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Mystic rectangle

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Mystic Rectangle
The Mystic Rectangle consists of two oppositions in which each planet also makes a sextile or trine aspect to another. Generally easy-flowing energy between the planets but with some difficulty indicated by the oppositions.
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mystic rectangle: two pairs of oppositions whose ends are trine and sextile to each other.
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Mystic Rectangle
Aspect configuration. Consists of four or more planets whose aspects resemble a rectangle shape, through Trines (120 degrees), Sextiles (60) and Oppositions (180).

This consists of four planets connected in a rectangle of two squares and two trines, together with two oppositions connecting the opposite planets. Despite the name there is nothing mystical about this pattern.

Mystic Rectangle - A configuration formed by at least four planets, comprising two trines and two sextile aspects with oppositions forming from all four corners of the configuration.

~ - this happens when at least four, if not more, planets form two hard aspects and four soft ones, at once. Full of duality, this offers both challenge and harmony.

Also called simply a 'rectangle', two opposition aspects are woven together with two trine and two sextile aspects. This can make for a time of enormous questions, yet it also brings potential solutions and openings which arise either by default or by apparent good luck.

See planetary patterns like T-squares, grand trines, yods, and ~s that are commonly used in modern astrology. You can also select patterns used in symmetrical astrology that involve 4 planets.

What you think about seeing a grand cross and a ~ in a wedding chart? I'm trying to help a friend choose her wedding date and I'm hoping that the grand cross could actually provide stability, because I don't think any other date is going to be available!
Many thanks.

In modern western astrology some common aspect patterns are the T-square, Grand Cross, Grand Trine, ~, Yod, and the Kite. Stelliums are also sometimes treated under the general heading of aspect patterns.
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There was also a Feminine Earth and Water ~ blending the forces of Jupiter in Cancer of the home environment (Earth), Uranus in Scorpio, Moon in enterprise initiating Capricorn, ...

~ : A pattern of 4 or more planets in the shape of a rectangle where planets are connected by sextiles, trines and opposition aspects. Considered helpful, although the oppositions add some "grit" to toughen up the experience.

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