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Cantilever. A wing designed to carry loads without external struts.

A wing built in such a way that it does not require external bracing. Model scale aircraft may have dummy external bracing to replicate the original even though the wings are actually strong enough not to need it.
Carburettor ...

Cantilevered - Self-supporting. All the structure is buried under the aerodynamic skin, giving a clean appearance with low drag.
Braced: ...

Cantilever. A term for a structural member held at one end by a rigid support, and free from any external bracing members. The term is often used with reference to wings or undercarriage legs which have no external bracing.

CANTILEVER - A beam, or other structure, supported at one end only, and without external bracing.

CATHEDRAL - Early word to describe anhedral, or negative dihedral.

VIII cantilever monoplane. The D.VIII wing problem was due to flexural failure (ie, they broke in bending); ...

With my STOL designs, I have used a simple single-piece double cantilever spring leaf for the main gear.

The strongest wing structure is the full cantilever which is attached directly to the fuselage and does not have any type of external, stress-bearing structures.

The cantilever wing (no supporting wing struts) is fitted with hinged ailerons and four-position (0, 10, 25 and 40 degrees) hinged flaps. The spring-loaded, balanced flaps are extended by pulling on a metal bar between the front seats.

Each all-metal wing panel is a semi cantilever, semi-monocoque type, with two main spars suitable ribs for the attachment of the skin.
A tapered, spring-steel strut supports each main wing, and a steerable nose wheel is mounted on an air-oil strut.

When he's not at his Palm Springs teaching/manufacturing facility, he's either zipping around the country at the controls of his Lear 25 or thinking up some new medical concept at Bird Lodge, his Howard-Hughes-like retreat that cantilevers out over a ...

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Aviation  Cant  CAP

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