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Table of houses

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Table of Houses - Tables giving signs & degrees for house cusps used in the construction of horoscopes.
Tajaka - An astrological system primarily concerned with horary predictions.
Talmud - the authoritative body of Jewish tradition comprising the Mishnah and Gemara.

Table of Houses -An astrological reference table, correlated with a particular house system, which lists the zodiacal positions of house cusps at various latitudes according to sidereal time.

Table of Houses:
A table calculated to show what signs and degrees of the Zodiac are on each of the cusps of the twelve mundane houses at any time during any day or night in the year.

From Table of Houses for desired Latitude, locate in Ascendant column the degree occupied by the Sun, and take from the first column (4) the equivalent ST.
Then: (4) - (1) = the arc from Noon to Sunrise, stated in hours;
..................hence the approximate time of Sunrise; ...

Calculating your own chart manually requires many reference sources to obtain time-zones, longitude/latitude, table of houses, ephemerides etc as well as mathematical calculations! To make it easy there is now a free online chart calculation program on this site.

I quickly learned how to calculate a chart with an ephemeris and ~ and I was looking up interpretations and studying charts of just about everyone I encountered who had a recorded time of birth. The coincidences were uncanny.

For Patrick's chart. In the ~ find the tables for 2:16:00 and 2:20:00 go down to lines for 43E & 44E of latitude. We calculated his sidereal time to 2:18:48
The Ascendant at 2:16 at 43rd parallel was 16 50.33
at 44th parallel was 17 15.7 ...

Whilst it is true that a ~ may be constructed for most latitudes with little recourse to calculations, it is unfair to both the man and his approach to dismiss either on these grounds.

To what extent the ~ is fallacious, which system of cusp division is the more nearly correct, whether to employ the Latitude of birth or of domicile, and doubt concerning the authenticity of the birth moment, are only a few of the embarrassing questions obviated by its use.

A ~ was used to produce the houses of the chart (more on these later). Reference books for time zone changes and latitude and longitude were also required for an accurate chart.

If you want to do it by hand, the most accurate way is by getting an Ephemeris, so you can calculate local sidereal time for the birth. Then you use a ~ to calculate the ascendant.

then he would determine the exact coordinates of the place of birth, and using an Ephemerides and ~ he would calculate the positions of planets and houses in the ecliptic. Finally he would draw the Horoscope itself. This process would take about an hour or more.

When drawing up a chart wheel, it’s a good practice to draw the zodiac to scale and then draw in the houses according to their degrees of the signs. (These can be calculated by computer or from a “~' for a particular “house system' (see below).) ...

ascension find the difference between the natal Sun in RA and the progressed Sun in RA. Add this arc to the RA of the natal MC to give the progressed MC in RA. Derive the ecliptic longitude of the progressed MC from a table of right ascension and the corresponding ascendant from a ~.

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