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Imum Coeli ( I.C.)-One of the four major angles of a birth chart; this one falls at the bottom of the chart wheel. It is the start of the Fourth House and is one of the most personal points of the chart.

Imum Coeli (IC): The Imum Coeli is the point where the Lower Meridian intersects the Ecliptic. The Imum Coeli is opposite the Midheaven (MC). In most house systems the IC forms the 4th House Cusp.

Imum Coeli. The lowest heaven, the North Angle or cusp of the fourth house. v. Midheaven; Celestial Sphere.

Imum Coeli The bottom of the heavens. The fourth house cusp in non-equal or Quadrant House System. Represent the family relations and the home life. Also known as the Nadir.

Imum Coeli or IC- this marks the 4th house cusp and is where the ecliptic crosses the meridian in the north. IC means the bottom of the heavens. This represents home, family and ancestry.

~ From the Latin, literally bottom of the heavens; the zodiacal point opposite the Medium Coeli (Midheaven, MC). The ~ is one of the angles and forms the fourth house cusp in an unequal house system. Abbreviated IC.

The lowest point in the sky (nadir) that a planet can travel relative to the horizon. If you are born at midnight, the Sun would be found around the IC of the chart. "IC" stands for the Latin ~ which means "bottom of the heavens.

2: ~ [IC]
Each IC line is separated by 180 degrees of map longitude from its corresponding MC line. IC lines also run vertically, straight up and down on the A*C*G map and they too correspond to parallels of longitude.

The MC and the IC are the parental axis. Aries on the IC means that one parent is described by the Libra MC and the other by the Aries IC. These signs do not necessarily describe the parents so much as your perceptions of your parents.

The ~ or Nadir The ~ (IC) or Nadir is opposite the Medium Coeli. This is the lowest point on the horoscope and the point furthest north in the zodiac. The IC is the cusp of the fourth house. This is the area of our deepest concern for security and shelter.

~ (IC)
Usually marking the cusp of the 4th house, the lowest point of a chart
Intercepted Sign ...

The ~ is the low point of your horoscope, opposite your MC. It has the same significance as the fourth house and symbolises your deepest emotional needs, plus your family and home life as their manifestation.

IC= ~. I's essentially the latin name for the fourth house cusp.
If you have any more questions about terminology or anything then just ask, it's what the comments section is for.
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~ (or IC) : The point of the zodiac where the ecliptic intersects the lower part of the meridian, a vertical plane that passes directly north and south. Generally the same as the cusp of the 4th house. See also House.

4) The ~ and the 4th house.
When a planet is in one of these four houses in a chart, or is within orb or a conjunction of one of the angles, it is said to be "in an angle" or "angular".

I.C. or ~: "~" or "lowest heaven"; the fourth house cusp. The most intimate and personal point in the chart: one's innermost feelings, roots, and internal sense of one's self. To see what "~" looks like in a Natal Chart, Click here! ...

I.C.: "~" or "lowest heaven"; the fourth house cusp or nadir. The most intimate and personal point in a chart, it symbolizes one's innermost feelings, roots, and internal sense of self.

~ (IC) The fourth house cusp. The Lower Heaven, or Nadir. The north point of the horoscope. InconjunctWidely used in recent times to refer to the quincunx, although the classical meaning is "not in mutual aspect".

First House (Ascendant - East Angle)
Tenth House (Midheaven or M.C. - South Angle)
Seventh House (Descendant - West Angle)
Fourth House (~ or I.C. - North Angle) ...

Diurnal and Nocturnal, Half of either the Nocturnal or Diurnal Arc, measured from the Midheaven or ~ to the horizon.
Arc of Direction.

When someone is born during night time, the sun is positioned in ~, which is simply the lowest point for the sun from the celestial equator.

The term “IC' for the bottom point of the chart is short for ~. Imum means lowest part, bottom or foot. We use the word Midheaven for the MC. There isn’t such an easy word for the IC. Most astrologers just call it the IC.

Its opposite is the Midnight point or cusp of the Fourth House, known as Lower-Heaven (~ in Latin, abbreviated IC).
When the Sun is shown on this line, as in the above picture, it means that the Chart has been cast for Midnight on any given day.

In Western Astrology The Fourth House is the IC , the ~, an important house. This, they say, is the source of the Subconscious Mind.
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The Meridian - A Vertical Division
~ and Medium Coeli
Origins and orientation ...

As the Sun sets in the sky, it travels down clockwise toward the bottom of the chart, the IC (~) or lowest heavens. This represents midnight, and a person born around this time will have the Sun near the bottom of the chart, also due north.

Real estate and property. Parents. The cusp, or border, of the 4th House is called the IC (for ~, Latin for "lower heavens"), the northernmost point in a birth chart. The IC symbolizes one's roots as it is the very base of the chart itself.

Any planet lying close to an angle in the birth chart has a powerful impact on the personality. The angles of the chart are formed by the horizontal (east-west) and vertical (north-south) axes. Shermer's chart has two angular planets: Pluto near the Ascendant, and Saturn near the I.C. (~).

These crossing points are the ascendent, descendent, midheaven (or MH) and ~ (or IC). Planets that are near one of these angles is emphasized and more important in a chart because of this proximity. See also House.

The First House lies 'under' the horizon, the Second and Third follow, to the start of the Fourth House, which is at the nadir, or point opposing the Midheaven (the Latin terms ~ and Medium coeli or the abbreviations IC and MC are often used).

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