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This star is a yellow-orange main sequence dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type G0 V, with less than 108 percent of Sol's mass, under 111 percent of its diameter, and about 1.2 times its luminosity.

CHARA (Beta Canum Venaticorum). A lovely name for a northern star that vaults the heavens in northern spring, "Chara" from Greek meaning "joy.

Chara is the name assigned either to this star or, more generally, to the "southern hound" of the constellation Canes Venatici; the northern "hound" is called Asterion, a name not generally assigned any particular star.

Pulsar Characteristic Age
When astronomers measure the period, or spin-rate of the rotation of a pulsar, they find that pulsars are slowing down, usually at a very consistent rate.

Physical characteristics of asteroids
Rotation and shape
The rotation periods and shapes of asteroids are determined primarily by monitoring their changing brightness on timescales of minutes to days.

What are the ~cteristics of planetary systems orbiting other stars, and do they harbor life? ...

Originally thought to be old galactic halo Population II subdwarfs, the two stars are now thought to be younger galactic disk stars, but still considerably older than the Sun, perhaps as much as 8 billion years old. They belong to the Zeta Herculis stellar moving group.

~ric or ~rich was the Suebi
The Suebi or Suevi were a group of Germanic peoples who were first mentioned by Julius Caesar in connection with Ariovistus' campaign, c....
c King of Galicia ...

The different forms or allotropes of carbon (see below) include the hardest naturally occurring substance, diamond, and also one of the softest known substances, graphite.

~cteristics of X-rays
~cteristics of Visible Star/Companion
Cygnus X-1 ...

~cteristics of Modern Astronomy
The ancients knew much phenomenology about the heavens, but their ideas about what was responsible for the observations were often strange by present standards.

~cteristics of Electromagnetic Energy
Based roughly on order of magnitude
Frequency Wavelength Example Attenuation ...

~cterization of exoplanets from their formation II: The planetary mass-radius relationship
Astron. & Astrophys., 547, A112
paper arxiv ...

~ - β Canum Venaticorum (Beta Canum Venaticorum, β CVn)
Beta CVn is the second brightest star in Canes Venatici. It is a G-type main sequence dwarf approximately 27.4 light years from Earth. The name ~, which was originally used for the southern dog, means "joy" in Greek.

~CTERISTIC X-RAY - X-ray emitted from an excited atom when an outer-shell (e.g. L) electron jumps in to fill an inner-shell (e.g. K) vacancy. It has energy ~cteristic of the atom and can therefore be used for analytical purposes.

5.1 ~cteristics of the Signals
5.1.1 Electromagnetic Radiation: Rays, Waves, or Photons?
Wavelength and frequency ranges; what’s l , what’s n ?

The ~cteristic Analysis of Landslide Support Measure and Prestressed Anchor Cable Sash Research
Comments Off ...

Life ~cteristics
Chapter index in this window " " Chapter index in separate window
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Flare ~cteristics
Solar flares are tremendous explosions on the surface of the Sun. In a matter of just a few minutes they heat material to many millions of degrees and release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT.

Field ~cteristics
The field is similar to that of a bar magnet, but this similarity is superficial. The magnetic field of a bar magnet, or any other type of permanent magnet, is created by the coordinated spins of electrons and nuclei within iron atoms.

Common ~cteristics of Cranks:
1. Cranks overestimate their own knowledge and ability, and underestimate that of acknowledged experts;
2. Cranks insist that their alleged discoveries are urgently important; ...

Verad Dax
John Glover (born 7 August 1944; age 67) is the Tony Award-winning, Emmy Award-nominated actor from Salisbury, Maryland, who played Verad Dax in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Invasive Procedures".

~, Canes Venatici's second brightest star, is rather unique, in that it's a yellow Sun-like star. If you wonder what our Sun might look like from some 30 light years away, ~ gives you a good idea.
Coma Berenices, Berenice's Hair ...

~cteristic QSO spectrum showing distinct, strong, redshifted emission lines.
Exotic Star Types ...

~cteristic by virtue of which matter, like energy, displays the qualities of waves as well as of particles. See wave-particle duality.
Maximum Entropy Method
MEM: An image reconstruction methodology which defines a measure of information content and seeks to maximize it.

~cteristic of a regime in which predictions cannot be made exactly, but only in terms of probabilities. In classical physics, chance was thought to pertain only where ignorance limited our understanding of an underlying mechanism of strict causation.

A ~cteristic feature of quantum physics is the principle of complementarity, which "implies the impossibility of any sharp separation between the behaviour of atomic objects and the interaction with the measuring instruments which serve to define the conditions under which the phenomena appear.

A ~cter [&pause;] called the pause or hold.
Corona Extra
Tecate ...

The ~cteristics of the gravitationally lensed image depend upon the alignment of the observer, the lens and the background object. If the alignment is perfect, the resulting image is an Einstein Ring, shown to the left.

The ~cteristic of type 1a supernovae that make them standard candles is that low redshift supernovae with similar durations and spectra have similar peak luminosities. Those observed at low redshift can be calibrated with Cepheid variables.

Unique ~cteristics
Jupiter has several unique ~cteristics:
The first one is its immense size. It is indeed, as its name suggests, the king of the planets. About 1,320 Earths could fit inside of it.
The second ~cteristic is the Great Red Spot.

The only ~cteristic of the wave not seen here (because of need for the passage of time) is frequency.
See also: Huygens' principle, Color temperature, Illumination, International Commission on Illumination, Wave-particle duality, Light pollution, photic sneeze reflex
License ...

A galaxy ~cterized by a moderately bright, compact active galactic nucleus, presumably powered by a black hole.
Shock Wave
A high-pressure wave that travels at supersonic speeds. Shock waves are usually produced by an explosion.

A galaxy ~cterized by a moderately bright, compact active galactic nucleus, presumably powered by a black hole.
A black hole's center, where the matter is thought to be infinitely dense, the volume is infinitely small, and the force of gravity is infinitely large.

Light has ~cteristics of a wave (understand the properties of waves) and a particle, the photon.
Light is a continuum of radiant energy. Describe the complete spectrum of light.
Blackbody radiation is an important type of light emission.

Physical ~cteristics
The largest asteroid is Ceres, the first discovered. It is 1003 km in diameter. Pallas and Vesta have diameters of about 500 km and 30 more asteroids have diameters greater than 200 km. Most asteroids, however, are small objects only a few kilometres across.

What are the ~cteristics of elliptical galaxies? How are they different from spirals?
What evidence is there for "dark matter" in galaxy clusters?
Why don't spiral arms get all wound up tightly in spiral galaxies?
What is a Standard Candle?

Caliban is a ~cter from Shakespeare's play The Tempest; a savage and deformed slave of the magician Prospero, and is the son of the witch Sycorax who imprisoned the fairy Ariel for disobedience. In The Tempest, Prospero frees Ariel from Sycorax's spell and enslaves Caliban.

Describe the ~cteristics of the universe immediately after its birth.
Explain how matter emerged from the primeval fireball.
Enumerate the epochs in the evolutionary history of the universe and specify the major ~cteristics of each.

Here's a few ~cteristics of redneck astronomers (be careful, we spook easily. You could go your whole life and never see one).

where U is a ~cteristic velocity; l is a ~cteristic length; and k is the thermometric conductivity. Also, ...

Which Friends ~cter Are You?
Viewed 96,878 times
What TV Genre Are You?
Viewed 29,603 times ...

These curious ~cteristics imply an intriguing back story. Most likely, 55 Cancri e began life as a gaseous Neptune-like planet far from its sun.

An interesting ~cteristic of the constellation is its long tail. Bears usually have very short tails, so stories were created to account for this peculiarity. The Greeks said that Zeus threw the bears into the sky by swinging them from their tails, thus stretching them out.

By successfully ~cterizing the properties of an isolated neutron star, astrophysicists have an opportunity to better understand the transition matter undergoes when subjected to the extraordinary pressures and temperatures found in the intense gravitational field of a neutron star.

Each has its own ~cter, so first check the list of Annual Events online for likely candidates, then visit the websites of the ones that appeal to you and check them out. Many star parties offer cabins and catered meals, but at others camping out and cooking your own food are the only options.

quiet (of the sun; ~cterized by a low level of surface phenomena like sun spots e.g.)
active (of the sun; ~cterized by a high level activity in sunspots and flares and radio emissions)
stargaze (observe the stars) ...

Dark, igneous rock ~cteristic of solidified lava.
Dark bands of clouds that circle Jupiter parallel to its equator; generally red, brown, or blue-green; believed to be regions of descending gas.

The most important ~cteristic of a telescope is its aperture - the diameter of its light-gathering lens or mirror, often called the objective. As a rule of thumb, your telescope should have at least 2.8 inches (70 mm) aperture - and preferably more.

The crab is a minor ~cter in one of the labours of Heracles (the Greek name for Hercules). While Heracles was fighting the multi-headed monster called the Hydra in the swamp near Lerna, the crab emerged from the swamp and added its own attack by biting Heracles on the foot.

Iron meteorites are ~cterized by the presence of two nickel-iron alloy metals: kamacite and taenite. These, combined with minor amounts of non-metallic phases and sulfide minerals, form the three basic subdivisions of irons.

partial node A point, line, or surface in a standing wave system where some ~cteristic of the wave field has a minimum amplitude differing from zero. The appropriate modifier should be used with the words partial node to signify the type that is intended; e.g.

Dark, igneous rock ~cteristic of solidified lava.
Dark bands of clouds that circle Jupiter parallel to its equator; generally red, brown, or blue-green; believed to be regions of descending gas.
Big Bang Theory ...

CHORDAL MODE An ionospheric propagation mode ~cterized by two successive Earthward reflections from an ionized layer without an intermediate ground reflection, usually caused by an ionospheric tilt.

It was ~cterized by an explosive growth of marine life, principally the invertebrates. canals (of Mars) the straight-line markings on Mars thought to be actual water canals, but found not to exist after spacecraft visits to Mars.

The velocity scale is straightforward, once you decide which moment of the profile represents a ~cteristics velocity at what radius.

A peculiar galaxy is an irregular galaxy that has an abnormal shape (neither elliptical, spiral, nor lenticular) and/or has another unusual ~cteristic, like jets of gas spewing from the nucleus, unusual amounts of dust, low surface brightness, etc.

The crater near the top of the photo has a sunlit central peak, which was a common ~cteristic of craters on Dione in Voyager images. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 flew by Saturn in 1980 and 1981, but, unlike Cassini, did not go into around around the huge planet.

~cteristic frequencies or "spectral lines" emitted by atoms usually have very sharply defined wavelengths--but if the light originates in a hot gas, the wavelength range is broadened, because the emitting atoms are in constant motion.

Physical and Orbital ~cteristics
The first table lists some of the physical and orbital ~cteristics of the planets. Obliquity measures the angle of inclination of the equator to the orbital plane. Notice that Venus is nearly "upside-down" as a result of a large axial tilt.

This activity is designed for use after students have become familiar with the names and ~cteristics of the eight planets in our solar system.

Only stars that begin with an alpha ~cter are to be used in this experiment. The other stars are just shown for reference. The number following the alpha ~cter represents the star's magnitude, but with the decimal point omitted.

Chondrite: An abundant class of stony meteorites with chemical compositions similar to that of the Sun and ~cterized by the presence of chondrules (see definition below).

Convection currents create four on a rotating planet which are ~cterized by strong prograde flow near the surface at high latitudes and retrograde flow near the surface at low latitudes. The cells form when heated air rises and forms northward and southward upward cells.

A difficult and contentious phenomenon to define, life is usually considered to be a ~cteristic of organisms that exhibit certain biological processes (such as chemical reactions or other events that results in a transformation), ...

Canes Venatici (The Two Hunting Dogs [or greyhounds, called Astarion and ~, who belong to the herdman Botes]) is a small Northern Hemisphere constellation near Ursa Major and Botes.

One of the main and most intimidating ~cteristics of CCD imaging is the large number of different pieces of equipment connected to each other with a tangled web of cables. While CCD imaging could be done in a field, one quite quickly starts to desire a permanent observatory.

But light also exhibits the ~cteristics of a wave. Traditionally, wave activity is explained by imagining a pebble being dropped into a lake, but that imaginary lake has been filled with imaginary pebbles years ago.

The smallest part of an element of matter that retains the basic ~cteristics of the element.

or its employees, agents, suppliers, or contractors be liable for any damages of any kind or ~cter, including without limitation any compensatory, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of use, loss of data, loss of income or profit, ...

Using my own optical-~cter-recognition routines, I decode the dates then figure out which of Allan's maps are the right ones to use (non trivial when his program has hiccuped). I reverse engineer the map transform, so I can translate latitudes and longitudes to precise pixel locations.

Gustav Kirchoff (1824-1887) was a German physicist who realized that each element gave off a ~cteristic color of light when heated to incandescence. When separated by a prism, the light for each element had a specific pattern of wavelengths.

Start with the Configuration tab to input your location and display ~cteristics. Then play with the Sun and Moon tab to get observational information about the two most important objects in our sky.

The second brightest star is [1322] beta Canum Venaticorum, also known as ~, a G-type main sequence dwarf very similar to our Sun. Together with Cor Caroli, the star forms the "southern dog.

The angular size of the ~cteristics spots on the sky, about 1o, shows that the Universe is flat, or that the total energy density is equal to the critical density. This confirms a prediction of the inflationary scenario.

Unfortunately this symbol is not part of the HTML ~cter set, so in this document we use an underlined equal sign instead. When we write F = ma, we are expressing a relation between measurable quantities, one which holds under specified conditions, qualifications and limitations.

~ (Beta CVn)
Messier Objects
M3 (globular cluster)
M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy (spiral galaxy)
M63 The Sunflower Galaxy (spiral galaxy)
M94 (spiral galaxy)
M106 (spiral galaxy) ...

I was then responsible for analyzing the microstructural and microchemical ~cteristics of six different interconnect compositions using scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

The 30 km (18 mi) diameter crater is ~cterized by terraced inner walls and a central peak, typical of large impact craters on the Earth, Moon and Mars. The terraced inner walls take shape late in the formation of an impact crater, due to the collapse of the initial cavity created by the impact.

Modern astronomy is concerned with the study and ~cterization of distant objects such as stars, galaxies, or quasars. Objects can often be very quickly ~cterized through detailed measurements of their optical spectrum.

Stars are arranged in various classes by their spectral ~cteristics. The chief classes are identified by the letters O, B, A, F, G, K, M. Each class contains ten subdivisions numbered from 0 to 9. The classes define a temperature or color sequence.

In November 1989, NASA launched the COBE satellite to study both infrared and microwave ~cteristics of the cosmic background radiation (the remains of the extreme heat that was created by the Big Bang).

Brightest stars: Asterion (a.k.a. Cor Caroli), ~
Cor caroli is a blue class AO star with a magnitude of 2.8 and is 120 light years distant. It is a great double star for those with binoculars or small telescopes. It is a peculiar star in that it's spectral lines are variable.

A galaxy with a combination of ~cteristics never seen before is giving astronomers a tantalizing peek at processes they believe played key roles in the growth of galaxies and clusters of galaxies early in the history of the Universe.

~cteristically, they have extremely small changes in magnitude over very short periods (the longest period is ES Vul, with a period of 14h 38.4m). Interestingly, the radial velocity appears to fluctuate with the same period, often quite dramatically (e.g. more than 100 km/s).

Asterion (~, β CVn), Cor Caroli (Canum Venaticorum, α2 CVn).
Main named stars in Botes: ...

One of these is the star Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetle-juice", like the Michael Keaton ~cter). This star is a red giant. This means that this star has already burnt its hydrogen fuel, has collapsed, and started burning helium. This causes the star to swell, destroying any nearby planets.

The spectrum of Avior is a composite spectrum ~cteristic of a K3III giant and a B2V main sequence star. The giant would be an orange star with an effective temperature of 4100 K, a mass of about 4.6 times that of the sun, and a diameter about 20 times that of the sun.

black-body radiation The ~cteristic way in which the intensity of radiation emitted by a hot object in thermal equilibrium depends on frequency. The frequency at which the emitted intensity is highest is an indication of the temperature of the radiating object.

It provides for a broad ~cterization of seeing in five stages. In English translation (as given in Norton's Star Atlas, 1998, p.59): I. Perfect seeing, without a quiver.
II. Slight undulations, with moments of calm lasting several seconds.
III. Moderate seeing, with larger air tremors.

The energy emitted by a black body has a ~cteristic shape (the black body spectrum), which may be predicted theoretically and whose shape is given by Planck's equation.

Although the Martian sky appears quite clear, transient bright streaks and oval patches are often observed in its atmosphere that exhibits similar ~cteristics to clouds and hazes seen in the Earth's atmosphere.

Lenticular galaxies are ~cterized by a disk shape with no conspicuous structure. M84 is a member of the Virgo cluster of galaxies, which contains a total of 16 galaxies in the Messier catalog. This galaxy was the site of a supernova in 1957 and two others in 1980 and 1991.

spectral type
A letter (O,B,A,F,G,K,M) that is ~cteristic of a star's colour. O stars are blue, then through white, yellow and orange to M stars which are red.
The pattern of colours produced when the light from an object is passed through a prism or diffraction grating.

All orbital ~cteristics are specified with respect to the Solar system's barycenter and the J2000.0 ecliptic
Dwarf Planets2 ...

1: Constellationsare basically groups of stars that have imaginatively been linked together to depict mythological ~cters, animals and objects from mankind's past.

53 Arietis - Fifth magnitude 53 Arietis is a "Runaway star", ~cterized by a high space velocity and a large proper motion through the sky.

Corona. The outermost layer of the solar atmosphere, ~cterized by low densities (1.0E+06 degrees K) that extends to several solar radii. The heating of the corona is still a mystery. The shape of the corona is different at solar maximum and at solar minimum.

Radiation that cannot be ~cterized by a single number (the temperature). Normally, we derive this number from Planck's law, so that radiation that does not follow Planck's law is called nonthermal.
nova - (n.) ...

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