? There is tremendous inertia involved in changing the behavior pattern.

SCORPIO or ~ Water signs bring much emotion to assertion which does not lend itself to unencumbered natural aggression. Defensiveness can arise out of the fear of being taken advantage of. Other's worth is a threat.

Lagna/ascendant=25, 2nd house =22, 3rd house = 29, 4th house = 24, 5th House =25, 6th House = 34, 7th House = 19, ~ =24, 9th House= 29, 10th House = 36, 11th House = 54, and 12th House =16 ...

CHIRON IN THE ~ - creates a major life struggle—“a gigantic karmic crisis—over earthly desires: sex, money, power/fame, and immortality. This struggle tends to, in one way or another, impact strongly you and everyone around you.

~ - the path of the awakening of soul consciousness.
9th house - knowledge of Cosmic Law and Ancient Wisdom.
10th house - spiritual purpose and responsibility.
11th house - spiritual visions, aspirations, spiritual groups.

When someone's ~ planet or ruler of their ~ forms a strong aspect with one or more of your planets, you are likely to ignite passion in that person.

Note that 2nd and ~s, though succedent, are considered weak and unfortunate, so placed lower in the hierarchy of planetary support. The reasoning behind this is beyond the scope of this article, but experience bears it out.
Ascendant and Mid-Heaven ...

Kennedy's chart it is the ~, rather than the 12th, which carries the emphasis. This is, to me, no less a house of family ghosts.

The Moon signifies action and is also peregrine and weak in the ~. The potential relationship/marriage is signified by the ruler of the 7th house Venus, who is currently dignified by triplicity, but in fall and about to go into Leo, losing both dignity and debility. Venus is also retrograde.

While Venus and the Moon present one pair of issues around intimacy, the 7th and ~s present another. The 7th is the traditional house of marriage or primary partnership. The 8th, though, is the "body" of the relationship, the place where the meeting begun in the 7th is consummated.

December 2, 2003 -February 7, 2004: The ~ is the area of life where we encounter commitment to others, inevitable issues of life - death, taxes and elimination. We change dramatically in the course of our lives in this area.

The ~ lord, malefic Venus (the lord of the house of obstructions and hurdles) is placed in the 10th house (the house of profession) at mid point of the house.

If Mars is placed in 12,1,4,7 or ~ then person becomes manglik. Mars is red and firry in nature, when mars sees seventh house, it puts it bad effects on seventh house, you can consider that house being burning due to mars.

We find Uranus in the ~ in another explosion chart for a 1984 planned nuclear test in Nevada. Uranus was conjunct the South Node and the testers had a great surprise when there was a cave-in at the site 3-1/4 hours later killing several workers.

intensity of aspect is different in Vedic Astrology, for example all planets aspect in full or with 100 percent strength, the 7th house from where they are transiting this is known as opposition or 180 degree aspect, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus aspect with 75 percent strength the 4th and ~ ...

The Sun-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in Leo in Arnold's ~ indicate that he is somewhat shy and unconfident. Saturn gives the Sun the power of endurance and thus the ability to conserve anything.

Mars (war) will enter the nuclear sign of Aquarius in April 22nd, 2003 and conjunct his ~ of death and could induce a sudden death, explosions or another terrorist aeronautical disaster to the US.

A combination of Saturn Yantra and Moon Yantra can be a potent protection against Sade Sati or against ~ or 4th house transit of Saturn.
A combination of Hanuman Kavach and Saturn Yantra is very effective if there is a combination of Saturn and Mars conjoined in one sign in a person's chart.

The powerful Trik ( 3rd, 6th and ~s ) ruler in its own sector ensures considerable power and competitiveness on the part of the person, however this planet is not a good indicator for health and creates chronic, long term and even incurable diseases during its periods.

So, you might say to yourself that Moon is in second house and rules ~ so must indicate something to do with money. It is possible money may be a motivating force, although not my opinion.

As it passes the zenith it falls towards death beginning at the ~ cusp and manifesting at the 7th house cusp (the Descendant, the point in the horoscope opposite the Ascendant - which marks the physical horizon) and sunset, ...

Or, you could have the Sun, Moon or other planets in the ~ (associated with Scorpio in the natural or archetypal chart).
Or, Pluto might form a major aspect to one of your personal planets. For example, Pluto might conjunct, oppose or square the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

Adhi Yoga - An auspicious planetary combination formed by benefices in the 6th, 7th and ~s from the Moon sign while Mercury is not combust and Jupiter does not form Sakata yoga . It makes an individual polite, trustworthy, affluent and capable of defeating his adversaries.

Jul 20, 2010 ... Well, Saturn has been going through my ~, touching first my Sun, then Mercury, then Pluto, all in Virgo. ...
Winning the Virgo Man - How to Win the Heart of a Virgo Man ...

Desperate to say something meaningful, the astrologer thoroughly examines her chart and trumpets: "Oh, you have Saturn in the ~ square Mars in the 10th. This means you misused sexual power in a past life and that's why you are the victim of it in this incarnation.

The ~ establishes a transcendental impetus in our lives, then the 9th gives us the higher knowledge and high speech we need to fulfil our goals; finally the Tenth culminates this process by giving us an specific career where we can seek to fulfil our life goals.

In my chart, the entire sign of Pisces is contained in the ~, and the entire sign of Virgo is contained in the 2nd. What does this say about those houses?

1st and 2nd house Leo and 7th and ~ Aquarius). The interpretation focus would be on where the ruling planets of those signs (in the example above: the Sun and Saturn) is in the native's chart and what aspects it forms to other key planets and points. 2) A planet that is in a ...

Makara (Capricon) is in the 6th house
Kumbha (Aquarius) is in the 7th house
Meena (Pisces) is in the ~
Mesha (Aries) is in the 9th house
Vrishabha (Taurus) is in the 10th house
Mithuna (Gemini) is in the 11th house
Kataka (Cancer) is in the 12th house ...

Adjacent Signs and those that are five Signs apart: those which bear to each other a 12th, 2nd, 6th or ~ relationship. v. Inconjunct.
Distance ...

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