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The Medium Coeli in Astrology
Just when you thought you had most of the important Astrology Signs in your birth chart figured out, here's another one: your Midheaven Sign.
What are Midheaven Signs?

Medium Coeli, Med. Coeli, MC The Midheaven. Taken to be the point directly overhead. In the chart in an unequal chart it is the cusp of the tenth house. This describes your career and public ambitions and your relations with superiors.

Medium Coeli
M.C. is another term for Midheaven. Stands for Medium Coeli, Latin for "middle of the heavens." See: Midheaven.
Mercury ...

Medium Coeli (MC) - Meaning "the middle of the skies", the MC is the point at the moment of birth where the Ecliptic crosses the meridian of the place of birth.

Medium Coeli. v. Mid-Heaven.
Mediumship. The psychic, intuitive or telepathic faculty. Presumably attributed to the positions and aspects of Neptune at birth.

~ From the Latin, literally middle of the heavens; the culminating degree of the ecliptic, commonly called Midheaven, abbreviated MC. In an unequal house system the MC, one of the angles of a horoscope, forms the cusp of the tenth house.

The ~ or Midheaven The ~ (MC), or Midheaven as it is more popularly known, is at the top of the chart. It is the point furthest south in the zodiac. The Midheaven point is the cusp of the 10th house.

M.C.(~): One of four major points in the birth chart and is at the top af the chart (beginning of the tenth house. It represents public life and reputation.
MASCULINE SIGNS: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Masculine signs are assertive and self-assured.

~ or Midheaven (10st house cusp)
Descendant (7st house cusp) ...

~ (MC)
Also known as the Midheaven, the highest point of the ecliptic. Usually marks the cusp of the 10th house
Midpoint ...

MC (~): Latin for "middle of the sky"; the intersection of the local meridian with the ecliptic; the Midheaven, or tenth house cusp. To see where the ~ a.k.a. Midheaven is in a Natal Chart, Click here! ...

M.C., or ~, Midheaven:
The point directly above the birthplace at the exact time when someone is born; the highest point in the Natal Chart. Usually associated with career and public image.
Mars: ...

When the ~ of a king's nativity is the horoscope[17] of a subject, or the principal dominators are in benevolent configuration, ...

Midheaven, ~ or MC - this marks the 10th house cusp and is the highest point in the horizon any planet can reach. It's the Southernmost point of a chart and represents career and profession and aspirations.

The Midheaven or ~ is the position in space where the ecliptic passes the Meridian the north in the southern hemisphere (and the point in the south in northern hemisphere). It marks the 10th house cusp in most house systems.

Variously called ~ (M.C.), Southern angle, South point, and cusp of the Tenth House. Also improperly called the Zenith.
(v. Celestial Sphere.)
More precisely, it is applicable to the South point of the Map, and what it indicates is dependent on the manner of interpretation employed.

MCMedium Coeli, Latin for mid-heaven. Mean or Average Daily Motion of PlanetsThe normal rate of travel of a planet through the zodiac. Mean NodeSee Nodes. Mean TimeTrue Local Time. ~ (MC)Mid-heaven, or meridien. The Southern point of the chart.

This is also the more common criticism of the whole sign and equal house method as it concerns the location of the ~ (Midheaven), the highest point in the chart.

The Sun's travels from east to west during the 24 hours of the day are mirrored in the chart by its clockwise movement to the top of the chart, the MC (~) or Midheaven, which is due south at the moment of birth.

The Midheaven or MC (~) usually, but not always, indicates the %tenth house% cusp. Symbolically, the Midheaven represents your individuality, the outward expression of your energies.

The term “MC' for the top of the chart is short for ~. Coeli is sky (same root word as ceiling). So the top of the chart is the middle (medium) of the sky. The term “IC' for the bottom point of the chart is short for Imum Coeli. Imum means lowest part, bottom or foot.

an abbreviation for its Latin term ~. The I.C. is an abbreviation for another Latin term: Immum Coeli. On a horoscope chart, if you see the Sun located at the M.C.

The MC in astrology is the ~, which means "middle of the sky" in Latin. The MC in a chart points to a career path, but in a wider sense to a person's destiny. Here, the MC in Aries points Harry toward being a pioneer and taking action even though he may be afraid.

In this kind of spiritual astrology the Ascendant, the ~ and the astrological houses are unimportant because in the true spirituality it doesn't matter WHAT one does, but rather HOW one does it. That's why the planets (the inner energies of the being) are important and not the house cusps.

When sun is on top of the sky during noon time, it is in the ~ position, because like the Ecliptic equator, the sun goes in a 23 degree titled circle from the equator.

Angles -The Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and ~; the four cardinal points in a horoscope.
Angular - Pertaining to the Angles. Angular houses are generally the strongest and angular planets must be especially noted.

Midheaven -The most commonly used term for ~, usually designated by the initials M.C.
Midnight Ephemeris- An ephemeris that lists astrological data exact at the beginning of the day, 12:00 A.M. Also called zero hour ephemeris.

The Midday point, or cusp of the Tenth House is called Mid-Heaven (or ~ in Latin, abbreviate MC).
When the Sun is shown on this line, as in the above picture, it means that the Chart has been cast for Midday on any given day.

The 10th house cusp is called the "~," which translates to "upper heavens." The 10th house is also called the "Midheaven." ...

The uppermost point of intersection of this axis with the ecliptic is called the ~ (MC) or midheaven, the lower point (situated under the horizon) is termed the Imum Coeli (IC).

Tenth House cusp
Midheaven, M.C. (latin for ~, or middle of the sky) ...

Your Midheaven, which is shown in your chart as "M.C." is the highest spiritual point in your chart. ("M. C." stands for the Latin words "~") which means "middle of the sky" or "middle of the heavens". The word "celestial" comes from the Latin "coeli".

The First House lies 'under' the horizon, the Second and Third follow, to the start of the Fourth House, which is at the nadir, or point opposing the Midheaven (the Latin terms Imum coeli and ~ or the abbreviations IC and MC are often used).

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