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Quincunx - What is the Quincunx?
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The Quincunx
A frustrating aspect between two planets
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Sun quincunx Moon in the natal chart suggests an individual who seems to live life constantly making adjustments and concessions. There can be a tendency to offer too much and then feeling taken advantage of. Passive-aggressiveness can be a problem as well.

The planets are in Quincunx when they are about 150 degrees from each other. The Quincunx is a minor aspect and it creates a certain uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort.
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Quincunx - An arc of 150 degrees. Also known as the inconjunct; this aspect creates a certain uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort.
Quindecile - A minor easy aspect, the fifteenth harmonic, 24.

~es And Conundrums
Invariably the ~ poses a dilemma that, once solved, increases the efficiency and potency of the planets that comprise it. Learn why ~es are associated with humor and the absurd.
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~. An aspect of 150, or five Signs of separation. v. Aspects.

The ~ is said to be of moderate but somewhat unpredictable influence, bringing strain.
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~, or Inconjunct
A planetary aspect in which two planets are roughly 150 degrees apart. Its effect is said to be the most stressful of all the aspects.
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~ [150º + 2º] a psychological challenge, unconscious pattern of scattered energies, something left incomplete requiring adjustment or compromise or bridging
Nonile (novile) [40º + 2º] fated things, compulsions, may have to do with creativity or completion ...

An aspect between two planets, which are 150 degrees apart (give or take a few degrees; see Orb). Planets in ~ to each other are usually five signs apart. An irritating, frustrating energy that can increase awareness and appreciation of life's complexities and subtleties.

~ orb 2 (up to 5 when involving more planets) (the glyph as in semisextile only upside down like a tool horse) ...

~ (INCONJUNCT): An arc of 150 degrees. An uneasy aspect with karmic lessons.
QUINTILE: An aspect of 72 degrees. An easy aspect representing accomplishments.
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~ - this is a hard aspect and happens when two planets are 150 degrees apart. This brings awkwardness due to disagreements in shared goals.

~ A minor hard aspect, separating distance 150, the fifth multiple of the twelfth harmonic (30, semi-sextile). Interpretation focuses on adjustmental needs. Also called an inconjunct.
quindecile A minor easy aspect, the fifteenth harmonic, 24.

The ~ or Inconjunct, 150 degrees angle
This, with the Semi-Sextile, its complementary Aspect, is considered a minor influence, effective only when very close to exactness or exact.

~: Otherwise known as Inconjunct.
Parallel: This aspect is the only one not measured by celestial longitude. It is of two or more planets having the same distance in declination in degrees, north or south of the celestial equator.

~ (150 degrees, 5 signs apart or Inconjunct): This aspect is another minor inharmonious one. It suggests a need for adjustment.
The planets represent: ...

~es to the Vertex are also semi-sextiles to the Anit-Vertex. While you're fated to develop the sign of the Vertex, help from your Anti-Vertex is just beginning to develop giving you little help from previous development.

150 angle (also known as the "inconjunct")/Five signs apart
The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the lower half of a hexagon (see Sextile) ...

~ or INCONJUNCT Angle: 150 degrees (5/12 of the Zodiac) A moderately hard aspect indicating obligation, reorganization. Adjustments, as symbolized by the planets, houses, and signs involved. Incongruity. Fence-sitting.
Chart Synthesis and Interpretation
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~ (aka Inconjunct) -
Planets are 150 apart. Stressful and ambiguous, least predictable of the aspects, a mixed influence, a quantum increase in self-awareness needed to ensure progress and avoid stasis, ...

~ 5 150 148 151
Opposition 6 180 170 186
Names have been given to these Aspects, as follows: 0, Prominence; 30, Growth; 45, Friction; 60, Opportunity; 90, Obstacle; 120, Luck; 135, Agitation; 150, Expansion; 180, Separation.

~: the 150 aspect; the inconjunct. It unites signs with no natural relationship or connection: discord, necessity for adjustment, or a forced choice between inharmonious conditions; orb 1.5 - 2. To see what a "~" looks like in a Natal Chart, Click here! ...

Venus ~ Jupiter
Strength = 75/100, orb = 0.62/2.0
You have a tendency to be extravagant, wasteful, and to squander your bountiful resources. Be careful of living beyond your means, or you may not have what you need in later years.

Another ~ - transiting Uranus (5 AQU 30) to natal Pluto - brought two 8th house significators into deadly relationship but the sudden, accidental death her 8th house Uranus carried with it was delivered first to Jupiter, her ruler, by conjunction.

Inconjunct (~) - Angle (150 degrees) - allowed orb (5 degrees) ...

The Millennial ~ between Chiron/Pluto and Saturn perhaps points to a need for a collective readjustment regarding our perspective and understanding of time.

Semi-square, sesquiquadrate and ~ are all minor tense aspects. Psychologically their effect may be seen as a very weak version of the square. Some astrologers give 'them additional importance in predicting events. [See Table] ...

Inconjunct - ~. An aspect of 150, creating stress, unhappiness and sorrow. The aspect has a 6th or 8th house effect, depending on whether the swifter planet is applying or separating from the opposition to the slower.

Mike, I think the ~ is an important aspect, but whether it's officially "major" I suspect is up for debate.

The main Minor Aspects are semi-sextile (30); semi-square or octile (45); sesqui-square (135); inconjunct or ~ (150) though there are quite a few others used by some astrologers, including quintile (72); bi-quintile (144); septile (approx 5126'); nonile (40) and their subdivisions.

AFFLICTED: Unfavorable planetary aspect: Squares, Oppositions and ~es.
AIR SIGNS: Signs possessing the qualities of the element Air: intellect, thought process etc. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
ANERETIC DEGREE: The final degree of a sign (29th).

Tarantino has Eris conjunct the Sun and Mercury, in exact ~ to Pluto and septile and parallel Saturn, while Besson has Eris near the top of the chart, in a T-square with Moon and Saturn, trine Uranus and ~ Neptune.

To Pallas is an exact semisextile, to Jupiter and Vesta is a sextile, to Mercury is a ~ / inconjunct, and to Mars is a trine. Between them there is much opportunity for harmonious, supportive growth.

However, now the progressions show no Mars activity, except an approaching ~ to natal Saturn. Then there is the transit of Saturn through the 9th house in Aries about to slow down the natal Mars at 25.

I have an Aquarius Moon, and it is ~/inconjunct his Pluto, Uranus, MC, and Jupiter (plus he has a Cancer Sun, Moon, and Mars-inconjunct by signs). Also, this Moon of mine rules my Cancer Dsc, and is opposite his Mercury who rules his 7th.His Neptune squares both.

Disseminating: Four to five signs behind the Sun, in a trine or ~. Similar to the Gibbous moon, but with a greater need to share what they have gained, or to make payment for it. Thus the signs of Sagittarius or Pisces are emphasized.

The Sun, Mars and Venus receive stressful ~ aspects from Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius. Pluto is the urge to probe, to see deeper, to enhance by removing what is no longer acceptable and to regenerate. This may symbolize man's desire to create life without flaws.

The special Saturn aspects are the backwards square and the forwards sextile; Mars' aspects are the forward square and the backwards ~; and Jupiter's special aspects are both trines. (All of these are whole house aspects, e.g.

" You could have a favorable Moon/Moon aspect, or a strong Sun sign connection, but if your Mercury's are square or ~, then your communication process could break down into misunderstandings and bickering.

Yod or the Finger of God Aspect planetary chart pattern that is formed by three planets. Planets A and B are inconjunct (~) and planets A and C are inconjunct (~) and finally planet B and C are sextile each other. See illustration here
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Growth aspects - Semi-sextiles and ~. These are aspects that give us opportunity to grow. They indicate long term development of some key aspect of your personality and behavior for this life time.

Yod : Three planets in a pattern where the aspects are 2 ~es and a sextile. Considered to be a time of fateful decision making where you must rely on gut instinct. After you take one path at this "fork in the road", there's no turning back.

For example, if the Sun was at 15 Aries and it was sextile to Saturn at 15 Gemini, and then both planets were also ~ the Moon at 15 Scorpio. This would be an exact yod.
See the diagram to the right for an illustration of the above example.

Some of the other aspects used by astrologers are: the quintile, which divides the wheel by 5 and therefore contains 72; the semi-square of 45 or a division by 8; the ~, or inconjunct, which is 150 and midway between the trine and opposition.

This information was strongly helpful for me in my work with one of my clients with scleroderma. She has a 5deg orb Saturn/Neptune ~, a loose Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces and Saturn on the DC.

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