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Shadow Period
In astrology a shadow period is defined as a specific period of time that occurs both before and after the retrograde period of a planet, starting when the planet first passes the degree of the zodiac that it will eventually retrograde back to, ...

Shadow and Station - Stillness in the Dark
Repeating Yourself
The Station: Turning on a Dime
The Shadow: Definition by Contrast
There's a Hole in my Sidewalk ...

The Retrograde Shadow
In the retrograde cycle, a planet journeys through a portion of the zodiac three times - first in direct motion, then in retrograde motion, and finally in direct motion. I call that area of the zodiac the Retrograde Shadow.

Pluto is your shadow, that which you have not yet brought into the light. It is what you are compelled to forget, what you bury, what you refuse to see or feel. When you deny a part of your psyche to yourself, it becomes the devil to you.

Shadow Planet - Not a true celestial body, but a calculated point of significance in the chart, primarily the Moon's north (ascending) and south (descending) nodes.

The shadow stayed with the body after death to protect it, but could not come into any harm itself without great danger. It moved very quickly and had great power, shown as a dark depiction of the person.

Shadow Planets
In Western Astrology, the Dragon's Head, a "shadow planet" exalted in Gemini, is considered generally benefic (good), whilst the Dragon's Tail, exalted in Sagittarius, is considered malefic (evil) in influence.

Shadow. The shadowy body of the wife of Sun, Sanjna, kept by her to attend to the needs of her husband while she herself was away on a visit to her father's place. From Chhaya were born Saturn, Savrni (a Manu), Tapti (a river), and Visthi (a son).


The shadow,
Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious,
Consciousness is all there ,
The Experience of Enlightenment,
The Transcendental Object at the End of Time,
A Course in Happiness , ...

The shadow planets: Rahu (the Moon's north node) and Ketu (the Moon's south node)
The planets are classified as natural benefics and malefics:
Natural Benefics (in order of descending strength) are: ...

Wyrmshadow has created flags for fictional governments of planets, moons, and other objects in our solar system. He used some of my moon symbols and TNO symbols.
Tattoos ...

The shadow of the year of the Sheep is complacency. If you have a tendency toward clutter or stagnant energy in your home, you may want to do a major purge of your space before February 1st while the change-happy Horse is still around to help you out.

The Shadow Side:
secretive, controlling, vengeful, brooding, manipulative, resentful
Quality and Element: ...

the shadow of a planet
Arabic Parts
A hypothetical point arrived at by use of a formula ...

The shadowing animal face reminds us that whilst the Sagittarian might strive towards humane development, an underlying bestial energy exists, capable of spontaneous brutality when the bounds of reason are not consciously applied.

The Shadow in the Horoscope
Issues & Ethics in the Profession of Astrology
Depth Analysis of the Natal Chart ...

Chhaya : shadow
Chinmayi : happy, blissful
Chitra : picture, 14th nakshatra, a raagini ...

Swan and Shadow: Yeats's Dialogue with History (Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P, 1964; Catholic University of America Press, 1989)
Witemeyer, Hugh
ed., Letters to the New Ireland (Collected Works Vol. VII), see Yeats ...

Mercury Shadow
Of course, we've been operating under the "shadow" energy of Mercury turning retrograde since December 21, 2002. Things are going to start falling apart on you, so just set your attitude and be flexible. Remember: this too will pass.
What Does retrograde Mean? ...

Retrograde Shadow
The distance in the sky a planet has traveled in retrograde motion.
Direct Motion ...

Rahu is the shadow planet in Vedic Astrology that represents the North Node in Astronomy. In Hindi Mythology Rahu is a snake that swallows the sun or moon, causing eclipses. Rahu represents deception, signifying cheating, pleasure and insincere immoral acts.

Persona vs. shadow
Feels divorced from parts of one's own psyche (personae).
Simple counselling, Supportive therapy ...

Falling into her shadow can be a chilling experience, a time of sacrifice or pain and revealing of some of the ironies and paradoxes in life.
You can see one example of her influence in George W. Bush's chart, when he choked on a pretzel and passed out briefly.
Solar & Lunar Returns ...

Moon's Nodes - Shadow planets.
Movable signs - The Cardinal signs, the movers and shakers of the zodiac, namely, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
MQ - Abbreviation for longitudinal Magi Quad.

DELILAH: Mercury's Shadow has nothing to do with your relationship. It is a matter of the synastry between you (aspects between each other's charts). If things have cooled, do not take him back. Please read the book, HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Do not waste your time.
K Says:
Jun 27, 10:46 PM ...

The dynamic relationship between the Sun and Chiron in this birth chart is not through direct aspect, but through the polarisation of the self-expressive, self-mythologising 5th house Sun in Leo and the shadowed, injured Moon in the 4th, ...

Mercury - THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUND HOG DAY: do no try to control things mentally, just expect things to happen to you and look for their signs,
Venus - CUPID KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART: open your heart to real love, ...

At the next Lunation the Moon traverses the sky along with the Sun, and is invisible - except as it eclipses the Sun, when it shows as a dark shadow crossing the Sun. A day later it reappears in the West, just after the fading light of the Sun renders it visible. Mercury.

Saturn is the son of the Sun and his wife's Chaaya (shadow) and is the brother of Yama, the god of righteousness and death.

What lurks in the shadows or in the inner depths of the human soul is what concerns you, and it is your task to become aware of and express what you find hidden there. What society at large may fear or repress, you are fascinated with and drawn to experience and understand.

When I interpret charts I illuminate for clients their potential, both shadow and light, to help them accept their whole being and to help them live the full expression of their gifts. We also probe and improve on their weaknesses.

One day Sanjana decided to go away from home, leaving in her place her body double, Chaaya (shadow). For some time, Sandhya lived with her father and then left it too, she took the form of a mare and went to the mountains to pray.

Aquarius, too, has its shadow. Idealistic concepts expressed without compassion become mere slogans. Technology has disconnected us from the land, overwhelming nature and breaking our connection with its rhythms. The separation of mind from body makes it easier for concepts to replace feelings.

If the need is not met in early childhood, the person will display emotionally the shadow side of Leo: insecurity and excessive egoism.
The Moon in most charts describes your experience of your mother.

Eclipse : When one body passes through the shadow of another, causing one of the planets to darken or disappear. Indicates great changes for the next 6 to 12 months. Comes in 2 types, solar and lunar. See also Eclipses. Ecliptic : The apparent circular path of the Sun across the sky each year.

A shadow sun could denote cruelty, bitterness, and a person who was born with such a planet alignment needs to learn to rekindle love, and gather friends together to celebrate rather than hide.

If the Moon is at such distance from the Earth that the apex of its shadow falls short of the Earth's surface, the Moon's body will not entirely obliterate the Sun and a narrow rim of light will surround the dark body of the Moon. This is termed an Annular Eclipse.

1 During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and Moon and the light of the Moon is either partially or completely blocked by the Earth's shadow.

During the year, Mercury is retrograde (or in the shadow path of a retrograde cycle) approximately 20 percent of the time. If you know when Mercury will be retrograde you cann escape many pitfalls in your path. Businesses as well as individuals can benefit by noting these cycles.

Pluto is associated with the psychological shadow, making it more common place to project negative images on authority figures.

antiscia From the Greek, literally shadows on the other side, opposite shadows; mirror or reflection points. A degree and its antiscion are equidistant from a particular reference point such as the MC-IC or summer-winter solstice axis. The use of antiscia is common to Uranian Astrology.

Eclipse An eclipse is the partial or total obscuring of one of the luminaries by the shadow of the other. At the same time, either or both luminaries are within orb of an aspect to the Lunar Nodes.

She is aware of her shadow side, but may try to repress it. SCORPIO’s intense emotions place her in easy contact with the astral plane. Astral experiences seep through her consciousness uninvited.

Master Number 33 is a shadow of 6 and 9, as they all about humanity and loving everyone equally, but, to the extreme.
Master Number 44 is simply 8 gone wild. They will do whatever it takes to have what they set out to do.

Antiscion: The antiscion (pl. antiscia) is known as the mirror point or the shadow of a planet. The o Capricorn/0 Cancer axis being the line of reference for formulations. Antiscia are also known as the Solstice Points.

Understanding the rules and techniques is necessary, but it should never overshadow the need for a deep understanding of the symbolism inherent in them.

But it can also be self destructive and violent, symbolizing our shadow side and unconscious compulsions. Secrets, taboos, obsessions, potential for regeneration and degeneration. In relationships it creates intimacy, intense passion, but also power struggles and manipulation.

His artistic talents include designing watch faces for Paramount's Dark Shadows, magazine covers, CD covers and banners for various artists and production companies. He was co-founder, artist and art director in developing Perceptions magazine in which he wrote many articles and reviews.

Companionship, the alter ego, partnerships, one-to-one relationships, marriage, the first marriage, the "significant other", business partnerships, competitors, our "shadow self", lawyers, mediators, counselors, contracts.
The Eighth House: Transformation & Sexuality ...

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu represent the akasa or subtle forces and Rahu and Ketu are referred as shadowy planets.

Our thoughts of the day, with our plans, hopes, fears, loves, and hates, are examined, taken as duplicate thought-forms, along with some vital force which is stepped up to a higher "voltage" and is used by the High Self to construct a shadowy body which will materialize as part of our future.

Moon conjunct the shadowy planet Rahu tends to distort some aspect of the perception or clarity, causing addictions or obsessions in the mind. Gandhi was often fixated on various methods of purification with Jupiter in the 7th house in Krittika.

On the other during a lunar eclipse the Moon is not visible from our earth-bound perspective, as the Earth's shadow blocks the light from the Sun. During a Lunar Eclipse the Earth is physically between the Sun and the Moon. On average there are four eclipses a year, two solar and two lunar.

To begin with, they are not even planets but just two imaginary astronomical points in the Zodiac. But in Vedic astrology they are treated as planets only. In fact the common reference in Vedic astrology is they are shadowy planets.

The inner Umwelt can be more hidden and frightening as it also is dealing with the shadow -- the realm of wrong thought.

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