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Personal aspect

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Personal Aspect - An aspect that exists in the chart of a person or other living entity.
Personal Planet - A faster moving planet that represents "ordinary" states of awareness or everyday workings of the mind. Includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Also known as inner planet.

As the planets continue to interact during our lifetime, their movement affects our own personal aspects or angles. Both aspects and angles share the basic two ingredients of life, substance and intent.

The Moon contains the most personal aspects of who we are, including our most primal need for interpersonal connection, the root of which lies in the relationship with our mother or primary caregiver and family-of-origin.

and investments, and property or anything else you own in common with another person, are likely now. It is a good time to get such affairs in order. Discussions about death are also likely to arise, both over legalities (wills, inheritances, and so on), and the more emotional, personal aspects of ...

The "ground rules" for events in the life are described by the nature of the planets while the timing of such events is regulated by the distance of longitudinal arc from the Sun. Your chart has personal aspects, regardless of degree, and indicates the nature and timing of personalized events, ...

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