Third Quarter Moon

Third quarter Moon: All vegetable root crops such as potatoes, onions, radishes and beets do best planted in this phase. Perennial flowers, flower bulbs, shrubs and trees also prefer the third quarter.

Third Quarter Moon - this Moon favors cleansing, a period in which cupboards, along with anything your subconscious is holding onto, should be given a good purging.

Third Quarter Moon Meditation
Lady Master Yolandra
Channeled with JoAnne Scalise ...

Third Quarter Moon - Understanding Your Moon Phase in the Birth Chart ...

Sun square Moon astronomically is the "first quarter Moon" in the waxing phase when the Moon is half illuminated (or half-full), or the "last" or "third quarter Moon" in the waning phase when the Moon is also half illuminated.

These two are at opposite extremes from our viewpoint then, and the Moon rises as the Sun sets (and vice versa). The next two weeks, the Moon decreases in size, rising and setting later and later. The Third Quarter Moon appears as the half moon setting in the afternoon.

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