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Amazing moonset video taken from space!
Thanks to astronaut Ron Garan on Google+, I was alerted to some amazing footage of the Moon setting as seen by astronauts on board the International Space Station. I uploaded it to YouTube and added some comments to show you something really cool.

Moonset -- For technical definition, please follow this link to the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications website.
MOSO -- Multimission Operations Systems Office at JPL.
MR -- Mars relay.

Moonrise, Moonset
The times at which the apparent upper limb of the Moon is on the astronomical horizon; i.e.

Moon eclipsed at moonset:
western Africa, eastern North and South Americas, Britain, France, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
04:53 UT ...

moonset The crossing of the visible horizon by the upper limb of the descending moon. MOPTAR (abbr) = multiple object phase tracking and ranging. motion The act, process, or instance of change of position.

Sunrise Sunset Moonrise ~ Calculation , utilizing Google Maps.
Rise/Set Calulator. Find sun position for any time/location.
Sunrise and sunset calculator
Customized Sunset, Sunrise Calculator calendar
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for one Year
US Navy Sunrise and Sunset calculator ...

About how much difference in time is there between ~ and sunset at first quarter phase? Does the Moon set before or after the Sun at that phase?
About how much difference in time is there between ~ and sunset at new phase?

The exact time of sunrise and sunset (and similar data for moonrise and ~) may be calculated for any date and 22,000 named cities in the United States, or by specifying the latitude and longitude of any location worldwide, using this program.

At the full moon, the times of moonrise and ~ have advanced so that the moon rises about the same time the sun sets, and the moon sets at about the same time the sun rises.

Almanac -- sunrise,sunset & moonrise,~
Almanac & Sky Calendar
Altitude & Azimuth Calculator ...

Your positon also influences longitudinal libration -- though once again, rather marginally. At moonrise, you can make out a little more of the Moon's east (or top) limb; and at ~, a little more of the Moon's west (and now at top) limb.

Thickness of crust, 60 km; of mantle, 1000 km. Temperature of core, 1500 K. It would have taken only 107 years to slow the Moon's rotation into its present lock with its orbital period. The Moon's orbit is always concave toward the Sun. [H76]
Moonrise, ~ ...

1 minute of arc at hourly intervals; time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, ~; and other astronomical information useful to navigators. Prior to 1960 separate publications were issued by the two observatories entitled the American Nautical Almanac and the Abridged Nautical Almanac.

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