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- Although in a general sense the term 'separating' is applied to any planet moving away from the conjunction or aspect of another, in strict terminology a planet is said to be 'separating' from another when the planets are within orb of aspect and moving away from perfection (exactness).

SEPARATION - Separation, it is, in the first place, when two Planets are departed but six minutes distance from each other, as let Saturn be in 10 degree. and 25 min. of Aries and Jupiter in 10 degree. and 25 min.

Separation - Moving away from the partile (exact aspect). As the planet separates, the aspect becomes weaker. In Horary Astrology, it indicates events just past, or that the matter under inquiry will not eventuate.

Separation from Nature
Astrology gave primacy to celestial movements - the heavens above were the paragon of perfection, the residence of the deities, while the realm of life was one of corruption and decay. What we do not have here is an equality between above and below.

Angular Separation
The commonest kind of astrological chart is a map of the heavens at the time for which it is drawn up, viewed from a specific place on earth.

~ from home town or mother
Frustration for not having own house/Property ...

~s from each other can be caused by your individual need for freedom; unusual forms of business activity; working slowly but determined towards a goal; a cautious pursuit of freedom.
Pluto Conjunct Sun/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 53 Min ...

If a ~ occurs during a transit of Uranus trine Venus, it will have a completely different feeling from one which occurs under a transit of Pluto opposition Venus. In the eyes of others, the event may look the same. Joe Bloggs leaves his wife and runs off with his eighteen-year-old secretary.

revenge, ~, enmity & ill will
A soldier on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand
5 ...

Separating, ~. v. Aspects.
Sesqui-quadrate. A 135 aspect (q.v.)
Sesquiquintile. A 108 aspect (q.v.) ...

Individualization, ~ from the past, and awareness as consciousness expands. The phase is associated with action, assertion, and confidence in oneself with the need to make an impression.

In the fourth, for revenge, ~, enmity, and ill-will, they sealed, in red wax, the image of a soldier sitting on a horse, holding a serpent in his right hand: they perfumed it with red myrrh and storax.

Astral Travel~ of the Astral Body from the physical and visiting other locations. This mainly happens unconsciously in sleep, but some adepts can consciously control and direct the movement of the astral, whether in the sleeping or the waking state.

Mysterium coniunctionis : an inquiry into the ~ and synthesis of psychic opposites in alchemy (2nd ed.). London: Routledge.
Jung, C. G. (1973). Synchronicity : an acausal connecting principle (2nd ed.). Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.
Jung, C. G. (1974a). Dreams.

My husband left for a job about a week ago (~ for the purpose of regaining self-sufficiency?). I've been ill for the past two weeks (stomach virus, upper respiratory and now flu-like symptoms).

~s of 0, 90 and 180 degrees are considered challenging, while ~s of 60, 72 and 120 degrees are considered flowing or easy. The "Major" aspects are considered the conjunction (0), the opposition (180), the square (90), the trine (120), and the sextile (60).

Planets in square are 90 degrees apart, plus or minus 3 degrees (that is, from 87 to 93 degrees of ~). Dividing the chart by four creates four sensitive points. If only two of them have natal planets you have a square. If three are filled you have a T Square.

The fate of people vulnerable to the Five Evils is ~ from God, and the situation may be remedied only after intensive and relentless devotion.

Make a note of the Moon's ~s and applications. I do not mean that you should note all the aspects the Moon has made or will make in its current sign, only its ~s and applications.

Krishna's great paramour Radha (who in some schools of thought was 8 years older than him) was in Raman's opinion, obviously better illustrated with Saturn (age increase and ~) occupying the 7th house, ...

~ of the offshoots normally carried out in the late summer and fall. After the root develops, the young trees are transplanted to their permanent place. The new palms normally planted on a hole that is 80cm wide and 80 cm deep in a conic shape.

The cycle starts with the New Moon, which is the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun (0 degrees of ~). The 2nd phase is the (waxing) Crescent Moon, which is a separating angle of 45 degrees, or a semisquare angle.

The seventh also represents where open enemies, divorces, ~s, agreements, lawsuits, runaways, contracts, treaties and war are located. Also this house is used to represent undesignated persons often in Horary and Event charts.

For example: Any two planets that have a ~ of two houses are in mundane Sextile; of four houses, in mundane Trine. Thus it is possible for two planets to be simultaneously in the mutual relationship of a mundane Trine and a zodiacal Square.

Usually there is some ~ between the Wedge's thrust axis (17 Aquarius 16') and the Handle Planet (29 Aquarius 40') in a Fan pattern; this is particularly significant when the two are in different signs and/or different houses (in this example the thrust axis is in the 7th house, ...

This ~ you feel in your emotional body. It has caused quite a lot of turbulence throughout all of humanity, in many forms. It has upset many and has made many feel like they are no longer in control, which, of course, makes them act out and try to grasp control one more time.

Why must we draw such clear lines of ~ when that very ~ is an illusion itself, the Cardinal Illusion that we are separate individuals, when we are truly bound together by our common humanness.

From the perspective of astrology, there is no absolute ~ between the consciousness of the individual and the consciousness of the Universe in which the individual is embedded.

The third transpersonal planet to influence the Pluto-in-Leo generation is Neptune, which alters sensory awareness and brings new spiritual perceptions but also casts a veil over reality or truth: It's the planet that dissolves ~ and brings things together.

In some cases childlessness or ~ from husband is also indicated and in few cases no marriage takes place. In case marriage does not takes place in early age, in several cases it has been that her 37th year is good for marriage.

The sign of Libra represents this kind of objectivity, based on distance and ~. When we view other people as a separate beings, we can see them clearer than when we're up-close and intertwined.

Derived from the root referring to the act of ~, division; commonly translated to mean love, reverence, and devotion. In religion, it refers to divine love, which brings together the Supreme Self and the separated human individual.

A ~ (orb) of 120±04 is considered a trine. The trine indicates harmony and ease of expression, with the two elements reinforcing each other. The trine is a source of artistic and creative talent, which is innate.

"A certain stage has to be reached before a ~ can take place and the little consciousness presented to the guardians to care for. We then use Will. We reflect ourselves as individuals into the little mind so that the idea of something outside of itself enters.

To a Capricorn there is no ~ between love and sex and you know by instinct when you have found the right partner for this immensely important ritual.

The ~ of mind from body makes it easier for concepts to replace feelings. Technology also creates an illusion of safety when, in fact, we are more dependent upon one another than ever.

Consequently, if Earth passes Mars when the latter is near aphelion, the ~ between the two worlds is approximately 63 million miles, but if Earth passes Mars when the latter is near perihelion, the ~ can be as small as 35 million miles.

Natal Analysis:
One to two marriages/committed relationships, indications of ~ or divorce, but indications of harmony and agreement as well. Difficulty in marriage/relationships, problems with inappropriate partners. Husband/partner serious, hardworking, intelligent, generous.

decile A mildly benefic aspect with a ~ of 36, also called a semi-quintile; the tenth harmonic.

Major Aspect: the conjunction, opposition, trine, square and sextile aspects; those aspects having angular ~s of 360 divided by 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6, that is, with harmonic numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6. To see what the aspects look like in a Natal Chart, Click here! ...

A hard aspect which has two planets facing one another. This can indicate polarization, ~ of the two functions or projection of one of the planets on others. The opposition, though, can also bring awareness through objectivity (seeing both sides).

(Instead of rotating the chart, it is equally practicable to locate the Point of the Father, for example, by computing the arc from Saturn to the Sun, and if this is a 40 ~, say "The Sun is in a Second House position to Saturn, hence the Point of the Father is in the Second House.") ...

I hear things like, if someone's Venus is in your 12th it typically is a disappointing outcome, or anothers Sun/Moon in your 12th means ~ (by whom, I don't recall), or Mars activates specific activities there.

On the other side a malefic can turn he things pretty complex and lead to extent of ~ and divorce. It is very important to have a astrological compatibility between the partners which if not there, can turn in to a disaster and only lead to sorrow and sadness.

Mars and Venus combination is bad for marital happiness since Mars is fiery planet and Venus is watery planet. Both are enemies, they create over sex and ~ if they are not associated with benefic planets. For information sake, we furnish here under the benefic and malefic planets.

Quincunx or Inconjunct (150-degrees): friendship's sorrow shared.
Opposition (180-degrees): friendship into marriage -- or a ~.
Every horoscope has its own individual mixture of the above aspects and will indicate the attitudes and conditioning you are working with in this lifetime.

LEO MOON (and LEO SUN/ASCENDANT) often has a karmic relationship with the father, usually in the form of lack of parental support during the individuation process. The father has been “giant-like' in his behavior toward the LEO child. Frequently there is emotional ~ and difficulty in ...

Relationship counseling could be the only solution to repair your damaged crumbling relationship and avoid ~ or divorce. Patience and passion are your main keywords. You surely deserve a fun-loving partner who respects you and cares for the survival of your union. If not, forget it.

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