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Transition period

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Transition Period - The time between two planetary storms. The energy is usually very weak and scattered, making it hard to get anything done.
Transition Rules - You aren't going to get much done during a transition period.

During the transition period or station, events can affect finances, ideals, philosophies, aspirations, education and a distant journey could be the trigger.

From chapter headings in Jones's biography - "The Neurologist 1883-97", "Early Psychopathology 1890-97" - and other indications we can recognize the existence of distinct seven-year phases in Freud's research orientation, and we can then infer the existence of transition periods between them.

This is no accident because the 1506 - 2338 period of mutual receptions covers exactly the transition period from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

Other good times are the transition periods i.e. when night is turning into day ( dawn and sunrise), when day is turning into night (twilight and sunset). You can also choose the time before going to bed. Having chosen your time, you should be regular about the hours and duration of your chanting.

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