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A stellium is defined as a group of several planets in a single sign of the zodiac or a single house.
In the example to the right the native has a stellium of four planets in Leo, consisting of Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn.

A stellium is a multiple conjunction of planets. It's a close cluster of three or more planets in one sign and/or house. The planets are clumped together (within 0 to 5 degrees). This puts an energetic emphasis in the sign and house where it is concentrated.

THE STELLIUM - 4 or more planets in the same House
by Lynn Koiner ...

This configuration is based on the conjunction, but instead of two planets within 12 degrees of each other you have three or more planets. At times the distance between the first and last planet is less than 12 degrees. This would be a compact Stellium.

Stellium A multiple conjunction involving three or more planets in one house and/or one sign in an astrological chart. This configuration indicates an emphasis on the matters associated with the house and/or sign in which the stellium occurs.

An aspect configuration in which a minimum of 3 planets are all in the same sign. They may or may not be in a conjunction aspect with each other, but all are in the same sign together.

~: A cluster of four or more planets in the birth chart.
Sun Signs: The twelve traditional signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces).

~: A group of planets gathered in one area of the Zodiac; sometimes, a multiple conjunction.
SUN-SIGN ASTROLOGY: As seen in newspaper Astrology columns, predictions for the day, month or year ahead on the basis of Solar Charts.

~-A meeting of three or more planets or points, usually occurring within one Sign or House. It is a focal point of energy.

~ or Stellatium
A group of four or more planets in Conjunction to each other ...

~- this happens when there are three or more planets in an astrological chart that are grouped together in one sign or house. This creates an energy concentration.

~ A multiple conjunction that occurs within one sign or house, indicating a focal point of energy or interest. Also called a satellitium. the term may include multiple conjunctions that occupy more than one sign. See also multiple conjunction.

~. v. Satellitium.
Strength of a planet. v. Dignity, accidental or essential.
Succedent Houses. Those which follow the angular houses: 2, 5, 8 and 11. v. Houses.

~. A group of five or more planets in one Sign or House. In an angle it portends great changes of fortune, the good and the bad coming in patches. Heavy falls are succeeded in due course by a spectacular comeback, and vice versa.

group of three or more planets within the same sign or house
Synastry ...

~: at least four planets in the same sign or house, or if in different signs, within a 10 orb. The occupied house and/or sign contain a tremendous intensity and complexity of energies represented by the planets involved.

~ -
A ~ is a configuration that occurs (when three or more planets) are in the same sign or are in the same house. To be truly significant, a ~ should have four or more planets involved.

With a ~ of personal planets in Aquarius, Oprah Winfrey's talent for broadcasting and the communication of social issues has placed her within Time's 100 most influential people in the world.

I have a ~ in the 12th house and can say, without any doubt, that I know what it's like to feel separated and feel that parts of my self are being repressed. I've spent the last 8 years I guess feeling that I can't let on who I really am because people just won't be able to understand.

I have a ~ Venus 4, Mars 6, Sun 10, Mercury 20, saturn 29, all in Capricorn, with a wide conjunction to Jupiter at 10 Aquarius. The solar Eclipse of July 22 occurs at 29 Cancer, since my Saturn is directly opposite and my ~ pretty much all gets hit, what can I expect ?

~See satellitium. SublimityObsolete term for Essential Dignity. SublunarBelow the Moon, referring to earthly things, the Moon being the closest celestial sphere to the Earth in the Ptolemaic system.

This ~ formation will coincide with two simultaneous Cancer New Moons divided by a Capricorn partial lunar eclipse in preparation for the spiritual rebirth of the total solar eclipse in Cancer that is followed by an Aquarian partial lunar eclipse.

The 10th house is heavily tenanted, but by a benign ~ of Moon-Venus-Jupiter. Bobby was probably far more comfortable enjoying money, power, and status than his brother and father.

A hypothesis test attempts to find an answer to a question such as "Do people with ~s in Cancer in the 4th house more likely to work in an area involving domestic products, homes, real estate, children, or stay at home to work than other people?

Anderson's versatility stems most obviously from his Gemini Ascendant and 1st House Uranus, coupled with his Aquarian MC and the ~ in Aquarius--his Sun, Jupiter, Venus--that hovers around it.

At the very least, his natal Chiron, creates an Aries ~ with Saturn, North Node, and Venus. Used negatively, Chiron would contribute to his role as an anti-hero. Chiron in Aries has issues with principles of anger, aggression, and war.

~s (groups of three or more planets in a sign) are indeed rare assemblies, but they don't necessarily give rise to instant events. In fact, it's not so different from those meetings of the seven heads of state-lots of fanfare and publicity, but the real action lies elsewhere.

Well, Alan Leo had a ~ in that area so that may have something to do with the belief. The later degrees of Aquarius have also been linked to those of Astrologers. Does that mean we have to have the degree activated to be Astrologers? Of course not, but it is often the case.

It is easy to see, from the ~ in Virgo and the three planets in Scorpio, that Julia is very hard on herself, takes criticism way too deeply, is perfectionistic, and if you add the Mars in Capricorn, exerts tremendous efforts in anything she attempts.

In 1978, with progressed Moon, Mars, and Saturn conjoined in ~, Ali lost the title to Leon Spinks. He won the title back in a rematch, to become the only three-time heavyweight champion.

Dadhichi gives a brief overview of the planetary transits for the 12 star signs focusing on the ~ which is currently in tropical Aries. PS Sorry about the audio spikes - I had the volume up a little high.

Saturn in Virgo gives Clay a strong and persistent need to work extremely hard at whatever he does for the world. Because of his intense ~ in fire, he has taken his life experiences, thus far and turned them into opportunities for growth.

Comes in 2 flavors, the retrograde station and the direct station. See also Retrograde Zone Info. ~ : A situation where 3 or more planets are in a single zodiac sign, producing a powerful emphasis on conditions related to that sign.

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