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This is considered a weaker version of the sextile.
[edit] ...

Semisextile [30º + or - 1-2º] slight ease, opportunities, resources
OPPOSITION [180º + or - 8-10º] difficulties from outside forces, requires a compromise, shows alternatives, leads to growth through awareness ...

Semisextile orb 2(glyph is a small v on a horizontal short line _)
30, occurs between adjacent signs, i.e. a sign apart.

Based on the division by 12.
Differentiating or malefic ...

30 angle/One sign apart
The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the upper half of a hexagon (see Sextile) ...

Semisextile: an aspect of 30, or 1/12th of the circle. It unites signs with no natural relationship or connection. The semisextile indicates discord, necessity for adjustment, and/or a forced choice between two inharmonious conditions.

Sun Semisextile Mars, Orb = 1 Deg 28 Min:
Moon Conjunct N. Node, Orb = 4 Deg 32 Min:
Moon Square Asc., Orb = 4 Deg 57 Min:
Moon Trine Jupiter, Orb = 0 Deg 33 Min:
Moon Trine Saturn, Orb = 4 Deg 50 Min:
Moon Sextile Uranus, Orb = 0 Deg 30 Min: ...

Sun Semisextile Venus:
You are easily able to love each other and both share the same taste and style. You are also aware of what motivates you both in the love and sharing department.

Neither semisextile nor quincunx are proper aspects in the traditional sense, as a planet is unable to "see" another in these relationships, unless it also beholds the other by virtue of being either antiscion or contra-antiscion (so not inconjunct).

To Pallas is an exact semisextile, to Jupiter and Vesta is a sextile, to Mercury is a quincunx / inconjunct, and to Mars is a trine. Between them there is much opportunity for harmonious, supportive growth.

The left triangular table shows 14 possible aspects (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, quintile, sextile, septile, semisquare, sesquiquadrate, semisextile, quincunx, biquintile, biseptile, triseptile) sorted by planetary pair, ...

In February, Pluto began a relatively minor but intense (semisextile) transit over Bush's Saturn, creating an environment where his normal routines are disrupted and he finds it difficult to find his footing.

By transit, Saturn was trining that same natal North Node, and Pluto, from the sign of Scorpio, was exactly semisextile to the natal North Node in Libra.

I wonder why we are sexually compatible, we have venus/mars inconjunct and also venus/mars semisextile. Are there other indicators that might explain this. I thought semi-sextiles and inconjuncts were incompatible.

He has pluto transiting his asc which sextiles his moon and semisextiles my sun, sextiles my chiron. I have chiron return and pluto transiting my vertex when this new lady turned up. uranus transiting my fourth house moon.

. These are terms sometimes applied to the Semisextile and the Quincunx aspects, as indicative that no relationship can exist between adjacent signs and houses, or between those which are one sign or house less than an opposition.

(Saturn Rx will conjunct the DESC and square the MC/IC axis; the Moon will trine the MC, sextile the IC and quincunx the ASC and semisextile the DESC. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are also involved by aspect to the angles.) The seriousness of ...

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Astrology  Semi-quintile  Semi-sextile

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