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Decanate - The partitioning of each Sign into three equal parts of 10 degrees each. Each part is known as a decanate. Every Sign is composed of 30 degrees.

Decanate, Decan. A term applied to a subdivision of Sign into 10 arcs, referred to as the first, second and third decanates or decans. The interpretation of Decans is based upon a system of rulerships, of which there are two in common use.

DECANATE: The division of each sign into three equal parts of 10 degrees each.
DECLINATION: The distance of a planet north or south of the celestial equater
DEGREE: 1/360 of a circle.

Decanate: Divide sign into 12 pieces
Navamsa: Divide sign to 9 pieces
Dwadasamsa: Divide sign into 12 pieces
Degree Meaning: Divide sign into 30 pieces ...

Decanate: One of three divisions of a Sun Sign ( 0-959', 10-1959', 20-2959').
Descendant: The cusp between the sixth and seventh houses, the point at which the western horizon intercepts the ecliptic.
E ...

Stephanie Clement
Manilius' System of Dodecatemories (DWADS) ...

~ Chart
I give you the ~ chart (bottom of the above symbol chart) in case you want to study interpretation in more depth.

~: three sequential 10 sections of all signs: the first 10 of a sign is said to be of the nature of the sign itself; the second 10 is of the nature of the next sign of the same element; the third has the nature of the remaining sign of that element.

Decan, ~s A division of the signs into 10 degrees each of which is subtly different from one another due to the different rulers involved.
Declination A coordinate system measuring positions North or South of the celestial equator. ...

decan, ~ Based on the subdivision of a sign into three parts of 10 each. Each decan of a sign expresses subtle differences that distinguish it from the other two decans as described by its planetary sub-ruler, which operates in conjunction with the natural planetary ruler of the sign.

Decan or ~-Ten degrees of arc, the first, second or third section of the stack marked by ten-degree intervals.
Harmonic-The use of the stack placed outside each house from cusp to cusp to determine secondary indications of events not readily seen in the rogression.

Decans or ~s - each sign splits into 3 parts. 0-9 degrees is ruled by the sign, 10-19 deg sub-ruled by next sign-same element & 20-29 degrees the 3rd sign.

Decan (~) A one-third (ten-degree) sector of a sign. Each sign has three ~s: 0-10 degrees, 11-20 degrees and 21-30 degrees. Each decan has its own ruler, based on the rulership of the first, fifth and ninth sign of its triplicity, counting the current sign as the first.

LIBRA- As the ~ of Libra is the bridging ~ into the Aquarian Age, Libra's Soul's Purpose is to bridge the activities of humanity, as shown by the House Position of Uranus, ...

Vicissitudes; sex ~ of the Sign of Imprisonment; eventful lives; wide variety of careers, recapitulating in their lives the events and conditions expected from other ~s; reach highest expression through psychic research, ...

This is the planet that has the most dignities in a given place in the zodiac, according to the dignities of house, exaltation, trigon (or triplicity), bound (or term) and face (~).
anangke: One of the three fates referred to by Hellenistic philosophers, meaning agnoia, or unwit.

The eclipse took place at 19◦06' Aries, which is the degree of the Sun's exaltation in that sign, and in terms of Essential Dignity it is in "the Face of the Sun," or the ~ of Leo.

] If any Planet be in his ~, Decurie or Face, as Mars in the first ten degrees of Aries, or in Mercury in the first ten degrees of Taurus, he is then allowed one essential dignity; for being in his own ~ or Face, cannot then be called Peregrine.

With Mars(action) and Chiron(healing) conjunct in the last ~ of Sagitarrius -- also near the galactic center -- opposing retrograde Mercury conjuct Jupiter in Gemini, the cauldron of change is churning with evolutionary elixir.

Each sign can be divided into three 10 sectors known as decans or ~s, though these have fallen into disuse. The first ~ is said to be most emphatically of its own nature and is ruled by the sign ruler.

There were other transits - for example, the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in the first ~ of Capricorn, approaching the Soviet Union's Venus in the 4th house - that suggested that this imminent collapse was going to be like a marriage breakup.

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No POF in the second or third ~ of Cancer unless it is a related matter. The second ~ of Cancer is Scorpio and the third ~ of Cancer is Pisces.
No POF in Scorpio or Pisces unless it is a related matter.

The Effects of Eclipses according to the ~s
List of aphorisms from William Lilly's "Annus Tenebrosus" concerning the effects of solar and lunar eclipses according the the ~s of the Zodiac. (Luis Ribeiro) ...

Definition: The decan is a 10 degree increment that divides the 360 degree ecliptic into 36 pieces. There are three decans for each sign of the Zodiac. This gives more nuance to the general interpretation of a sign, within its ~.

Saravali (two volume classic focuses on planets in houses, ~s, etc.)
Translated by R. Santhanam
Bhrigu Sutram (a look at each planet in each house, with reference to 4 Vedic classics) ...

95. Those images[51] which do arise with the several ~s, they declare the inclination of the native to that profession he handles. [What they are, see Scaliger upon Manilius[52] or Johannes Angelus[53] ].

the names seem to be often Greek translations of the Arabic names, especially in the second half of the list, and so it seems probable that the list is largely a version of the Arabic lunar system, especially since the essential Egyptian system is strongly solar and decimal, using the 36 ~s ...

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