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Midheaven Signs
The Medium Coeli in Astrology
Just when you thought you had most of the important Astrology Signs in your birth chart figured out, here's another one: your Midheaven Sign.

Your Midheaven: key to your career
The Midheaven in your chart is straight up at high noon. It is also the tenth house cusp. The tenth house describes your career and other long-range goals, your public reputation, your superiors and how you react to those in authority.

Since the midheaven symbolizes career and social standing, power and personal transformation are major facets of your career. You may be drawn to politics, corporate management, advertising, mass marketing, or other positions in which you represent, manipulate, or hold power over the masses.

MidHeaven - The MidHeaven is the sun sign that is on the cusp of the 10th house.
Natal Chart - A natal chart is like a picture of where all the planets were at the moment you were born.

Midheaven The point when the Meridan of the birthplace intersects the ecliptic. Defined as the cusp of the 10th house in most house systems, See also Medium Coeli, Mid. Coeli, MC ...

~ or MC
The ~ or MC (Medium Coeli) usually, but not always, indicates the %tenth house% cusp. Symbolically, the ~ represents your individuality, the outward expression of your energies.

Also known as the MC. The highest point in the sky (zenith), corresponding to the geographic meridian running through the location of the chart (e.g., place of birth). If you are born at noon, the Sun would be found around the ~ in the chart.

~ -The most commonly used term for Medium Coeli, usually designated by the initials M.C.
Midnight Ephemeris- An ephemeris that lists astrological data exact at the beginning of the day, 12:00 A.M. Also called zero hour ephemeris.

~. Variously called Medium Coeli (M.C.), Southern angle, South point, and cusp of the Tenth House. Also improperly called the Zenith.

~ (10th house cusp)
ambitious, authority figures (i.e. the boss, the government, etc.), ego, the driving force that urges one, to achieve, fame and promotion, highest one can reach in a worldly sense, parental authority, one of the parents, your reputation, standing in the community, ...

~, Medium Coeli or MC - this marks the 10th house cusp and is the highest point in the horizon any planet can reach. It's the Southernmost point of a chart and represents career and profession and aspirations.

~, or Zenith:
The point in the sky, directly overhead. When it is noon, the Sun is in the ~. It is usually written M. C. See 'Houses.'
Movable Signs: ...

1: ~ [MC]
Planetary MC lines run vertically, straight up and down on the A*C*G map. In actuality each one is a curved meridian running from pole to pole, crossing the zenith or overhead position of its planet.

The ~
A look at the ~, as a guide to your public self, career path and loftiest aspirations.
Other Celestial Bodies
An article about Chiron and major asteroids from Astrodienst.

The ~ (MC) indicates the highest level to which one may aspire. It shows one's position or status in the world and what the person has aspired to achieve.

The ~
There is a vertical axis formed by connecting the highest point in the chart, the ~, with the lowest point, the I.C..

The ~

The ~ or Medium Coeli is the position in space where the ecliptic passes the Meridian the north in the southern hemisphere (and the point in the south in northern hemisphere). It marks the 10th house cusp in most house systems.

The ~ (also known as the "medium coeli") is the point where the ecliptic crosses the local meridian; it is used in the construction of a horoscope/natal chart ...

~: The ~ is the ecliptic degree most directly overhead: the intersection of the local meridian with the ecliptic above the horizon. The highest point in the local sky on the planet's path, it is also known as the tenth house cusp, or the Medium Coeli (MC).

My ~ is at 26 Sagittarius, which is the galactic center. (I was born 4/4/86 at 4:53am in NY, USA.)
I was wondering what the possible implications would be?
Is this considered a malefic influence?

The ~ defines your ambitions, often of a career or vocational nature, what you are trying to achieve and how you see yourself ideally.

The ~ at 2:20 7Taurus 21' 03"
The ~ at 2:16 6Taurus 19' 23"
The rate of move 1 1' 40" a
Go to table of correction for exact sidereal time
excess time is the same as above 2'48" b. The intersection of a) & b) shows 43'. This is added to the earlier ~ ...

One of the cities you chose might dramatize the idea of the challenge in career with the Sun in the tenth house, for example, whereas if you shifted it further over to the west, so that the solar emphasis was then placed in the ninth, ...

If you have an Ascendant (rising sign) at 1 degree or your ~ (10th house cusp), then you are going to be directly affected by this eclipse. How?

The Medium Coeli or ~ The Medium Coeli (MC), or ~ as it is more popularly known, is at the top of the chart. It is the point furthest south in the zodiac. The ~ point is the cusp of the 10th house.

~: The doorway into the tenth house in an astrological chart. It is the highest point in the chart, and, it indicates the way in which each person is spiritually connected to his or her Higher Self and the spiraling circle dance of life.
Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Medium Coeli or ~ (10st house cusp)
Descendant (7st house cusp) ...

The Sun - as significator of the integrated personality and creative potential
The ~ - as significator of vocational potential, and how the other energies of the chart can be filtered through a meaningful contribution to the world.

The cusp, or border, of the 10th House is called the ~ or MC. This highest point in the chart points towards the South and the direction of the noonday Sun. It indicates both one's role in society and highest aspirations.

Sun - Capricorn, House 6, Direct
Moon - Taurus, House 10, Direct
Mercury - Aquarius, House 7, Direct
Venus - Capricorn, End of house 5, Direct
Mars - Aries, End of house 9, Direct
Jupiter - Taurus, House 10, Retrograde
Saturn - Capricorn, House 6, Direct ...

~: The intersection of the meridian with the ecliptic, by modern standards. By Hellenistic standards this refers to the 10th sign from the horoskopos (the ascendant).

Aspects to the ~ - influence the degree of success in the outer world.
Check your work … it is extremely easy to look down the wrong column.
Once you have all of your color coded aspects drawn, you can see whether or not you have any of the GRAND ASPECTS.

Also known as the ~, the highest point of the ecliptic. Usually marks the cusp of the 10th house
Halfway point between two planets or points ...

Venus enters your ~ on July 10, bringing a personable charm to the proceedings. Put yourself in the public eye. The ensuing few weeks are ideal for promoting cordial relationships, and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures.

Capricorn at the ~-His place in the world has very much to do with the conditions and tradition in which he was brought up. There is an unconscious tendency to accept or go for his prescribed lot - be it prince or pauper, tycoon or secretary.

The moment the Sun is exactly on the ~ of any place is apparent noon at that place; hence an apparent solar day is the interval between two consecutive passages of the Sun across the ~, or the elapsed time from one apparent noon to the next.

The first Quadrant is described from the East to the ~, or from the line of the first house to the line of the tenth house, and contains the twelfth, eleventh and tenth houses, it's called the Oriental, Vernal, Masculine, Sanguine, Infant quarter.

At the time of the explosion, the ~ was quincunx Mars and sextile Neptune, forming a Finger of God.

Are any planets angular, that is, the Ascendant, Descendant, IC or ~? What natal houses do the transiting planets fall in? What natal planets are being touched, either directly (by conjunction) or by other aspect?

10th House - This house is associated with Capricorn and is located at the ~, or "middle of heavens," the highest point the sun has reached on your date of birth. It reveals your profession, your public personal or vocation, or in plain terms, your gift to the world.

Those which start with the key points or angles of the horoscope, the Ascendant, ~, and their opposites, are termed 'Angular' and are thought to signify the key areas of life: the self (First), the home and family (Fourth), the partner (Seventh) and the career (Tenth).

~ (or MH) : The point of the zodiac where the ecliptic intersects the upper part of the meridian, a vertical plane that passes directly north and south. Generally the same as the cusp of the 10th house. See also House.

In 1982, coinciding with Neptune's transit in square with the ~, after a scandal involving a group of Transcendental Meditation practitioners, persecuted since then by the Communist regime, the practice of yoga and other forms of spirituality originating from the Orient were forbidden, ...

Another significant feature is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus on the ~ of the chart. Jupiter and Saturn meet only once every twenty years, and mark the beginning and endings of major cycles of social change. Jupiter rules morality and Saturn represents law and authority.

Most astrologers consider the transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the angles -- the Ascendant and ~ -- to be among the most important transits in a person's life.

From the standpoint of one living on Earth, the Sun, Moon and planets appear to rise on the Eastern Horizon, ascend to the ~, descend to the Western Horizon and then then next day reappear on the Eastern Horizon.

His pluto opposite my moon and ~
Our vertex conjunct - though 4 degrees
Our suns trine my moon
Our sun moon midpoint conjunt his vertex
His pallas conjunt my north node
His moon conjunct my mean black lillith
His neptune conjunct our sun ...

Libra ~ with Mars in Libra in the 10th House of Career (square Mercury) sure matched up with what she was already thinking about in terms of professional goals. But she is only 14. That same pattern can express itself in a host of other ways.

The Tenth House or ~
Key Words: Conscious drive. True vocation. Ideal choice of profession and studies. Attainments or failures. Life goals. Social standing, public role, reputation. The parent who guides one into the outside world.

In Soordas' chart, Mars is very elevated in its position near the ~. Having occult Rahu in Mar's sign in 7th, points towards a magical relationship with martian elements, Rahu sitting opposite the 3rd lord Moon in Rohini.

M.C., or Medium Coeli, ~
The point directly above the birthplace at the exact time when someone is born; the highest point in the Natal Chart. Usually associated with career and public image.

The most common method in the West currently is to represent the ecliptic as a circle, with the eastern horizon or ascendant to the left, the ~ at the top, the western horizon or descendant on the right, and the nadir or IC at the bottom.

A conjunction of someone's Mars to any angle (that is, the Ascendant, Descendant, ~-10th cusp, or IC - 4th cusp) in your natal chart will pull out gut reactions and intensity of desire--although the feelings can go either way.

It is well known to astrologers that birthcharts seem to hint at ongoing life even after their "owners" have died; for example, the charts of public figures show heavy activity in the ~ (the point of public recognition) each time books are published about them.

With his singleton Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury as chart ruler, Aquarius ~ and Gemini Ascendant, what else would you expect? It takes time to get that Sun in Taurus moving, but he loves teaching, talking and traveling once he gets started! ...

They are the four main points on the birth chart, which are: Ascendant, Descendant, ~ and Nadir. The angular houses are the First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth houses. The succedent houses follow the angular houses and are the Second, Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh houses.

Lines are drawn around the earth on a chart traditionally using your 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses and many people use the Ascendant , Descendant and ~ as well. Where these lines intersect is it thought to be a good and productive location for you to be.

9. Altitude. A planets elevation above the horizon, measured by the arc of a vertical circle. It is at it's meridian altitude when it is at the cusp of the tenth house at the ~.

The Fourth House is the most private part of the chart. Depending on the house system used, the Immum Coeli (IC), the angle opposite the ~ (MC) is contained in the Fourth House, and is frequently also the cusp of the Fourth House.

If your birthday is on or around December 18th - you are aligned with the sun pointing to the center of the galaxy. People born on this date include my friends George, Robert and Steven Spielberg! You could also have the Galactic Center as Sun, Ascendant, ~, ...

These crossing points are the ascendent, descendent, ~ (or MH) and imum coeli (or IC). Planets that are near one of these angles is emphasized and more important in a chart because of this proximity. See also House.

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