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An Apron is a paved or hard-surfaced area around the hangars and terminal buildings of an airport. This area may also be called the 'ramp,' and it may be used to park, unload or load, refuel, maintain, or board an aircraft.

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The part of an aerodrome provided for the stationing of aircraft for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, for loading and unloading of cargo and for parking. (ANO) ...

A defined area on an airport or heliport intended to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers or cargo, refueling, parking, or maintenance ...

That part of an aerodrome, other than the maneuvering area, intended to accommodate the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo, the refueling, servicing, maintenance and parking of aircraft, and any movement of aircraft, vehicles and pedestrians necessary for such purposes.

APRON - The hard-surfaced or paved area around a hangar.
ARTIFICIAL HORIZON - A vacuum-powered panel instrument that displays pitch and roll movements about the lateral and longitudinal axes; aka Attitude Indicator.

~ (ICAO): A defined area on an airport intended to accommodate aircraft for the purpose of loading or unloading cargo, re-fuelling, parking or maintenance.
APU: Auxiliary Power Unit.

~ - A paved area that provides the connection between the terminal buildings and the airfield. The ~ includes aircraft parking areas, called ramps, and aircraft circulation and taxiing areas for access to these ramps.

~ An area of the aerodrome designed to facilitate the safe movements of aircraft on the ground
Artificial Horizon The master instrument, operated by gyroscope to give the pilot information about aircraft attitude - essential when flying in poor visibility or at night.
ASI Airspeed Indicator ...

Hard-surfaced or paved area around a hangar. Also "Ramp."

(See ~.)
RANDOM ALTITUDE- An altitude inappropriate for direction of flight and/or not in accordance with FAAO 7110.65, Para 4-5-1, VERTICAL SEPARATION MINIMA.
RANDOM ROUTE- Any route not established or charted/published or not otherwise available to all users.

This includes services on the ramp or ~, such as:
Guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking position (by way of Aircraft marshalling),
Towing with pushback tractors
Lavatory drainage
Water cartage (to refill fresh water tanks)
Air conditioning (more common for smaller aircraft) ...

~ - Area of an airport used for loading/unloading, servicing, refueling, and parking of aircraft
AAS - Airport Advisory Service
AASR - Airport and Airways Surveillance Radar
ACARS - Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACC - Area Control Centre (Canada) ...

The FAA also issues advisory circulars to airport operators on such topics as runway paving, drainage and ~ design. FAA also provides grants for airport projects that enhance safety and increase the capacity and efficiency of the airport.
Industry Safety Programs ...

Begins upon exiting the landing runway and terminates upon arrival at the gate, ramp, ~, or parking area, when the aircraft ceases to move under its own power. Taxi from runway is a sub‑phase of the taxi phase of flight.
Taxi to Runway ...

TARMAC - (1) A bituminous material used in paving; a trade name for Tar MacAdam. (2) An airport surface paved with this substance, especially a runway or an ~ at a hangar.

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