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The Bucket Planetary Pattern
A fixed Bucket with Saturn in tenth as the Handle Planet: Leontyne Price ...

Bucket - This horoscope pattern occurs when nine planets are one side of the chart, leaving one planet by itself. This solitary planet indicates how the person will reach out to the world.

Bucket - The planetary arrangement formed by nine planets occupying approximately one-half of a horoscope with one planet roughly opposing the group that is a focal point of action (bucket handle) for planetary energies.

All the planets are contained in one half of the chart except for one 'singleton' in the opposite half. This planet is the 'handle' of the bucket and assumes extra importance.
Bundle ...

The Bucket:
Configuration: 9 Planets will be in 6 consecutive zodiac signs in one section of the chart with 1 singleton planet in the opposite section, called the Handle of the Bucket.

type, approximating the Bowl type, but with one planet in the opposite arc as a bail, thereby transforming the bowl into a ~.
(6) ...

C. ~ Handles. If a planet (or group of conjunct planets) is alone in half of the sky (i.e. with no planets in the two houses on either side of them), then they are very much strengthened and very important in the chart.

This is ~/funnel chart, because as you may see, the Moon is the only planet in the upper half of the chart, symbolizing the satellite thing. The other planets are crammed into one third of the wheel, starting with Uranus and ending with Saturn, which spells out the word artificial.

I don't do the ~, funnel, etc. stuff but I do look at the aspects.
Thanks so much Molly! What you write makes sense to me. Happy Autumn wishes :)
A couple personal experiences with Chiron: ...

Your chart features a ~ pattern. This means that most of the planets are within an arc of 180 or less, with one planet opposing them.

The seven chart patterns - splash, bundle, locomotive, bowl, ~, seesaw and splay - show in the broadest terms how you channel your energy. "This pattern has meaning in the broadest sense, defining the way you approach life," writes Hampar.

~ : A pattern of planets where most of them lie in one half of the zodiac, while only one or two planets lie in the other half (the "handle" of the ~) to balance them out.

In a remarkably short period of time, she will mutter to herself that he is just a ~ful of mixed emotions. At the same time, he will secretly start to think that she is nothing but a chatterbox and an emotional vacuum.

Persian, Syrian and Turkish languages call it the Water ~.
In Egyptian mythology, he pours water into the Nile River at the season when the Nile normally overflows its banks, this brings the much needed water to the farmlands bordering that great river.

" Your daily drippings fill a bigger ~ than your geysers of magical effort. [...

Above all, Jupiter retrograde gives us a time to reflect in what we really believe in and what we're practicing (or not) daily. This has to come into oneness. Those with a spiritual bent should continue their individual practice to bring light and peace to our world; every drop in the ~, ...

This situation is modified somewhat, because if we treat the North Node as a legitimate point of consciousness, the entire chart hangs from it, making a ~ pattern.

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