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ATRIA (Alpha Trianguli Australis). Among the easiest constellations to invent are simple triangles. There are two of them, one north (Triangulum) and one far south (Triangulum Australe).

Atria is an orangish K2IIb-IIIa subgiant to giant. The Visual Magnitude and distance imply a luminosity about 2000 times that of the sun.
Other Designations For This Star
Flamsteed ...

Alpha Trianguli Australis
Greek/English: combination of alpha and triangle ...

Mothallah; Atria; Caput Trianguli; Ras al Muthallah; Elmuthalleth.
Alpha Trianguli
HR 544
HD 11443 ...

The main named stars in this image (Greek alphabet)
Acrux (α Cru), ~ (α TrA), Gacrux (γ Cru), Hadar (Agena, β Cen), Miaplacidus (β Car), Mimosa (Becrux, β Cru), Rigil Kentaurus (Toliman, α Cen), Scutulum (or Aspidiske, ι Car).

Catheter Ablation for ~l...
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The brightest star in the constellation is [8230] alpha Trianguli Australis, also known as ~, which is just a contraction of its designation. It is an orange bright giant 415 light-years distant and a suspected binary star.

The three main stars of Triangulum Australe are brighter than those of their northern counterpart, although the constellation is smaller. Navigators have named its brightest star ~, a contraction of its scientific name Alpha Trianguli Australis.

Net Sge Sagitta Arrow Sgr Sagittarius Archer Rubkat Sco Scorpius Scorpion Antares Scl Sculptor Sculptor's Apparatus Sct Scutum Shield Ser Serpens Serpens Unuk Sex Sextans Sextant Tau Taurus Bull Aldebaran Tel Telescopium Telescope TrA Triangulum Australis Southern Triangle Ras al Muthallath (~) ...

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