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The Sextile
A harmonious aspect between two planets
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A grand sextile pattern is also often referred to as a Star of David pattern. A grand sextile pattern occurs when 6 planets are placed in 60 degree angles from each other and thus forming the Star of David pattern.

Sextile - intermediate major/minor aspect[edit]
A sextile (abrv. SXt or Sex) is an angle of 60 (1/6 of the 360 ecliptic, or 1/2 of a trine [120]). A separation (orb) of 60±04 is considered a sextile.

A definition of the sextile, an aspect in astrology.
A definition of the quincunx, an aspect in astrology.

SEXTILE - - Keyword: Opportunity. The Sextile is 60 degrees apart, with an orb allowed of 6 degrees.
SQUARE - - Keywords: Obstacles, stress, challenge. The Square is 90 degrees apart, with an orb of 8 degrees.

Sextile An aspect with a difference of 60 degrees. A generally helpful and 'positive' aspect.
Sidereal Time Time in relations to the fixed stars, rather than clock time.

The Sextile contains two or more planets, which are about 60 degrees from each other.
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Sextile - Angle (60 degrees) - allowed orb (5 degrees)
This is a beneficial aspect and usually represents opportunities and skills that can be capitalized on.
Inconjunct (Quincunx) - Angle (150 degrees) - allowed orb (5 degrees) ...

An aspect between two planets that are 60 degrees apart (give or take a few degrees; see Orb). Planets in Sextile to each other are usually two signs apart. A creative, easy-flowing energy, often indicating natural ability.

The sextile is said to be similar in influence to the trine, but only provides opportunity, requiring effort to reap its benefits.
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Sextile (Major aspect)
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.
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A planetary aspect in which two planets are roughly 60 degrees apart. Its effect is said to be favorable, though effort is required to attain its best possible manifestation.

SEXTILE [60º + or - 5-6º] opportunities for help, harmony and ease between energies but effort is definitely required for benefit and awareness
Semisextile [30º + or - 1-2º] slight ease, opportunities, resources ...

Sextile is a strong harmonious aspect, but less powerful than the trine. [See Table] ...

Based on the division by 6
Differentiating or malefic
The sextile divides the chart in six sectors 60 degrees apart, plus or minus 2 degrees (that is, from 58 to 62 degrees of separation).

Sextile. A 60 aspect (q.v.)
Sextiles. A body sextiles another toward which it is approaching from a distance of from 53 to 60.

Sextile-An arc of 60 degrees; this is a favorable aspect. The planets involved are usually in compatible Elements. A sextile allows the influences of the planets to work in harmony; it brings forth opportunity.

Sextiles, Semi-Squares, Sesqui-Squares
An Orb of 5 to 4 degrees, when the Sun or the Moon or the Personal Planets are involved, is what I usually allow for these types of Aspects, applying or separating.

Sextile - this is a soft aspect, occurring when two planets are 60 degrees apart. This aspect brings bountiful energy and much opportunity.

When two planets are sixty degrees apart they are said to be in sextile, so called because sixty degrees are one sixth part of the circle which has 360 degrees. It is considered a 'good' aspect. See 'Good' and 'Bad,' also 'Aspect.' ...

sextile The sixth harmonic, 60; a major easy aspect considered beneficial and opportune.

6 Sextile
A sextile usually occurs when two planets are in complementary element of the zodiac, such as fire and air or water and earth. Sextiles are measured from plus or minus sixty degrees which is one sixth of a circle.

Semisextile orb 2(glyph is a small v on a horizontal short line _)
30, occurs between adjacent signs, i.e. a sign apart.

SEMI-SEXTILE (30 degrees)
Reluctance, ambivalence, difficulty moving forward; not using the energies of the planets correctly as they have nothing is common. You are aware of the energies but you are unable to use them.

Semi-sextile - An aspect of 30 degrees of arc, formed by a division of the 360 degree zodiac by twelve, or a division of the sextile aspect by two. Interpreted usually as a milder or more suble form of sextile aspect. ...

sextile, trine, 53, 56, 87, 277, 295, 279, 299, 303
asteroid belt, 71, 107, 144-146, 209, 284
asteroids, 71, 143-148 ...

Sextile - 60
The sextile tends to have a harmonious effect, depending of course on the planets involved.
Minor Aspects ...

Sextile: Powerful though not as strong as the Trine, easy flowing.
Minor Aspects ...

Sextile (60 degrees, two signs apart): Harmonious aspect that helps energies flow toward attainment of your goals, provided you make some conscious effort to achieve them yourself.

sextile : The sixth harmonic, 60; an major easy beneficial and opportune aspect.

A body sextiles another toward which it is approaching from a distance of from 53º to 60º.
Sidereal Clock.

SEXTILE - When two Planets are equally distant one from each other, 60 degrees, we say they are in sextile Aspect. A Sextile aspect is the distance of one Planet from another by the sixth part of the Zodiac or Circle; for six times sixty degree.

SEXTILE Angle: 60 degrees (division of the Zodiac by 6). A soft aspect similar to a trine, lacking some of the vision, but more work-oriented, bringing clarity, drive and facilitating communication.

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