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Mirphak (Algenib) The star a Persei, visual mag. 1.79, distance 592 l.y., spectral type F5 Ib. Its name, which is also spelled Mirfak, comes from the Arabic mirfaq, meaning 'elbow'. Its alternative name, Algenib, comes from the Arabic al-janib, meaning 'the side'.

One is Mirphak (or Mirfak), from the Arabic for ‘elbow'. The other name is Algenib from the Arabic meaning ‘the side', which is where Ptolemy described it as lying. Perseus is depicted holding aloft his sword in his right hand.

- You can see this variability for yourself. Algol is easily visible in Perseus just east of Mirphak, the brightest star in the constellation. Compare the brightness against Mirphak or nearby gamma Andromedae.
Location of the "demon star" Algol in the constellation Perseus.
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Other names for this star are Mirphak, Marfak, or Algenib.
Algenib derives from the Arabic Al Janb, "The Side". Mirfak, Mirphak, and Marfak derive from an Arabic word meaning "Elbow."
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Named stars in Perseus (Greek alphabet)
Algenib (Mirphak, α Per), Algol (β Per), Alphecher (γ Per), Atik (Menkhib, ο Per), Basel (δ Per), Gorgonea Tertia (ρ Per), Menkib (ξ Per), Miram (η Per).

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Astronomy  Mirfak  Mirror

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