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ATS Surveillance Service
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ATS Surveillance Service is an Aviation Term defined as: A service provided directly by means of an ATS surveillance system (ICAO).

ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) also known as Aeronautical Message Handling System is a standard for aeronautical ground-ground communications (e.g. for the transmission of NOTAM, Flight Plans or Meteorological Data) based on X.400 profiles. It has been defined by the ICAO.

Air Traffic Services
Air Traffic Service Provider
Combines information from a Magnetic Heading Sensor with self-contained aircraft acceleration data to provide attitude, heading, position, body inerti...

ATS Route [ICAO]- A specified route designed for channelling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services.
NOTE: The term "ATS Route" is used to mean variously, airway, advisory route, controlled or uncontrolled route, arrival or departure, etc.

ATS: Air Transport Squadron
Attitude: Aspect of aircraft's angle.
Attrition: Permanent loss of a/c to all operational or defined causes.
Auger (in): Slang for crashing an aircraft, sometimes referring to death.
Authenticate: Secret code challenges and answers, usually changed daily.

Acquisition System ADAS AWOS Data Acquisition System ADC Air Defense Command ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure ADDA Administrative Data ADDS Aviation Digital Data Service ADF Automatic Direction Finding ADI Automatic De-Ice and Inhibitor ADIC ATS ...

supply information received on pre-eruption volcanic activity, a volcanic eruption and volcanic ash cloud for which a SIGMET has not already been issued, to its associated ACC/FIC, as agreed between the meteorological and ATS authorities concerned, ...

A term used to request ATS priority handling for a medical evacuation flight based on a medical emergency in the transport of patients, organ donors, organs, or other urgently needed life-saving medical material.

Bird strikes cost a lot of money every year, thus it is important that the ATS unit, airport operator and even the CAA knows about them to take measures to avoid these and reduce the danger. In some countries a near miss or strike is an incident/occurrence and needs to be reported.

AC65-7.6 Subject No 108 - Area Control Auto Dependence Surveillance Rating
This ATS syllabus has been reviewed, and is open for comment, closing
30 Nov 2012.
Continuing Airworthiness Notice - 01-002 - Suspected Unapproved Parts - Cessna 172N & Lycoming O-320-H2AD Crankshaft Bearings ...

ATF Aerodrome Traffic Frequency - VHF frequency designated for use in the vicinity of certain specified uncontrolled airports
ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service
ATS - Air Traffic Services
AWIS - Aviation Weather Information Service
AWOS - Aviation Weather Observation Service ...

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Aviation  ATPL  Ats route

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