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I am looking at Saturn approaching my MC. Keep in mind an easily forgotten concept of looking at this as an axis with the IC. They will both be affected. And as the orb comes into view, I am not sure what will become with employment.

Astrology Reading 1c: Sun - Asc and MC
Example Horoscope Chart on Page 3 of all Book Versions
Astrology Reading sample 1c: Sun to Asc and MC ...

MC See Medium Coeli
Malefic A term used in Classical and Medieval/Renaissance Astrology that refers to planets or aspects thought to have negative influence on the native. It usually refers to the planet Saturn and Mars, the Major Malefics (or Greater) .

Medium Coeli
M.C. is another term for Midheaven. Stands for Medium Coeli, Latin for "middle of the heavens." See: Midheaven.

MC conjunct Altarf, Orb: 0 deg 15 min
Intuitive, empathetic, emotionally sensitive, inspired, introspective and imaginative qualities are denoted. An interest in the mysterious or arcane aspects of life may develop. There may be a tendency to oscillate between periods of extroversion and secrecy.

The MC in whole sign & equal house systems[edit]
In the whole sign and equal house systems the Medium Coeli (Midheaven), the highest point in the chart, does not act as the cusp or starting point of the 10th house.

The MC & IC of the Wedding Chart
There is general agreement as to the meaning of these two angles: ...

Zenith (MC): The point in the celestial sphere that is directly overhead an observer at a particular location on the Earth's surface.
Zodiac: The division of the heavens into twelve astrology signs, each comprising exactly one-twelfth of the heavenly circle or 30 and totalling 360.

MC - Eclipses affecting the MC are said to be indicators of disastrous effects regarding the honour, position and credit of the native.
IC - Eclipses affecting the IC are said to be indicators of upheaval within the family and home.

MC (Medium Coeli): Latin for "middle of the sky"; the intersection of the local meridian with the ecliptic; the Midheaven, or tenth house cusp. To see where the Medium Coeli a.k.a. Midheaven is in a Natal Chart, Click here! ...

The MC in astrology is the Medium Coeli, which means "middle of the sky" in Latin. The MC in a chart points to a career path, but in a wider sense to a person's destiny. Here, the MC in Aries points Harry toward being a pioneer and taking action even though he may be afraid.

Bre - The MC gives a general influence over the nature of your career but it does not tell the entire story. The Ruler of the MC also influences the career. I tend to look at the overall chart for career indicators but give little notice to the MC.

Tiende hus (MC) - Beskæftigelse og kald
Dette hus er særlig vigtigt, eftersom det ikke blot påvirker vores valg af erhverv og oplevelse af kald, men også har betydning for vores almindelige udvikling, for hvem vi bliver til.

Conjunct the MC gives it a very strong 10th house flavor, regardless of whether it is in the 9th or 10th house. (It's the same with any planet or point. If it's near a house cusp, it often expresses quite strongly as being in the following house.

Midheaven or MC
The Midheaven or MC (Medium Coeli) usually, but not always, indicates the %tenth house% cusp. Symbolically, the Midheaven represents your individuality, the outward expression of your energies.

Medium Coeli (MC) - Meaning "the middle of the skies", the MC is the point at the moment of birth where the Ecliptic crosses the meridian of the place of birth.

The Midday point, or cusp of the Tenth House is called Mid-Heaven (or Medium Coeli in Latin, abbreviate MC).
When the Sun is shown on this line, as in the above picture, it means that the Chart has been cast for Midday on any given day.

The cusp, or border, of the 10th House is called the Midheaven or MC. This highest point in the chart points towards the South and the direction of the noonday Sun. It indicates both one's role in society and highest aspirations.

The term “MC' for the top of the chart is short for Medium Coeli. Coeli is sky (same root word as ceiling). So the top of the chart is the middle (medium) of the sky. The term “IC' for the bottom point of the chart is short for Imum Coeli. Imum means lowest part, bottom or foot.

Lilith conjunct MC
Lilith is so tightly conjunct the Midheaven, a good indication of celebrity based on a fraud.

New Moon Conjunct MC in London
Bearing this in mind, if we then look at the chart for the 14◦31' Cancer New Moon of 6 July 2005 for London, we can see that it fell right on the 13◦57' MC (34' orb), thus making it a highly significant lunation for that location.

The 5 hylegs used by Ptolemy were: Sun, Moon, Asc, MC and Part of Fortune. Some medieval era astrologers also used the prenatal lunation (either new or full) closest prior to birth.

when the MC catches up with the Sun: about one degree further, or four minutes longer. Sidereal TimeRight ascension of the meridien at mean noon (or midnight in modern ephemerides). The angular distance of the first point of Aries, or the true vernal equinox quoted in hours, minutes and seconds.

The degree before this MC degree is Leo 1. Jones' 1931 version reads: A FAT AND NORMALLY GOOD- NATURED LITTLE MAN OF AFFAIRS IS BURSTING WITH DETERMINATION TO HAVE HIS OWN WAY. This sounds rather like Hitler, but even more so, it sounds a lot like the description of Hitler's father.

The Sun's travels from east to west during the 24 hours of the day are mirrored in the chart by its clockwise movement to the top of the chart, the MC (medium coeli) or Midheaven, which is due south at the moment of birth.

Japanese tenacity and perseverance are immediately obvious in the locomotive shaping of the chart; the Capricorn Ascendant and Scorpio MC; and the Taurean Sun, whose placement in the 3rd House within a stellium which includes Venus, Ceres, ...

column find the longitude of the planet, then take the related location of the cusp of the X' house, and subtract from it the MC. at birth; the result will be the age at which this direction will be effective. To direct to the opposition of the Asc. add 180 to the longitude of the planet.

If you know anything about astrology you may know that erecting a TRUE astrological chart relies on an accurate birth time and a place of birth from which sensitive points, such as the "ascendant" and "MC", are calculated. An astrologer uses these points to divide the chart circle into "houses".

Venus Opposition MC, Orb = 3 Deg 07 Min:
Venus Sextile Pluto, Orb = 0 Deg 11 Min:
Mars Trine Pluto, Orb = 4 Deg 23 Min:
Mars Sesquiquadrate N. Node, Orb = 0 Deg 59 Min:
Mars Sesquiquadrate Asc., Orb = 0 Deg 34 Min:
Jupiter Opposition Uranus, Orb = 0 Deg 03 Min: ...

St Bernadette, who as a young peasant girl saw a vision of a "beautiful lady" in a grotto in Lourdes, had Venus, MC, Neptune, Jupiter and Mars in this figure; only she could see or hear her Lady (later identified as the Virgin Mary).

One final note: I have two close friends with very similar charts, but one has Neptune at the top of his chart (square his Ascendant) by Equal Houses, and the other has Neptune conjunct the MC. The first person is a pioneer in New Age music and art, and is very Neptunian in his style and tastes.

The Medium Coeli or Midheaven The Medium Coeli (MC), or Midheaven as it is more popularly known, is at the top of the chart. It is the point furthest south in the zodiac. The Midheaven point is the cusp of the 10th house.

Mars is the dispositor of the eclipse and rules the MC and makes an opposition to Fortuna, right on the 7th cusp. The Sun, Lord of the Eclipse (according to Ptolemy) is square the quake angles. Note that the chart being set for Wivenhoe, the eclipse occurs on the Wivenhoe MC/IC.

Originally the reason for travelling to India was to get deeper teachings on meditation and tantra, but somehow I was lacking the drive and spirit, the right motivation (I was exactly on my Neptune-MC line).

The imum coeli is the low point of your horoscope, opposite your MC. It has the same significance as the fourth house and symbolises your deepest emotional needs, plus your family and home life as their manifestation.

However, as the subject moves from his birthplace, he/she (or it) will take this angular set with him, and although he will assume a new Ascendant and MC, his original angles will remain intact: he will not (noticeably) alter his appearance or lifestyle just because he changes location.

Culmination - The arrival of a planet at the degree of the MC. The culmination of an aspect is when it is completed, regardless of the MC.
Cupido - The first symbolic planet used in Uranian astrology.

Here we note that time makes a difference of approx. 1 every four minutes. The MC can therefore be in a different sign alltogether in 30 minutes, and a lot of people only know that they were born between 2pm and 3pm!
The intermediate cusps are usually the trickiest. Let's look at the 2nd cusp.

Midheaven, Medium Coeli or MC - this marks the 10th house cusp and is the highest point in the horizon any planet can reach. It's the Southernmost point of a chart and represents career and profession and aspirations.

Equal houses is one of the few systems of house division in which the degree of the MC floats freely in the top half of the chart, and does not mark the cusp or starting point of the 10th house. Instead, in this system the 10th house always begins exactly 90 degrees before the ascendant.

The point on the heavens where the projection of this circle intersects the ecliptic, marks the midheaven (MC) or the cusp of the Tenth House. The Sun's place at noon is on this meridian, and the distance from this point to the horizon in either direction constitutes the Sun's semi-diurnal arc.

Medium Coeli From the Latin, literally middle of the heavens; the culminating degree of the ecliptic, commonly called Midheaven, abbreviated MC. In an unequal house system the MC, one of the angles of a horoscope, forms the cusp of the tenth house.

Of course, sometimes one must work at a job that isn't right, and it can wreak havoc upon you, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. By focusing on your MC, you can refocus on your ideal.

Pagans, or Pagans MC, is also a name of one of the four major outlaw motorcycle clubs.
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JOHN LENNON with YOKO ONO MOON 26 SAGITTARIUS 54' square URANUS 26 PISCES 41' SUN 21 VIRGO 21' trine MARS 21 LEO 41' MERCURY 13 LIBRA 18' trine N.NODE 13 AQUARIUS 58' MC 11 SAGITTARIUS 30' sextile MERCURY 11 AQUARIUS 58' URANUS 1 TAURUS 40' oppose MOON 1 SCORPIO 14' ...

The Fourth House is the most private part of the chart. Depending on the house system used, the Immum Coeli (IC), the angle opposite the Midheaven (MC) is contained in the Fourth House, and is frequently also the cusp of the Fourth House.

The First House lies 'under' the horizon, the Second and Third follow, to the start of the Fourth House, which is at the nadir, or point opposing the Midheaven (the Latin terms Imum coeli and Medium coeli or the abbreviations IC and MC are often used).

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