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CTA is a FAA Acronym for: Controlled Time of Arrival ...

CTA - Control Area. An area of controlled airspace extending upwards from specified limit agl.
CTR - Control Zone. An area of controlled airspace extending upwards from ground level to a specified upper limit.

Contractor Site Engineering Report CSIS Centralized Storm Information System CSMC Cyber Security Management Center CSO Customer Service Office CSR Communications Service Request CSS Central Site System CSTA Chief Scientist and Technical Advisor CSTWRK Cost Work CTA ...

A Control Area (CTA) is an aviation term that describes a volume of controlled airspace that exists in the vicinity of an airport. It has a specified lower level and a specified upper level.

CPLD,CouPLeD autopilot C/S,Call Sign CTA,ConTrol Area CTR,ConTRol zone DAAIS,Danger Area Activity Information Service DACS,Danger Area Crossing Service DF,Direction Finding
DME,Distance Measuring Equipment DR,Dead Reckoning EAT,Expected Approach Time ...

12-mile limit and the oceanic ~/FIR boundary within which air traffic control is exercised. These areas are established to permit the application of domestic procedures in the provision of air traffic control services.

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