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Laminar flow wing

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Laminar Flow Wing
A wing designed such that the air flow over it is laminar at zero to small angles of attack. In Laminar flow the adjacent layers of air flowing over the wing do not mix.
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Laminar Flow Wing: An aeroplane wing of thin section designed so that turbulence is reduced to a minimum. The Davies wing is an example.

Northrop X-21 Aircraft testing laminar flow wings
Bell X-22 V/STOL ducted fan propellers
Martin Marietta X-23 Prime Small lifting body; tested re-entry
Martin-Marietta X-24 Tested lifting body shapes
Bensen X-25 Single-seat autogyro ...

The short (Hershey-bar) laminar flow wing has a critical speed at which a sink rate may develop such that the flare may be unable to create the ground effect needed.

Designing a “laminar flow wing” is exquisitely difficult, especially in the real world where the laminar flow could be disturbed by rain, ice, mud, and splattered bugs on the leading edge.

The final design was actually produced in two prototype forms, one airplane with a four cylinder, geared Lycoming GO-290 of 160 horses and the Continental E-165 six cylinder. Additionally, the Lycoming airplane had a laminar flow wing while the ...

from the two-seat Legacy to the Columbia 300/350 (back when the companies were combined-the airplane is now known as the Cessna Corvalis). Cole is considered especially adept at designing airfoils with low Reynolds numbers (read 'laminar flow wings').

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Aviation  Laminar flow  Lander

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