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Jupiter's Transit
Jupiter takes a year to transit a sign and its transit over a house/sign can give important growth, opportunities or success in that particular area of life. Jupiter is a natural benefic and will bring expansive effects to the house it is transiting.

Jupiter in astrology
Jupiter king of the gods is the largest planet in the solar system, and its astrological symbolism bears this out.

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology
Basic Astronomical facts about Jupiter:
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. It has a diameter of about 142,800 kilometers. Its closest distance from the Earth is about 588 million kilometers. From Sun its average distance is 778 million kilometers.

Jupiter + Venus = Magnified Love, Beauty, Compassion
Today's aspects are magnificent -- Venus (love, beauty) is conjunct with Jupiter (luck, faith) in the ecstatic sign of Pisces. Your cup can runneth over in this water sign, maybe literally like my coffee did this morning.

The description below is mainly positive one, however, it can become completely opposite depending upon the sign, degree and the planetary conjuction in a particular house.

In Aries.: Love of grandeur, powerful, wealthy, prudent, many children, courteous, generous, firm, sympathetic, happy marriage, patient nature, harmonious, refined, high position.

~ in Aries individuals attract the most good fortune when they take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Prosperous areas are ones that allow them to head and lead, and to innovate.

~ in Taurus
The planet ~ is the symbol of abundance and expansion. It invites us to invest energy, time and financial resources in safe areas of life that are very rewarding on the medium and long term.

This doesn't happen very often, but with this New Moon, Libra's/Aries doors of opportunity are going to explode open for you--so be aware and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.

Meet ~, the "Good Guy"
In old astrological terminology, ~ was known as the "Great Benefic." The word "benefic" literally translates as "doing good," and ~ was generally regarded as bringing good fortune.

~ in Gemini - June 2012 to June 2013
Molly's Astrology for May 2011
Thoughts on Neptune in Pisces
Headlines from Charlottesville and other places
Peace in June - ~ Chiron Neptune
Molly's Astrology for May 2009
~ in Aquarius: January 2009 - January 2010 ...

~ is a tolerant and expansive planet. Being the first of the social planet, ~ searches for insight through knowledge and wisdom.

~ R does not normally affect business dealings. It is more relevant in the conception chart for a business, not the deals the business makes. To initiate a deal, use the Best Dates that I list either on my monthly astro-column or on the upper right column.

~ (♃) is associated with merrymaking in Western astrology. According to Manilius, ~ is temperate, benign, and presides over the stomach. ~ is called "The Bringer Of Jollity" in Alan Leo's book What is a Horoscope?.

~ in Cancer
~ is the largest of all the true planets. Its mass is greater than all the rest of the planets combined. If it was only 20% larger it would develop enough heat at its core to be a star. Astrologically, ~ is the planet of expansion, growth and optimism.

~ and its moons
~ takes 12 Earth years to complete the cycle of the zodiac.
~ Rules the Sign of Sagittarius ...

~ Signs
~ in the Birth Chart
What are ~ Signs?

Rulership: Sagittarius and Pisces
Detriment: Gemini and Virgo
Keyword: Faith ...

~ in Cancer: Expanding Consciousness
Known as the "Greater Benefic", one way that ~ may be experienced is as a higher octave of Venus, the "Lesser Benefic". Venus has to do with sensory gratification on the material level, aquistion and one-to-one unification.

~ sextile Sun The sextile between the Sun and ~ shows that you are philosophical, curious, and sympathetic. You understand your capabilities and have confidence in what you know and can do.

Transit ~ Trine Venus (Could Astrology Be Wrong?)
I got a notice in my email from an Astrological mailing list telling me that "love was in the air" with this transit. Well, ~ is expansive and exciting and Venus is after all the planet of romance. Well my love life has taken a dive.

~ is the ruler of SECOND DECAN SCORPIO.
WEEK of APRIL 12 is astrologically favorable for SECOND DEAN SCORPIOS born in 1958; 1963; 1969; 1975; 1983; 1987; 1993. To know your next very own favorable week, call MARC at 1-819-565-9494.

~ is termed the Greater Fortune. Its vibrations are concerned with the form side of manifestation and like Saturn it symbolizes the vehicle which holds the life. ~'s influence in the subjective world is just as important as that of Saturn's influence objectively.

The planet ~ had entered in the sign Sagittarius on 22nd November, 2007 and would transit in this sign till 9th December, 2008.

Maybe it's because I have ~ Retrograde in Taurus (translation: a planet of excesses requiring relearning of lessons about the love of the senses), but it seems like each time the Moon (the heavenly body in charge of eating and the stomach) passes by ~ in the sky, I overeat.

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars ~ Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
Advanced Astrology
Transits Solar Return Lunar Return Eclipses Relocation Chiron Asteroids Arabics Dark Moon Fixed Stars Midpoints Progressions Rectification ...

~ Challenges Us to Broaden Perspectives Through 2003
This year opens with ~ making its second of three oppositions since 2000 to our most distant planets - Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. ~ in Gemini first opposed Pluto in Sagittarius from September 2000 until May 2001.

The preceptor of the Deities - ~ (Brihaspati) has yellow complexion. He is adorned with a golden crown on his head and a beautiful garland in his neck. He is attired in yellow apparels and is seated on the pedestal of lotus flower.

The planet ~ symbolises religion, philosophy, understanding, higher learning (e.g., college), the Big Picture, opportunities, luck, possibilities, principles, morals, travel and multiculturalism. Planetary ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces (traditional).

~ has four "large" moons - the four Galilean moons. For their symbols, the Greek letter beginning their names is combined with the cross at the bottom of the symbol for ~.
Io ...

~'s opposition to chart's Neptune was the stimulus to the expansion of the infectious outbreak in the world. Radix (chart's) Neptune is at 8 Aqu 24.

Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.


The force which expands ones consciousness. Optimism, good luck, abstract ideas of God, philosophy, law and medicine come under ~.

- Herbs like dandelion, hyssop, lemon-balm, meadowsweet, mondara, ox-tongue, sage.
- Shrubs like bilberry, calycanthus, fig, jasmine, tea, thornapple, wintergreen.

~ and Saturn - The planets of the culture. These planets represent our ability to interact with our society and its laws and values.

The fifth planet from the Sun, and the largest planet in the Solar System. In astrology, ~ is associated with benevolence, abundance, success, joy, happiness, and good fortune. It tends to exaggerate the effect of any planet with which it is in aspect. It rules the sign Sagittarius.

~ RETROGRADE turns its energy of expansion inward, so that much inner growth takes place, often through spiritually oriented studies. ~ RETROGRADE tends to procrastinate and to plan, then re-plan, to the point of failing to get anywhere with the thoroughly planned project.

Charity to Pacify an Afflicted ~ in your Birth Chart ...

~: The king of the gods, a planet symbolising matters to do with the law, religion, authority, the higher mind and so on. Ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer. The greater benefic.

~: Guide and Guru
~ is the method each of us has for dealing with the laws of life, our Saturn or limitations. The Hindu word for ~ is Guru and this planet indicates our particular Dharma, the way we can solve the problems that confront us.

~: The Retrogradation of ~ can limit our expansion challenging our hopes, but can also help us to question our philosophy of life and our moral values, making us wiser and spiritually richer.

~ in the most powerful position places one's personal [Mars] safety [Saturn] at risk. We bravely face our dragons or worst case scenarios but often with disastrous results. Ju=Ma/Sa -
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star sign.

Rules: Sagittarius & Pisces
Exalted: Cancer
Detriment: Gemini & Virgo
Fall: Capricorn
Exalted Degree: 15 Cancer
Polarity: Masculine; Electric; Benefic; Fruitful
Qualities: Warm & Moist; Airy; Sanguine ...

~ in Detriment - this happens when it's in Gemini- the opposite of its ruling sign, Sagittarius.
~ in Exaltation- this happens when it's in Cancer.
~ in its Fall - this happens when it's in Capricorn - the opposite sign to its exaltation of Cancer.*KT's theory.

If you are looking for some luck in your life, watch for where ~ appears in your birth chart. This planet has long been associated with success, happiness, optimism and joy.

~ - positive/negative thinking, judgementalism, fundamentalism, proselytising, preaching, religious fanaticism, intolerance, over-exuberance, lack of moderation, over-extremism, mania
Flower Remedies - Vervain, Beech, Scleranthus ...

~-Represents luck, philosophy, religion, higher learning, ethical values, expansion, abundance and excesses. It also rules long distance travel, aspirations and judgment.

Next is ~ the Greater Benefic who is perenially popular being associated with good fortune, prosperity, justice and authority. Here are a number of examples of ~ talismans, with actual horoscopes for their creation.

~ enthroned, with the symbols of Pisces and Sagittarius at his feet (woodcut by Johannes Regiomontanus, 1512) ...

Gradual rise in life, Comforts from wife and progney. Respected, generous, skilled and endowed with wealth. A good hospitable and expenditure on ill health. Fond of scents and pleasureable life. An average life.

The strong ~ aspect in the eclipse tells me he can "cash in" with his pension and retirement package, and achieve permanent, long lasting benefits. His natal Venus is at 10 Pisces, in the 8th house (house of insurance, big money, and pensions!).

~ reflects expansion. Expansion can be realistic or unrealistic. But the issue of a greater, more inclusive reality is always positive. Uranus reflects the avant garde, meaning the forward observed. Astrologers are the forward observers. They are the "gatekeepers" of revelation.

~ spends one year in each sign, taking 12 years to travel around the zodiac. Therefore, every 12 years in life we experience a ~ return, or the return of the planet in the sky now to the position it held at birth.


~ shows abundance, expansion, good fortune, success and all kinds of positive experiences. It helps with the development of a deeper personal happiness, tolerance and understanding, and brings luck and material benefits too.

~, Venus, Mercury (if not aspected by malefics), and a bright Moon (more than 72o away from the Sun)
Natural Malefics (in order of descending strength) are:
Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Mars, Sun, Mercury (if only aspected by malefics), & the dark Moon (if w/in 72o from Sun) ...

~ respræsenterer vores søgen efter en personlig mening og et formål, foruden optimisme, håb og retfærdighedssans. Derfor tillige tro, en grundlæggende livsfilosofi og en stræben efter spirituel vækst og ekspansion.

Sun, Moon , Mars
Planets become Friends or Neutral depending on their sign positions. Planets in 10,11,12, 2, 3, 4 positions from any other become its temporary friends. Those in the remaining sign become temporary enemies.

~ is the second largest body in our Cosmic System. He takes almost twelve years to go around the Sun. This cycle "coincides" with a basic cycle of human development. Thus, ~ is seen as ruling the cycle of human expansion that bring forth adolescence.

Foreign travel and foriegn countries and cultures. Religion, the law and higher education. All things which seek to expand one's experience. Freedom.
keywords: Higher mind, religion, law, long journeys.
10th ...

~, the most massive of all the planets, has an orbital inclination to the Invariable Plane which never exceeds 028', nor ever less than 014'. Its current value is about 021'.

~: Vidya, wisdom, knowledge, sons, wealth, and physical strength.
Venus: Kama-Vasana (sexual desire), wife, conveyance, ornaments, and general happiness.
Saturn: Longevity, misfortunes, and cause of death.

~ ~ The expansive use of Ray energies in development and progressive channels, as in Sagittarius, using the Third Ray, or in Pisces using the Sixth Ray.

There is far, far more to astrology then is listed here. The information above is supplemented by information throughout the rest of this site. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my little site so far! ...

~ First 10 deg in Sagittarius Rest of Sagittarius&Pises Cancer Capricon
Venus First 5 deg in Libra Rest of Libra& taurus Pises Virgo
Saturn Upto 20 deg in Aquarius Last 10 deg in Aquarius&capricon Libra Aries ...

~ rising gives an oval, aristocratic face; quite refined with a long straight nose and pointed chin. The hair is wavy and the kindly, expressive eyes are wide set and almond shaped under arched eyebrows.

Neptune (1846)
Colin McDowell has examined Yeats's use of these rulerships in some detail in '"Heraldic Supporters": Minor Symbolism and the Integrity of A Vision', YA 10 (1993).

~ was at Alchiba (Alpha Corvi) at the harsh Nor'easter "Storm of the Century" December 11, 1992, and at the Aries ingress of 1993, presaging the great Mississippi flood as well as storms & floods in China, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

~ whose orbit is inside Saturn's, rules the two signs next to Saturn's, namely Sagittarius and Pisces.
Mars' orbit is inside of ~'s, therefore he rules the signs next to ~'s, namely Aries and Scorpio.

♃ - ~
" - Saturn
♅ - Uranus (There are two different glyphs for Uranus, and this character may not display properly.) ...

Heavy Planet: ~, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. To read more about planetary glyphs in a Natal Chart, Click here!
Heliocentric: the revolutionary, sun-centered model of the universe proposed by Copernicus in 1543.

~ - named after ~ (Jove), or Zeus (King of gods)
5. Saturn - named after Saturn or Kronos (god of Time)
6. Uranus - named after Uranus or Ouranos (god of Sky)
7. Neptune - named after Neptune or Poseidon (god of Sea)

Here is my scale applied to my own chart: Sun x 4, Aquarius, a fixed sign=4 Moon x 3, Libra, a cardinal sign=3 Mercury x 2, Aquarius, a fixed sign=2 Venus x 2, Capricorn, a cardinal sign=2 Mars x 2, Sagittarius, mutable signs=2 ~ x 1, Pisces, ...

Mercury, Venus, ~, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Vulcan are sacred planets; Mars, Earth and Pluto are not, nor - in this context - are Sun and Moon, who are said to "veil" the higher energies associated with the sacred planets, Uranus, Neptune and Vulcan.

Greater Benefic: ~. Assumed to bring you major blessings. Used in Classical Horary Astrology
Greater Malefic: Saturn. Assumed to be the cause of stress and strain in your life. Used in Classical Horary Astrology ...

For the Sun, the co-sectarians are ~ and Saturn; for the Moon, Venus and Mars.
debility: A general hindrance placed upon a planet due to its unfavorable position. Can be based upon the essential dignities, accidental dignities or aspects.

of Aries and ~ in 10 degree. and 25 min. of Aries: now in these degrees and minutes they are in perfect Conjunction; but when ~ shall get into 10 degree. and 31 or 32 minutes of Aries, he shall be said to be separating from Saturn; yet because Saturn has 9 degree.

Of the five planets, two are benefics (Venus and ~), two are malefics (Mars and Saturn) and Mercury is common, taking on the nature of the planet it most closely aspects.

Big Aspect : Any aspect between the slow moving planets (~, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). These aspects are generally quite potent and influential, especially if they are multi-contact affairs. These energies often act on an unconscious level.

The traditional ruler of Pisces, ~ might have wanted Pisces to have the biggest. Venus is exalted in Pisces (in the Scorpio wheel Libra was on the 12th cusp). Mutable water is the quality of Pisces. The element of water is very emotional, passionate and moody.

the first one being that the planets move in ellipses with the Sun at one focus, and the second that they sweep out equal area in equal time, Galileo was busy observing the heavens with his newly constructed telescope which revealed mountains and craters on the Moon and the fact that ~ had ...

For example, expression of Mars in Sagittarius in the 10th activates ~ in Libra in the 8th.

Chaturmukh Yoga - A planetary combination formed by ~ in a cardinal house from the sign occupied by the lord of the 9th house, Venus in a cardinal house in respect of the sign occupied by the lord of the 11th house, ...

At these events I kept hearing individuals spout out phrases like, "it's your Mars in Cancer that makes you do that," or "I like this because my ~ is in Pisces.

The first hour of sunrise was ruled by the planetary day ruler (Sunday, Sun; Monday, Moon; Tuesday, Mars; Wednesday, Mercury; Thursday, ~; Friday, Venus; Saturday, Saturn) and each hour thereafter governed by the next faster moving planet in rotation from Saturn to ~, Mars, Sun, Venus, ...

In the Egyptian legend Isis (~) swathes Osiris (Saturn).
This became the Greek legend of Saturn too. Cronus (Kronos or Chronus) was warned that his child would be his downfall and took to eating his offspring. Zeus, however, escaped this fate and usurped his father to become king of the gods.

With his singleton ~ in Sagittarius, Mercury as chart ruler, Aquarius Midheaven and Gemini Ascendant, what else would you expect? It takes time to get that Sun in Taurus moving, but he loves teaching, talking and traveling once he gets started! ...

Mars rules Aries; Venus rules Taurus and Libra; Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; Moon rules Cancer; Sun rules Leo; ~ rules Sagittarius; Saturn rules Capricorn; Uranus rules Aquarius and Neptune rules Pisces.

For example: "Among 3,458 soldiers, ~ is to be found 703 times, either rising or culminating when they were born. Chance predicts this should be 572. The odds here: one million to one" (Gauquelin 1975).

A planet in its joy is good for the planet, but not necessarily of advantage to the native. The joys of the planets are as follows: Mercury - 1st House; Moon - 3rd House; Venus - 5th House; Mars - 6th House; Sun - 9th House; ~ - 11th House & Saturn - 12th House.

Division 2 : Natives born between April 1 to April 10 Natives Born under this division will be ruled by sun and will be generous and inspiring...
Division 3 : Natives born between April 11 to April 20 Natives born under this division will be ruled by ~ and will be a lover of liberty .. More...

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