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Wavelength of maximum intensity

Astronomy  Wavelength of maximum  Wave-particle duality

wavelength of maximum intensity: The wavelength at which a perfect radiator emits the maximum amount of energy; depends only on the object's temperature.

where is the wavelength of maximum intensity; b is a constant; and T is the absolute temperature. The Wien displacement constant b is equal to 0.28978 centimeter-degree. Also called Wien displacement law .

radiation at a given temperature, as a function of wavelength; (c) the Stefan-Boltzmann law relates the time rate of radiant energy emission from a black body to its absolute temperature; (d) the Wien law relates the wavelength of maximum intensity ...

The value of Wien's relationship is that if you can measure the wavelength of maximum intensity from a spectrum, you can use it to calculate a value for the effective temperature. let us see how this works in the example below.

Thus at 6000 K, the wavelength of maximum intensity is 0.29/6000 cm, or 480 nm, corresponding to the yellow-green part of the visible spectrum. (Recall that 1 nanometer"1 nm"is equal to 10-9 m; see Appendix 2.) ...

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Astronomy  Wavelength of maximum  Wave-particle duality

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