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A type of prohibition - where a planet applies to the aspect of another, but turns retrograde and starts to separate before the aspect perfects.
Lilly writes of refranation (CA., p.111) ...

Refranation - If two planets are applying to an aspect and one of them turns retrograde before the aspect culminates, it is said to refrain from the aspect, showing that the effect indicated by the aspect will not materialise.

Refranation. A term used in Horary Astrology when one of two planets applying to an aspect turns retrograde before the aspect is complete. It is taken as an indication that the matter under negotiation will not be brought to a successful conclusion.
Relative Houses. v. Houses.

REFRANATION - There's another manner of Prohibition; by some more properly called Refrenation; as thus, Saturn in 12 degree. of Aries, Mars in 7 degree.

refranation The failure of an applying aspect to culminate, when the significator turns retrograde before reaching partile.

2) ~- This is when a planet applies to another, but the applying planet goes retrograde before the aspect perfects.

Time of Partile Aspects and ~ (applying and
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