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ETOPS Significant System - An airplane system, including the propulsion system, the failure or malfunctioning of which could adversely affect the safety of an ETOPS flight, or the continued safe flight and landing of an airplane during an ETOPS diversion.

ETOPS Extended Operations
Certification requirement that allows extended range operations for those flights conducted over a route that contain a point further than one hour flying time at the approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed (under standard conditions in still air) from an adequate ...

ETOPS - extended range twin operations, usually long over water flights by airliners.
ETPS - Empire Test Pilots School, based at the Aircraft & Armament Experimental Establishment, Boscombe Down.

ETOPS: See Extended Twin [engine] Overwater Passenger Operations.
EU: See European Union.

ETOPS Extended-range twin (engine) operations (thus sometimes given as EROPS), routeing not more than a given flight time (120, 180 or 240 minutes) from a usable alternative airfield.
EW Electronic warfare.
EWO Electronic Warfare Officer ...

Extended Twin-engine operations. FAA designation of over-ocean flights far from possible emergency landing strips, in which the possibility of engine ...
European Telecommunication Standardization Institute ...

An ~ flight may only be approved by the ATC if the diversion airports are available throughout the length of the flight. Unavailability due to bad weather, for example, will be a reason for an inflight rerouting.
Common diversion airports on Atlantic routes: ...

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
ETE: Estimated Time Enroute
~: Extended-range Twin Operations. Certification given to two-engine aircraft for long overwater flights. Popular deformation of this term is "Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming"! ...

~ : Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operations. An ~ rating is obtained for aircraft and aircraft operator by complying with FAA equipment and operation reliability requirements for long-distance flights.

An FAA program, first implemented for the Boeing 777, to give ``out-of-the-box'' ~ clearance to a new plane, rather than waiting for a couple of years of domestic service experience.
EFIS - Electronic Flight Instrument System
EGT - Exhaust gas temperature indicator.

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