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Jupiter's Transit
Jupiter takes a year to transit a sign and its transit over a house/sign can give important growth, opportunities or success in that particular area of life.

Jupiter in astrology
Jupiter king of the gods is the largest planet in the solar system, and its astrological symbolism bears this out.

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology
Basic Astronomical facts about Jupiter:
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System. It has a diameter of about 142,800 kilometers. Its closest distance from the Earth is about 588 million kilometers.

Jupiter + Venus = Magnified Love, Beauty, Compassion
Today's aspects are magnificent -- Venus (love, beauty) is conjunct with Jupiter (luck, faith) in the ecstatic sign of Pisces.

Science / Astrology / Jupiter: Represents luck, philosophy, religion, higher learning, ethical values, expansion, abundance and excesses. It also rules long distance travel, aspirations and judgment.
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The description below is mainly positive one, however, it can become completely opposite depending upon the sign, degree and the planetary conjuction in a particular house.

In Aries.: Love of grandeur, powerful, wealthy, prudent, many children, courteous, generous, firm, sympathetic, happy marriage, patient nature, harmonious, refined, high position.

Jupiter in Aries individuals attract the most good fortune when they take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Prosperous areas are ones that allow them to head and lead, and to innovate.

Jupiter in Taurus
The planet Jupiter is the symbol of abundance and expansion. It invites us to invest energy, time and financial resources in safe areas of life that are very rewarding on the medium and long term.

This doesn't happen very often, but with this New Moon, Libra's/Aries doors of opportunity are going to explode open for you--so be aware and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.

Meet Jupiter, the "Good Guy"
In old astrological terminology, Jupiter was known as the "Great Benefic." The word "benefic" literally translates as "doing good," and Jupiter was generally regarded as bringing good fortune.

Jupiter in Gemini - June 2012 to June 2013
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Peace in June - Jupiter Chiron Neptune
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Jupiter is a tolerant and expansive planet. Being the first of the social planet, Jupiter searches for insight through knowledge and wisdom.

Jupiter R does not normally affect business dealings. It is more relevant in the conception chart for a business, not the deals the business makes.

Jupiter (♃) is associated with merrymaking in Western astrology. According to Manilius, Jupiter is temperate, benign, and presides over the stomach. Jupiter is called "The Bringer Of Jollity" in Alan Leo's book What is a Horoscope?.

Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter is the largest of all the true planets. Its mass is greater than all the rest of the planets combined. If it was only 20% larger it would develop enough heat at its core to be a star.

Jupiter and its moons
Jupiter takes 12 Earth years to complete the cycle of the zodiac.
Jupiter Rules the Sign of Sagittarius ...

Jupiter Signs
Jupiter in the Birth Chart
What are Jupiter Signs?

Rulership: Sagittarius and Pisces
Detriment: Gemini and Virgo
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Jupiter in Cancer: Expanding Consciousness
Known as the "Greater Benefic", one way that Jupiter may be experienced is as a higher octave of Venus, the "Lesser Benefic".

Jupiter sextile Sun The sextile between the Sun and Jupiter shows that you are philosophical, curious, and sympathetic. You understand your capabilities and have confidence in what you know and can do.

Transit Jupiter Trine Venus (Could Astrology Be Wrong?)
I got a notice in my email from an Astrological mailing list telling me that "love was in the air" with this transit.

WEEK of APRIL 12 is astrologically favorable for SECOND DEAN SCORPIOS born in 1958; 1963; 1969; 1975; 1983; 1987; 1993.

Jupiter is termed the Greater Fortune. Its vibrations are concerned with the form side of manifestation and like Saturn it symbolizes the vehicle which holds the life.

The planet Jupiter had entered in the sign Sagittarius on 22nd November, 2007 and would transit in this sign till 9th December, 2008.

Maybe it's because I have Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus (translation: a planet of excesses requiring relearning of lessons about the love of the senses), ...

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Jupiter Challenges Us to Broaden Perspectives Through 2003
This year opens with Jupiter making its second of three oppositions since 2000 to our most distant planets - Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.

The preceptor of the Deities - Jupiter (Brihaspati) has yellow complexion. He is adorned with a golden crown on his head and a beautiful garland in his neck.

The planet Jupiter symbolises religion, philosophy, understanding, higher learning (e.g., college), the Big Picture, opportunities, luck, possibilities, principles, morals, travel and multiculturalism.

Jupiter has four "large" moons - the four Galilean moons. For their symbols, the Greek letter beginning their names is combined with the cross at the bottom of the symbol for Jupiter.
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Jupiter's opposition to chart's Neptune was the stimulus to the expansion of the infectious outbreak in the world. Radix (chart's) Neptune is at 8 Aqu 24.

Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.

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Astrology  Juno  Jupiter aspects

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