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Humanistic Astrology
Science / Astrology / Humanistic Astrology: Person-centered astrology as opposed to event-oriented.
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- Person-centered astrology as opposed to event-oriented.

Humanistic astrology is what we now primarily practice in the West. Some refer to this as astrological 'readings' to assist people who want personal awareness, knowledge of their patterns, karmic issues, strengths, weaknesses, ...

, on the other hand, is very much concerned with the Centauric notions of self-actualization, meaning, freedom, and integration, which brings us to Dane Rudhyar.

In many ways, humanistic astrology represents a genuine advancement in the theory of humanistic psychology. Both Jungian and humanistic psychologies have been criticized for their lack of precision in describing the inner nature of the human being.

According to modern , humans are born with a set of natural abilities to use in relating with their environment, while chiropractic is a form of healing that assumes the body has a natural ability to maintain health.

It is generally assumed that the humanistic astrology of Rudhyar sounded the death knell for horary, and that there's little ground for reconciliation between Rudhyar's view of the chart as potential, and the horary urge to reveal the inevitable.

In the mid-twentieth century a new astrological field emerged which was called "." Dane Rudhyar was one of the earliest proponents of this field, which was centered around the person rather than the event.

Khaldea.com - Besides the Dane Rudhyar Archive, there are free booklets to read online by Michael R Meyer. Titles available: Humanistic Astrology Revisited; A Call to Transformation; A New Image of Cosmos and Anthropos ...

The Astrology of Personality
by Dane Rudhyar.
The classic explication of .
Level: Advanced ...

Astrologers and students in this Network for Humanistic Astrology (R.A.H.) strive to transform themselves through astrology.

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Astrology  Human signs  Humours

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