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Grand sextile

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A grand sextile pattern is also often referred to as a Star of David pattern. A grand sextile pattern occurs when 6 planets are placed in 60 degree angles from each other and thus forming the Star of David pattern.

Grand Sextile
A very rare aspect configuration. Six planets spaced equally around the circle, all in Sextile aspect (60 degrees) to each other.

Grand Sextile - this occurs when six of more planets Sextile each other in a chart wheel, building intensity around creative, harmonious energy.

Grand Sextile. An aspect configuration which involves six planets found at six different points in the chart, each sextiling each other and creating a large hexagram pattern.

Grand Sextile
Two Grand Trine interlocked to form a 'Star of David' ...

The formation of a Grand Sextile, and Jupiter in square position to Pluto, are relatively rare events.

GRAND TRINES IN WATER AND EARTH, FORMING A GRAND SEXTILE: Trines are "harmonious" aspects, meaning the energies of the planets interact in a harmonious manner.

Astrological charts show the Concordance alignment contains a near perfect Grand Sextile/Star of David pattern in the feminine Earth and Water signs, featuring five masculine planets - the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Chiron, along with the Moon.

As I pointed out in The Grand Catharsis, it was my belief that a compendium of planetary events signaled the shift of the Ages from Pisces to Aquarius: Uranus moving into Aquarius in '96, comet Hale Bopp in '97 (and another Grand Sextile on January ...

When all the sextile points around the chart are filled with planets you will have a Grand Sextile.

People who appear to have been born to the good life and to whom "lucky breaks" come regularly and whose good fortune we wish we had, generally have several sextiles in their charts. A grand sextile is where six conjoining sextiles are formed.

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Astrology  Grand quintile  Grand square

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